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Tom Ink

Hi, i'm French. I write pony stories. Crazy job, huh?


What am I doing here?

That’s the only thing Ahuizotl could think of as he stepped into the Daring Do convention.

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Comments ( 5 )

There's always those creepy fans. :twilightoops:

Good job on this, it was pretty funny!

That was a GREAT one-off!

(And you just know he would buy a daki...)


This was actually funnier then I had expected.

Like, I only thought I'd mildly laugh myself to death, but this really killed me.

- The ghost of KissuOfLaifu

This should totally be a companion episode to STFF. :moustache:

Brilliant, I could easily see this happening if Ahuizotl showed up to the convention. :rainbowlaugh:

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