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I'm a shielder (nickname my friend Shelley gave me bc I'm a huge fan of the WWE's shield), a directioner, and an Ambrose fangirl. I'm 17 and I love JROTC!

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End of Semester · 6:47pm May 4th, 2017

Well, I finished my first year of college this week. Next year, I'll be taking over as the public information officer of the school's LGBT club. Though, I am annoyed because I will be stuck for two extra semesters due to my inability to afford summer classes. :facehoof:

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2368082 I only played brotherhood however my boyfriend N7Spartan may be more equipped to help

Well can you write a story about assassin creed 1,rouge and black flag in equestria and rainbow dash meets altier,edward Kennedy and shay Patrick the assassin's please sighed slash the assassin

2368024 Ummm assign's creed maybe but I've never played Halo.

Can you write a story about assassin's creed+halo in equestria please sighed slash the assassin

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