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This story is a sequel to Why Ancient Rituals Don't Always Work

It's been almost eleven months since the event at the Ancient Mareyan Sun Temple. Ahuizota and Derring Do are settling into the life of a family, ready to raise their kid. There's still much for the young couple to learn, and it can only be taught with time.

They just cross fingers and feathers and hope they don't screw it up.

Title name by The Shade

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 186 )

Daaaaaaaw i love this. Can't wait to see what you have in store for changelings. here.

“Something on your mind?” Silver asked, noticing her friend’s disposition. It would not do if the bride wasn’t content on her big day.

I think you missed a set of o quotation marks there (I thought that the end of the sentence was something that Spade was supposed to say there for a moment), you know what, maybe should read through the whole thing and see if you made any other errors, it's always a good idea to do a little self-checking every once and a while.

5765714 No, that's supposed to be there. I'm glad you saw that, but it's fine.

5766088 Thanks. Tbh though, I'm a little surprised it's got a slow start compared to the first fic. Hopefully people will begin to see it's here.:eeyup:

This is pretty cute, I'm gonna keep an eye on this one. I'm always a fan of some fluffy (and sometimes saucy) romance.


I can understand misspelling that. It's a doozy.

In the description, you spell Ahuizotl as "Ahuizota." I assumed it was a spelling error.

5766580 Oh no. This is a r63 fic. Ahuizotl is a female and Daring Do is male. Their genderswapped names are Ahuizota and Derring do.

5765714 It's an internal monologue. Maybe it'd be better if it was italicized though... *shrug*

Nice beginning ... loved the whole vibe of the wedding. "Small Ball" ... I see what you did there! :moustache: I was kinda half expecting Ahui's water to break during the wedding, though ... in some big dramatic fashion.

5766227 ... Eh. I like the premise! Keep it up! PM me sometime for a conversation!

5766651 Yay! someone got the reference! you get a cookie and a mustache :moustache:

Originally, i was going to have the water break during the dancing, but my editor talked me out of it, saying the whole honeymoon would be ruined and stuff. Plus, i had some of a partly written chapter already, so i'll keep that and use it for the birth chapter.

5766672 Kinda surprised that none of the dozen comments above mine mentioned it.

Running an Indiana Jones marathon, broke out the old VHS and everything. Saw this and really appreciated the references. Small Ball had me rollin.

Thank you for NOT over using the canon characters. The mention to Ditzy I can understand and even the nod to r63 Rarity. But thank you for seeing that Pon-3 is not the only DJ in Equestria. Outside of that great job so far.

I'm surprised you haven't used a scene were Derring was petting her and she was purring although that does take talent not going the obvious route I applaud you sir.

5767963 I...actually didn't think about that.:rainbowderp: Now I kinda want to write a small petting scene. It would be quite silly, I imagine.:trollestia:

you should have a chapter about twilight and rainbow finding out why there favorite book series is ending

Good:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache: Also, are you being selective with who is rule63, or did you forget Celestia and Derpy?

5768387 go for it have it be the stupidest funny kawaii thing it can be or whatever its you're fanfic.

5768586 Derpy's too cute to r63 imo and I didn't really know the r63 name for Celestia so I kept her a mare. So yeah, I was a little selective (and lazy) with the r63 stuff

i don't usually favourite story's under 30,000 words.....but you my friend have done it

5768934 ye. I wrote a short, happy fic for creative writing workshop and one of the critics said "You made me smile. How dare you."

It's nice to see my work is bringing people out of their usual zones, or what ever they call them.

Miles Thatch and Short Round. Well played, sir. Well played.

5769075 *Milo Thatch. But FINALLY! Some one got the reference! I was beginning to think people hadn't seen Disney's Atlantis.

i am retarded cause i only just now realized silver spade = silver spoon

5769396 uhh...no? I mean, that's an interesting connection, but only in name. Silver Spade is a unicorn with a different color scheme. She first appears in the third bonus chap of the previous fic.

Nice ^^
This seems like It'll be a fun ride.

I just looked at the picture and read the discription and now I can't stop laughing.

I wonder how Rainbow Blitz would be reacting right now if he saw this.

5768695 bent Sunbutt is Prince Helios.

Also, like what you did with Cheese Panini. Its the little things that make me smile, you know?

5770924 It's always the little things. :3
I'm still sticking to canon Celestia tho. just because.

200 likes, you more then welcome

5771921 It's funny because derring-do is an actual word while Daring Do is just a pun.

5772596 Lol, that's why I called you a cheeky devil. :P

Oh god damn it, I got it now! You've switched the sexes of the characters around for some bizarre reason!

I was wondering why the holy hell you were misspelling Daring Do's name, but now I see. You've made her a he and Ahuizotl a female.

I...don't quite get that. I don't know why you needed to change the sexes, but whatever. Your story, your rules, am I right?

I've been banging my head trying to understand what the hell I was reading. I'm glad to have figured this out now.

5776531 reading the first fic might help too for understanding.:twilightsmile:

5776544 Nah, I'm good. To be honest I was just window-browsing. The artwork cover was what got my attention. It was unusual, and being very unusual myself, it got my attention. I apologize if you feel offended.

I'm not usually into reverse-sex character fics but in this case (so as the prequel) I thoroughly enjoy them.

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