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I can attest that the characters in my story are real and it is my only hope that anyone who would like to read it can immerse themselves in their world.


On the day he was forced to move far away from her a young colt named Sonic was gifted a single feather from the wing of his best friend and personal hero, a flying prodigy named Rainbow Dash. But when tragedy struck Sonic's life shortly thereafter, that gift became so much more than just a feather... Now as a young stallion he may have the opportunity of his dreams; a chance to finally reconnect with the pony that he thought about every single day since their separation. What he never could've dreamed however was just how large the implications of Rainbow's small and simple act of kindness would be for not just him, but all of Equestria.


Character Rundown:

*Rainbow Dash and narrator OC are the main characters in this story*, so if you see this story in a group dedicated to one of the below characters please note that while they are not the focus they are all featured at some point or another in significant supporting roles - however that this is quite a long story so some of these characters may be featured prominently later on or they may have most of their screentime in the beginning/first half:

Princess Celestia
Princess Luna
Thunderlane (canon background pony)
Whitewash (canon background pony)
Clear Skies (canon background pony)
Blossomforth (canon background pony)
Buddy (canon background pony)
Merry May (canon background pony)
Multiple OCs
Ice Dragons
Pinkie Pie

*The author will attest that the characters in this story are very invested. He believes readers will get as much as they are willing to invest.*

*Nothing after season 3 is canon in this story.*

I only hope you can take something positive from this story should you choose to read it. Comments and feedback are requested! I'd love to hear from you regardless of whether or not you liked it.

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Just yes excellent story thumbs up and damn those parents of his.

Please space out your paragraphs.....other than that i love it

Hmm...parents who change residences at a drop of a hat with no warning, berate their child about not making friends and then not let him stay in one place long enough to keep them, and then leave said child alone in the middle of the forest. I smell shenanigans. :duck:

It looks good, but it's a friggin wall of text. Add a bit more space between paragraphs.

Other than that, good job.

How does this not have more likes? :flutterrage:



What a lovely compliment! :pinkiesmile: Thank you

more please i want it nowwww :applecry: have a fave and like :rainbowdetermined2:

1968175>>1971294 That is not a "wall of text" that is 'proper' novel format. Why AJ chose it, rather than the usual internet format, I've got no idea...but it's proper. All of the paragraphs are indented, so I can't understand the issue?


I don't care if it's proper novel format. It's difficult to read in the wall form. If it were a book, then it would make more sense. But online, not so much.

1977779 Well, again its not a wall of text, believe me I can point out plenty of examples of those on FiMFiction... I also fail to see how it's any more difficult to read than any other format, however, that's your opinion and you have that right. I, on the other hand, respectfully disagree and think that this format is fine.

I will tell you! I have been searching for a good romance/sad about rainbow dash, and even though it wasn't just dash, this is phenomenal! Keep it up dude, truly a good story.

An excellent start. Please continue!



It is so flattering to know that you have enjoyed it! I will upload the next chapter as soon as I get the chance, hopefully the next 2 or 3 days :ajsmug:

Definitely looking forward to seeing where this goes :)

AH!!!! Reading too much rainbow dash romance/ adventure/ awesomeness stories! MIND. TEARING!!!!

Sh*t AJ, somehow you managed to pull at my heartstrings harder than my (grimdark) version of Sonic's past! How did you do that? Have you been hanging about with Gypsy Pie? :rainbowhuh:

bahahahaha :rainbowlaugh: i can just imagine him doing a spit take at that :rainbowlaugh: also sorry to nit pick but ponies don't have hands.

As I read the last line, the Rainbow Dash that flies around my screen dropped down and announced, "It's all true."

I am now just recovering from falling on the floor...

Moar is required. (Also, dun dun dun)

Cool. Like last post, moar is required! Btw, keep it up, dude! (Well, not the taking of weeks to come out with a new part, but the awesomeness of it):pinkiehappy:

2034566 how do you get desktop ponies to work? ive downloaded it but it just wont work.


It's one of the new settings on Fimfiction.net
Just go to the Settings tab next to your name, then Local Settings and it's called "Show Interactive Pony" just click the box and you get a Rainbow Dash :D
(Make sure to save settings at the bottom.)

As for the actual program, I have never downloaded it...but my best guess would be to run the executable program(found in the file that you downloaded) and from there it should work.

Hope this helped :D

When I read the title I thought this was this was a My Little Dashie sequel, but, I'll read it anyways. :twilightsmile:

You had my heart pumping through out the chapter.
almost gave me a heart attack.

Did he tell Celestia at all what his parents did abandoning him when he was just 10? Is gonna tell Rainbow about his parents abandoning him while he was asleep after they drug him away from Cloudsdale?

...the two of us exchanged a hearty handshake.

Um...whoops. :twilightoops:

And he can do the Sonic Rainboom. Given Rainbow's naturally competitive nature, she might not be too happy about this. :unsuresweetie:

I really like this. :twilightsmile: You need to keep this going.

*inhale loudly* HHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG so adorable and awesome:pinkiehappy:

I really can't describe the emotions I feel right now...my heart is about to explode.

sonic rainbooms preformed by other ponie?! SoarinDashSpaz dissaproves. this is dashies signature move, not a copy and paste trick.

no just no the sonic rainboom is dash only giving it to an OC if all things is just wrong :flutterrage:



Dang, I'm sorry



Sorry :unsuresweetie: I didn't think it would offend my readers. It's not too big of a deal, is it? It won't come around anymore

2075063 its just me i hate OC, things i hate most about them, being paired with any of the mane 6 just wrong because we all know that oc is the author ( tho with this story i like it cause you made him his own pony with past and all good job) :rainbowdetermined2:



Sorry about that :unsuresweetie:. Believe it or not, though, this fellow is not my OC. My OC is AJ, who is the mane character alongside Applejack in my other two stories.

2075628 wan not complaining too much lol you story is good enough to make me over look something i consider major so be proud and keep writing, this is not the first story ive read and liked that had rainbow with an oc, if you know the name book worm youll know who i meen

you have long chapters... what gives u the motovation to keep going? and how long does it take to write that long. expecially the first one


Well, I'm writing for a friend. That helps :twilightsmile: I'd say the first chapter took a long time, too long to remember the exact time :derpyderp1: The last chapter took about 4 hours

fa..fa..four hours?!!?! _eye twich/passes out_

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