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Hi, i'm French. I write pony stories. Crazy job, huh?


When Book Worm, Ponyville’s first librarian, retires, Twilight Sparkle receives a stockpile from his old shop. Among them are some... unexpected volumes.

This story is a Franco-american production full of smutty jokes.
My second story translated from French to English, thanks to the help of the fabulous Vivid Syntax.
Original art by Pony-Berserker.

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Ice is forming on the tips of my wings
Unheeded warnings, I thought, I thought of everything

franco-american. does that mean there's going to be weiners involved? (sorry, I had to.)

Why would Spike be traumatized?

Twilight and Applejack's relationship should've been well known to him, and I doubt Twilight would leave the mare/mare and stallion/stallion bits out of The Talk. If anything, I expected him to have spent the night in the basement, grumbling about how Twilight never helps when she says she will.

The TwiJack shipping could've been telegraphed a bit better, as it seems to come out of nowhere; and I'm utterly shocked that Rarity and Pinkie never came to visit, or at least come to talk, in the span of a week. Pinkie especially, because I'd figure her for wanting to throw a party over the library getting a new section and/or the library finally becoming popular because of said section.

Other than that, a fairly decent read. I'll give you a like, a Spike mustache for the amusement and a sad Apple Bloom for the potential. :moustache: :applecry:

:raritywink::moustache: Poor Spikey ,I'll read him a bed time story. . .:twilightoops: Not that section! :raritystarry::moustache: !!!???!!!

As an English major I learned that a lot of the saved literary art works were pornography, so I think it's hilarious that Twilight is flipping out over it. Lots of celibate monks took to transcribing erotic stories to relieve stress I guess.

Quite a tasty read, although perhaps not as much as the various pony sutra volumes. I'd say you got Twilight's personality down pat. Evrything from her joy at getting new books, to her frustration in finding out that no pony wanted to read anything else. The story was well paced, and I liked how you could almost see the cracks forming as Twilight gradually began to lose it as things escalated to the point that Twilight had to give Spike 'the talk' all because of receiving a shipment of new books.
As each new pony came in, my smirk grew wider, but when Discord came in... heh... well done. Very well done... :pinkiehappy:

Twilight slammed the book shut, her face redder than any of Applejack’s apples and one place on her body much warmer than the rest.

Her cheeks, you pervert.


And then Twi/Jack out of frickin’ nowhere.

6050023 I think the reason Spike was trumtatized because Twilight forgot to sound prof and Twilight is technically his mother. Yeah get that thought out of your head.

As for Twijack, yeah I felt their should have been a few hints through the chapter. Like mentioned how much she missed Applejack, wish she was hear she was deal with or when she mentioned her cheeks were red, also mentioned or the times it appears on her cute face. That way it does not seem like it came out of nowhere.

No trace of prench at all, quite impressive.

Cute spike and twilight bonding is always welcome.

This has been sitting on my "Must Read" list for a while. I finally got around to reading it.

I liked it, but not as much as I thought I would.:fluttershysad:

The humor didn't really stand out to me. Most of the jokes were okay, but there were a few jokes that just fell flat, particularly the line about Luna and tabloids. That just left me scratching my head.:rainbowhuh:

There are a few grammar errors here and there as well, but not very numerous.

Maybe it's the shipping. I'm not a huge fan of shipping between main cast members, but this story is just for giggles and not to be taken seriously.

This was good, but not my cup of tea.:twilightblush: It certainly seems like others have enjoyed it, so that's always good.

Okay, I've been thinking about this story on and off for the past few days.

Something kept nagging at me. Then it hit me:

I don't know if this was intentional, but your story could actually work as a satire for clop on this site.

Think about it, Twilight's library is mostly empty and much of the works she believes deserves views are ignored. When she gets a bunch of "adult" material, suddenly she has an influx of patrons (views) and lots of feedback and "satisfied" patrons (likes and comments).

It's actually very subtle. Now, I wonder if this was done intentionally? Twilight's actions later in the story could be used to describe clop-writer's shame later on by trying to hide the work. Possibly.

Anyway, I've suddenly developed a deeper appreciation for this story.

6543425 That wasn't completely innocent. The dialogue between Lyra and Twilight about porn books with humans is intended to be a joke about readers of clopfics. I don't blame them since i'm a regular reader too, as long as the porn has a purpose and is justified by the story.

Though, about the whole 'she attract people with porn books while the good ones aren't read' could aslo be seen as a critic about the sucess of non-sucess of stories with or without porn on this website. I didn't do that thing on purpose, so i might have been smarter and subtle than i plan at first!

Twilight's actions later in the story could be used to describe clop-writer's shame later on by trying to hide the work. Possibly

I didn't think it that way. Interesting.

By the way, the dialogue with Lyra was supposed to be with Spike, because he's naive and innocent. He was supposed to be completely disgusted to know the whole 'human with pony porn' thing. But it works better with Lyra and i'm always the one to include a Lyra-Human references in my stories.

... nudge-nudge-wink-wink-say-no-more ...

Yes! All the yes!

I'd say that Twilight does enjoy a good game of buck ball, eh?

Twilight slammed the book shut, her face redder than any of Applejack’s apples and one place on her body much warmer than the rest.

Her cheeks, you pervert.


Luna sighed before taking hold of the conversation. "We understand your surprise, young Sparkle. You have of course heard that we are in a relationship with Big Macintosh Apple," Luna explained, a little blush in her cheeks "We think we are beyond mere flirtatious behavior, and we feel it is time to express our love more… physically."

Well that's a new one. Luna and Big Mac, eh?

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