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The Tenochtitlan Basin has its own rules and so do its inhabitants. Daring Do may or may not have stumbled into some regarding marriage proposals. Now Ahuizotl is set on making her his wife, and he's not one to take no for an answer.

Daring Do has stopped Ahuizotl from conquering the world countless times, but can she stop him from conquering her heart?

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good story, to bad it doesn't have Indy.

Thumbs up for premises... will read and possibly review later.

I... I don't... What? This was... Interesting. And good. Kinda unexpected though.

That'S pretty much what I was going for: delightfully weird :twilightsmile:

“Then would you at least be so kind to untie the groom?”
I just died here. Just. Died. Right. Here.

Heh... I s'pose the bad grammar makes sense if you're doing it on purpose because Rainbow wrote the story. I'm happy you finally shifted to past tense as well, present tense stories are just the worst imo.

The "arbitrary alliteration" was also quite enjoyable.

Basically clean up your grammar and this story would be awesome.

then you succeeded in spades, my friend. :twilightsmile:

Would you please elaborate that a little further? Because I can't tell what you're referring to.

“It can! All you have to say is, I Daring do.”
“I Daring can't!”
“Yes you Daring can. You just need to believe in us.”
“But what if I Daring shouldn't?"


Twilight, Twilight... Never argue with a shipper. :trollestia:

3690449 elaborate on which part?

Sorry, I should have been more specific. I only had eyes for the one thing I didn't understand in your comment.

The part about the poor grammar that needs cleaning up.

3690799 Ah, well I believe I should start with some clarification on that part, just to be certain we're both on the same page. When I say 'grammar', I don't mean just commas, periods, dotting your i's, and crossing your t's (which you did rather well.) I also count your sentence structure, and how well your story flows as a whole as part of the 'grammar'.

Now to start off with, your choice of tense is... rough. For me, at least, present tense fics are just hard to read; but it actually is an accepted form of writing, so I'll just say that's my own personal preference speaking so feel free to disregard this part

Actually, seems all of my objections sprang from tense, so really feel free to disregard what I said. Everything seems acceptable when re-reading while disregarding preferences. Carry on then.

That's a relief. I thought there was a grave error in my basic grammar, I'd need to fix right away.

I can understand your preference of a different, although I thought it was a good method for separating the main story from the ending. And hey, I got you to read through the entire thing despite the present tense. That should be a good sign.

3691007 Indeed, if you can get me to read through a present tense fic, it's both short and pretty good.

This is the funniest thing I've read in a very long time. I quite literally couldn't stop laughing a few minutes ago. How is this not already at hundreds of likes?!

Believe it or not, I almost scrapped that joke because it was too... I don't even know.:applejackconfused:
But it just fit perfectly in leading up to the ending.

I don't know. Bad timing? Bad luck? Bad writing? It might even be an ancient voodoo curse for all I know.
But if I were a betting man, I'd probably bet on bad marketing. I think I'm terrible at convincing potential readers that this story would be worth their time.


“It can! All you have to say is, I Daring do.”
“I Daring can't!”
“Yes you Daring can. You just need to believe in us.”
“But what if I Daring shouldn't?"

was the funniest joke in the whole thing.:rainbowlaugh:

But, but, but... I have virtually no place to go from where I left off:fluttercry:

Yep, Ahuizotl will never be with me :moustache:

Still great :derpytongue2:

Not even if he asks really nicely, says please and thank you, and starts washing regularly?:duck:

I was actually really liking this shipfic.

And then I found out who really wrote it... :rainbowlaugh:

Well done, well done.

I wasn't trying to troll anyone. It was really that by the end the story's own absurdity was coming back to haunt it. But that was part of the fun, or at least I hope so.

Glad you liked it.



