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Tom Ink

Hi, i'm French. I write pony stories. Crazy job, huh?

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What am I doing here?

That’s the only thing Ahuizotl could think of as he stepped into the Daring Do convention.

Edited by Vivid Syntax

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The Lunar Guard and the Celestial Guard. Two opposites armies. Two (almost) former enemies.
Midnight Storm, batpony and Luna's guard.
Golden Sun, Celestia's guard.
When night meets day, love is in the air.

A Cheesy love story. You've been warned.
Cover by Equestria-Prevails.
Edited by Vivid Syntax.

Featured the 27/04! (i got a picture and all)

Chapters (10)

Vivid Syntax found the story that every author dreams about. A story that will make him famous. A story that will change his life.

The story of ex-Wonderbolt Soarin Windsong, and his broken life.

Follow Syn’s quest and what led to the opening lines of Sensation.

A fan-made prequel of Sensation, originally written by Vivid Syntax. Edited by Bad_Seed_72. Cover art by BGN.

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Meeting you, with a view to a kill…

"We're going to talk about this later!"

Well, later is now. Lyra wants to make things clear with Bon-Bon – I mean, Special Agent Sweetie Drops – and the unicorn has a lot of questions on her mind.

Editing done by Vivid Syntax. Inspiration provided by M.A Larson and the awesome 100th episode.

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When Book Worm, Ponyville’s first librarian, retires, Twilight Sparkle receives a stockpile from his old shop. Among them are some... unexpected volumes.

This story is a Franco-american production full of smutty jokes.
My second story translated from French to English, thanks to the help of the fabulous Vivid Syntax.
Original art by Pony-Berserker.

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My name is Surf Wind, and I’ve got a dream: fly. Feel the wind in my mane, under my feathers, the hot streams that carry me to incredible heights…. I just have one tiny problem: I’m an earth pony.

The idea for this story came to me after obsessively listening to the song Learning to Fly by Pink Floyd.

This is the translation of my french-written fiction. You can read it here. Yeah, i'm french.

First translation by myself, editing done by the awesome, fabulous and fantastic Vivid Syntax.

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