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Hello there everypony! Brony from Britain here ^^ Been gone from the fimfic world for a few years but that just means I get to rediscover it all over again.

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  • TA Fate Worse Than Death
    Princess Celestia is grateful that her dearest sister will finally know peace after her centuries of banishment but is surprised when events turn out differently than expected. Worse than that she is tormented by the return of somepony she had long b
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Come Back - Depechemare · 10:37pm March 29th

Hello everypony!

It's been years I know. You probably all thought I was dead (by all I mean anyone who might have stumbled on my painfully bad stories) but the good news is I'm back! As for those stories... I'll leave them up but I'm ashamed to report they're all terminal.

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