Who wouldn't? It's certainly Rainbow Dash approved:rainbowkiss:

i actually liked where this was going :trixieshiftright: should of known something was up when the bad "Daring Do" puns came rolling round.:ajbemused: I would have liked to have read more of this ship to see how it ended :rainbowkiss: and rainbow approves. Keep up the good writing.:raritystarry:

I thought there really was no need to write any more about this ship. It's pretty celar where things would go from there: a couple of ninjas, some explosions, a few exploding ninjas, and ultimately the confession of eternal love by both Daring Do and Ahuizotl. Basically the same ending as every last one of Rainbow Dash's shipfics:rainbowhuh:

Glad you liked it.

I appreciated this, and I feel the forth wall break at the end really improved the story. Reminds me of my struggle to ship Dislestia.

Is it really a fourth wall break though? What broke was the connection between the inner story and the frame story, the fourth wall to a still contained story. It may have broken one of the other three walls, or an entirely new subset of walls, strictly existing in a fractal sense among an infinite number of smaller walls. And if we consider that the story is likely written on paper, a two-dimensional entity within the two-dimensional world of cartoon horses...

:applejackconfused:I'm making my head spin again. What was I talking about? I think it was something about shipping, but I can't remember what I was goin to say.:derpytongue2: Just go ahead and ship those two like there's no tomorrow. Worked for Rainbow Dash.

What a twist!

Ah, we meet again, despite you having never met me.

Wall 3.5 perhaps.

We haven't? I do admit to forgetting a face now and then. Although yours seems to be just an eye. Belonging to a cat if I had to take a guess.:eeyup:

By the end I was ready to punch something with how painful the Daring Do puns were gettimg. And then that glorious reveal happened. Too perfect.

“Ahuizotl! How did you get in here? And how did you escape the Fortress of Talicon when it collapsed?”

"Are you truly serious?" Ahuizotl gaped, incredulously. "You have written an entire series about your adventures, lived in the same cottage the entire time, made it so blatantly obvious to everyone with half a brain cell that AK Yearling = Daring Do, not to mention my collaborators were already here once... and you cannot discern how I found you?" Face-handtailing, he sighed, "I-I am at a loss as to how I kept losing to someone so completely naive. It must be the writers of this show. I mean, look at me; now I'm suddenly 4th wall breaking and genre-savvy! There is no trace of internal plausbility to found!"


“First off, you reveal to the entire world that A.K. Yearling is Daring Do, a fact she goes out of her way to keep hidden. Do you have any idea what an inconceivable breach of trust that is?”

“Oh, please! Me and Double-D are way close. I know she'd be totally cool with it.”

"And besides, it's kinda obvious to anyone not braindead that AK Yearling, at the very least, is in constant contact with Daring Do and that going after her is probably the best way to find out where Daring is. I mean, really, it's kinda stupid to disguise yourself and the write about all your exploits openly to the public when all your enemies are still out there gunning for you!" Dashie shrugged, displaying a level of intelligence she wouldn't display again until "Testing, testing... 1,2,3" aired.

Twilight attempted to counter, with several halted false starts, before sighing, "No, you're right. That is pretty stupid."


And here I got my hopes up. :rainbowlaugh:

But, in all seriousness, I was worried, if only because the story was 3/4 the way through, and complete with one chapter, and it was on the first date. I feared it would end up a "I love you after an hour!" story.

Wolf actually.

The main reason is I didn't comment last time. Hence my statement.

Would you say that it was Daring Doing so, but in the end was worth it?:rainbowwild:

A.K. Yealing and Daring Do being the same pony!? Don't make me laugh! A.K. Yearling wears glasses, Daring Do doesn't. How do you explain that, Mrs. Smartypants?

Next thing, you're gonna tell me that billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne is the Batman...

Who knows. The story ended rather abruptly, so maybe Daring did eventually love him an hour after.:rainbowkiss:

Wolf. Of course. Obviously. :facehoof: Every half-wit with dyslexia could have figured that one out.:derpytongue2:

Anyway, I hope the story still held up the second time around, despite knowing the big twist at the end.

5022240 I'm Batman... :pinkiegasp:

5022260 They had sex. Lots of it.

I read the fanfic that said so... There was lots of bondage and I think snakes came into play at some point. :fluttershbad:



No I meant a different story. Haven't read this yet, it's in there with my other 300 watches.

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