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Rarity has a messed up mane. Scootaloo, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy are there; but none of them help very much.

Written quickly for a little more practice on dialogue. Characters were randomly chosen and situation was offered by someone in my meetup group.

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Fluttershy whimpered. “Oh, I hope she doesn't do anything too drastic,” she murmured.

:scootangel:: Are you kidding me!? They totally deserve it. Drastic away Rarity! Drastic away!

Actually though she doesn't tell anypony Rarity is secretly a ninja and she was going to teach Sweetie Belle... so yeah that revenge could be more dangerous than you know.

I'm reminded of KP's rant from her video review of "Flight to the Finish":

KP: 'But I think the real point of this episode is to show that Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara are biiiiiiiitcheeeeees... do you know what I want to do? Can we please just go "Breaking Bad" on these guys, and poison them? Or shoot them? And leave their bodies somewhere in the New Mexico desert? God knows that they deserve it!'

Spikey precious scales I want you to roast some ponies:raritywink:, Roast as in fire roasted? :moustache: Or Roast like in the Dean Martin roast?

Or toastem ? like a pop tart roast?:raritystarry: I like the way you think Spikey wikey. . .Revenge is a dish served toasted:facehoof:

Scootaloo, when Pinkie Pie tells you to sssshhhhh you damn well sssshhhh!

Hm... Rarity could tell Diamond Tiara her crown is actually decorated with cubic zirconia. Or, considering that they would need to turn to her for any of their dress needs, she could very sneakily sabotage them in a way that wouldn't make it look like her fault. Or Rarity, using her almighty powers of gossip-mongering, could find out some sort of awful secret they don't want known and spread it amongst the schoolfoals. Or she could tell Snips and Snails that DT and SS have secret crushes on them.

You know what she'd probably do… confront them, inform them of their impending revenge…
and then do nothing.
So they're waiting for something to happen and always looking back over their shoulders and unable to sleep and Rarity's just chilling in the spa and laughing.

5869081 Oh. Ooooh, you're good. That's positively vicious.

To be fair, anything Rarity found horrendous, DT probably would too.

Hilarious. Definitely want a continuation of this

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