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The Princess and I was easily my most popular fiction, tripling my watchers and gaining praise from authors who are actually really good making me think that I knew what I was doing. However as with every great tale there are some parts that needed to be cut out via the writer's discretion. These are the chapters that I decided to cut out, reasons for doing so will be explained in the Author's Notes. (There will also be 'extended cuts' of chapters that are still in the main story, you can tell me whether or not to include those if you feel that they were better that the existing chapter)
Popular stories list! 10-25-2013! (Thanks guys, that means a lot)

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I'm afraid I don't follow... could you please tell me why you're sorry?

3399756 Sigh, it is a joke. Most people say "First" to claim the first comment spot on a fic, very common on YouTube. Everybody hates it and ridicules said person for it.
Nothing you did, just so you know. :eeyup:

Ah... well thank you for clearing that up... it kinda went over my head for a second.

did you really not know what first meant?
other than that. Looks like the princess and I story is still going even after I gave it a review. Looks like ill enjoy thus story as well.

I know what 'first' is... but I saw his comment and I said 'dafaq' :rainbowhuh: wouldn't you be a bit confused if someone posted on your story Fir- Sorry too? I know I was...

Nice work. You sir get 5/5 mustache

Ze Storeh Is vewy intereating...very interesting indeed..

Lookin forward for moar of yer storehs :D

(O).o I say, what is this, and how did it escape my notice until now?

Again, sirrah, my attention is yours! :pinkiehappy:

Chapter TOO long!??

You won't scare us away with that! We love long chapters!


WHY WAS I NOT ALERTED OF THESE CHAPTERS! EVERY CHAPTER NEEDS TO BE IN THE ORIGINAL. ALSO thanks for everything man. This is a great story. I always find myself going back and rereading the fanfic over and over again. Thanks for writing this and thanks even more for posting this new addition to it.


3405147 (Griswold voice) it's the twelve doctOOr. I have ever so missed your beautiful icon since the original fanfic of the princess and I. I just lOOve seeing it. It bring me so much jOOy.

Man, i'm looking forward to the next chapters! Please continue with your amazing writing ability!

*grumblegrumble* lousy work, making me deal with a buncha rassafrassiin'.....

*sees update*

Yeah, this DEFINITELY should have been in the main story! i was very disappointed to miss out on the trip around the city. Glad you showed it to us anyway!!

*reads author notes*

:twilightoops: I have completely forgotten what he's talking about....:twilightoops:

Two words: Pony... Terminator... :coolphoto:

Aww... I was sort of expecting the:

Aedan and Luna sitting in a tree,
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage


“Beauty’s everywhere Luna…” I said getting a tad bit lost in what was in my own field of view, “You’ve just got to look in the right places.”

I love this. Using as a quote on my user page from now on.

You do realise that yesterday is the 50 year after the JFK incident you know?

Still today for me and yes I remember... it was a sad day for the nation

Hmm, yes...very good chapter I say!
But if I might ask, I don't recall a Mary/Maria, Caroline or a Johnathan in the story.

Maria/Mary... Mrs. Burns first name and Caroline was Aedan's mother's first name. No one named Johnathan is in the is in the story... but may I ask... what was so good about it?

Well, no, I didn't saw what you did, except that Iris and Dawn are Pokemon characters names :derpytongue2:

A lot of the characters in the story actually have my favorite names.

3556404 It's well written and funny at some parts(especially that dress scene)

Luna's dress is absolutely beautiful :raritystarry:... not to mention very VERY sexy. :heart: :moustache: :heart:

Ah, just what I need after a hard Black Friday at work!


Actually, I pictured Iris as sounding more like Edna Mode from The Incredibles than Rarity. I dunno, she just seems to have that whip-crack energy Edna has. xD


But yeah, definitely a scene that, while humorous didn't fit the pacing of the main story. If the main story had been more episodic than a linear narrative, it would have fit much better. That said, still hilarious, and can't wait for part 2!

I only said Rarity-like character because this is a sight for pony fiction... and as hard as it my seem to believe, there are bronies who don't know who Edna Mode is... so I had to keep it in the fandom... that and Iris is about twenty five or twenty six with a very nice, tall figure... she's not fifty/sixty something and only two feet tall.

Awesome chapter! Read this while at the bowling alley and that got me thinking.... picture Luna bowling XD Anyways keep up the good work!

Hmmm... you sir... may or may not have just given me an idea... :trollestia:

Glad to be of help! Looking forward to it!


girlfriend were going to week before Luna had even arrived


And the way my fried here’s acting around you I don’t think we’re in the right place.”

Fried Chicken, fried pork, fried rice. What is fried here.

I still love this story though. Read it front the start and still going strong.

Aedan and his rules. No matter what Luna will break them

I must say, I really enjoyed these chapters, though I can both see and agree with removing them [on some fronts] from The Princess and I.

The first chapter, I agree that the romance felt a bit rushed, though really only because of the kiss cam in my opinion. All in all, a pretty well-written chapter. The quality is pretty good overall and I really enjoyed it. I'm glad you decided to fix it up a bit and release it in the end. It was an amusing story that I enjoyed reading.

The second chapter, didn't feel that bad in terms of romance in my opinion. He seemed to have some lewd thoughts, but lets be honest, who wouldn't in that situation? I can't ever judge length [I read some long bloody stories [currently reading a series that adds up at over 4mil words]] so my opinions on appropriate length are askew as possible] so I'll not say anything on that front. As for the self-insertion, I don't think you should ever be worried about it, short of blatant self-insertion. I believe that it is near second nature when writing a story to instill some of your own traits into the character. It just happens near sub-consciously, in my opinion. The references weren't done in a manner that felt distasteful [Then again, Superman is probably my least favorite hero so I'm sure I missed a lot of them] from the ones I noticed. To me, it never felt like an add for the Superman comics, so it worked, in my opinion.

Chapter three...I'll hold off on saying anything about that until the second part to it comes out. :yay:

That should be a Reese's commercial, I laughed so hard, I thought I was gonna die :rainbowlaugh:

More fluffy goodness. :yay:

I think that this chapter could easily have stayed if Aedan had kissed Luna on the cheek or forehead instead. The kisscam would have been appeased, Luna would have been less shocked, and the romance would have had much less of a push. *headcanon* :pinkiecrazy:

3817863 Hey what's the 4 million+ word story you read...:twilightblush:

6905263 I forget the series name but it is on-sight under the username BlackRoseRaven. I think the first in the series is Moonrise.

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