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Tom Ink

Hi, i'm French. I write pony stories. Crazy job, huh?


My name is Surf Wind, and I’ve got a dream: fly. Feel the wind in my mane, under my feathers, the hot streams that carry me to incredible heights…. I just have one tiny problem: I’m an earth pony.

The idea for this story came to me after obsessively listening to the song Learning to Fly by Pink Floyd.

This is the translation of my french-written fiction. You can read it here. Yeah, i'm french.

First translation by myself, editing done by the awesome, fabulous and fantastic Vivid Syntax.

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Wow, this is really good! In fact, I'm inclined to say that this is the best OC story I've ever read. OC stories are really hard to pull off - from the very beginning you're facing an uphill struggle to make the audience care about a character they don't know - but this one worked really well. Surf Wind is a cool, relatable character with understandable problems. The timeskip stuff added an extra layer of interest to it as well.

The writing is excellent too; I had no idea that this was a translation. I only spotted a few very minor issues:

“It’s great to see you Rainbow, but to what do you owe the honor of your visit??" I ask, totally taken aback.

"to what do I owe"

There is a risk that I die

"There is a risk that I might die"

It’s been your dream since you're a colt.

"It's been your dream since you were a colt."

Great job! Also, it reminded me of this:

Wind Surf should get together with Cherry Berry. She is a an EarthPony who dreams of flight too. She balloons and uses flying machines too.



We're speaking the same language in music!

Man, I love Pink Floyd.

Anyway, yeah, this is a simple story, but it's touching and sweet. I liked the idea of Surf Wind as a Weather Pony even though it's not what an earth pony would normally be doing. I appreciate those "play against type" characters. Thanks for the cool story!

Read this story on 9/19/2019 because it was so related to the theme of my first fanfic that I posted on this website, and it is my first published work as well. I did enjoy the story, and it does share a lot of similarities to my own. In case you are curious, you can check it out on https://www.fimfiction.net/story/431646/skydancer-the-first-flying-unicorn, although I do have a concern. My story is in English. Is that going to be a problem for you? You had your story translated here. Is the reverse nessesary to read my story still? Wonder if there are translation programs that could help you read the story. Be interested to hear what you think, including any options there might be in translation. I think you'd enjoy my story too, even though it's quite a bit longer, like novel-length. If you are also a fan of Doctor Who, you'd probably be even more of a fan to my story. Anyway, thought I'd offer.

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