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'Where am I from?' It is a simple question, one that some of us may ask from time to time. But we usually received an answer. Spike, Twilight's number one assistant, has asked that question for nearly half a decade. Yet there was still no closure for him. Now on a cold day in the rain Princess Celestia finally agreed. Now Spike is about his wish, but you must always remember, sometimes the truth isn't what you want to hear.

Crazy one shot done in about three hours after seeing the cover art by the amazingly talented assasinmonkey. (I was on duty when I wrote this, so I guess you could call it me trying out different waters... after all, 'the safe zone is a dead zone'. Any and all criticism would be appreciated. Even if this flops I know that I at least tried something new... but I hope that you like it all the same.
Also introducing a new editor! OneWingedDevil did a lot of hard work making sure this was worthy. So even if you don't like this one shot, you could at least commend them for doing a good job.

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Ditto wow. That was pretty good. Thanks for sharing this :)

Don't cry damn it don't cry.:applecry: there I go!



Well... that happened. I don't think the fic is bad, it's actually good. Well-written and there was some nice build up, but my mind kinda went blank at the end:

“Did… did my mom ever care about me?” he wept in between sobs. “Did she love me?”
Celestia pulled the young dragon in even closer, closing her eyes as a single tear fell from them. “Yes Spike…” she said softly. “I do…”

I'm really sorry for being a jerk to nitpick about this (in a fic I actually liked), but it made me scratch my head a little.

Besides that, it was a good fic. I hope you write more like it!


Well when Celestia said that I was tryig to make it sound like she saw herself as his mother, not that she actually WAS his mother... because his real mom was buried in the rock slide.

Thanks for clearing that up. I wasn't too sure of which was it was. I personally think the whole mother figure fall more to Twilight, but this also works.

Somber, wonderful build up, and an ending that hits just the right note. Even knowing what I'm getting into from the cover image it still tugs at all the right heartstrings.

This is the sort of fic I've wanted to see for a while but that I doubt I could pull off myself. You have my respect sir.


I should have never read this before falling asleep.

Goddamn man. This was beautiful.

~Skeeter The Lurker

My only complaint is that it isn't longer.

oh god... the feels! :fluttercry:

Well, besides the whole lack of dialogue, which I suppose is a stylistic choice, it was pretty good. My only complaint was Celestia's last line, it seemed a bit self-centered. Spike wasn't asking if she loved him, he was asking if the dragon who had got crushed to death did. It was the right thing for Celestia to say she thought of Spike as her son, but she should have mentioned something along the line that the dragon mother was more worried for her egg than herself and probably didn't get out of the cave in time because she took the extra time to grab the egg. As it is, it's like Celestia is completely dismissing the dragon as anything to Spike.

I fully and completely understand the complaint... it could be considered self centered. But this goes anong the line of a little head canon of mine. Where Celestia raised Spike until Twilight was ready, so the end line is more or less saying that she loved him as a mother. There was no self centeredness about it (Well at least in my eyes...)

Nice little story well worth the read. :twilightsmile:

Extra thumbs up in that it makes sense as a good reason as to where Celestia even got that dragon egg for Twilight to hatch.

And then he find's out ponies caused it

Celestia's last line.... :rainbowderp:

that was pretty nice. sad yet subtle. poor spikey.

had somewhat of a similar origin in my head for spike, though his mother was not dead. had it that his mother was an old friend and ally to the regal sisters, yet at some point treachery occured.......... on both sides............ gets extremely complicated at a certain point.

Feels-------------Oh my god the feels.

OH THE FEELS!!! RIGHT IN THEM!!! :raritydespair::raritycry::applecry::fluttercry:
(Seriously, anything on this page sums it up)

Damn, this was amazing... and now I shall go to bed with tears in my eyes :pinkiesad2:


Wow ... the... feels:fluttercry::raritycry::raritydespair:. need sequel:rainbowdetermined2:

That was....quite sobering. Well done sir, well done.

Running way late on this comment but here tiz.

I don't see anywhere in the story that states that the skeleton under the mountain is female.

Perhaps Celestia is being very literal with her statement “Yes Spike…” she said softly. “I do…”

10/10 would read again.

3803106 Nothing more needs to be said in this story.

I want more! I need answers!

Awww, that last line was so sweet.

Dude... You did it. Got me right in the feels. Great stuff as usual

Wow, an MLP fanfic written in Omniscient POV - and very effectively, I might add! Bravo!

O_o odd, started a story "about this picture" too... never finished since spike seemed to much of an antagonist and not protagonist

Dear God this is saddening:(

I felt that that last line was perfect. I could see it being something Canon Celestia would say, and it was a very poignant note to close this short story on.:heart:

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