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The mane six are known for being the best of friends, and what a better game for friends to play together than Truth or Dare? But when Fluttershy, Rarity and Rainbow Dash hangout together and play the game together it can get rather messy.

Please note the cover is temporary until I commission an artist.

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I'm so glad I read Author's Note section first, otherwise I wouldn't survive through the first few paragraphs!
I wonder what Pinkie is up to... I guess I'll have to wait - but is it going to be developed in this story, or another one?
All in all, good start, keep it up!

2821333 I was hesitant in actually putting Pinkie down in the 'characters' but I had to. I do plan on developing another story such as this one, but my rule was that somepony NEEDED to ask about writing another starring Pinkie :pinkiehappy:. Well, thank you for asking, I will be sure to find some time to write that one, obviously it will be a sequel to this as it would be it's own short story :twilightsheepish:. This, though, was just to throw some of my writing out there to see if I'd get any bites (I guess it's working). I'm currently working on a MUCH larger story and you should expect that in a little while. Thank you for reading, I'm very glad you liked it :ajsmug:

omfg it took me a long 4 me to relize it wasent flesh!:pinkiesick:

2826473 Yup, that was the whole point, sorry to scare you there :derpytongue2: . Hope you enjoyed it nonetheless, thank you for the much needed laugh this morning. :twilightsheepish:

I kinda knew it was a watermelon straight away, due to the teen rating and lack of a gore tag :twistnerd: but great story, a bit bland perhaps

Well this was inspired to be more cute than gore, perhaps a few people would shudder at the mentions of flesh, like you did :pinkiesmile:. That and the fact that what inspired it was me cutting a watermelon, so it's not the story of the century :twilightsheepish:. This was a way to get my work out there while I work on my actual project which should be out soon :pinkiehappy:. Either way, it's good to get feedback.

2826765 haha very funny..:yay:

2836581 :rainbowlaugh: Glad you liked it, I will be sure to get the sequel out in a lil' while for more laughs :raritywink:

This was amusing.

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