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No one remembers just when it started, or where it started, all they know now is that there's nothing left. The once proud and industrious nation of Equestria has been turned to nothing but ash and ruin as a mysterious force attacks when they are most vulnerable, when they sleep. With the last remnants of the country packed huddled into the castle Canterlot, the only remaining line of defense, Princess Luna, shall enter the dreamscape and try to end this nightmare for her people. But as she travels further and further down the rabbit hole, she soon discovers that, despite being the sovereign of dreams, she is way out of her depth as the creature of her nation’s nightmares torments her.

Created in collaboration with Chivalry

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It is a soldier’s duty to defend his country, a soldier’s duty to protect the people and sometimes while performing that duty sometimes a soldier pays the ultimate price. During the Canterlot invasion a soldier paid such a price, he left the world without so much as a thought, but he was not forgotten. Another soldier remembered his name and now he stands before a simple stone to speak to what he had lost.

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Nic Cage is the greatest actor ever, but what happens when he meets two alicorn princesses? Well if you read this (and I strongly urge that you don't) You'll find out.

This is me pretty much making fun of all the people who go overboard on April Fool's Day by going overboard myself, just to prove how ridiculous it is...

Not to be taken seriously by any means, and if you do take it seriously... you might need to see someone for some issues

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Two Saiyans... the mightiest warriors in all the galaxy, (Minus one particular male individual from the planet Krypton.) are making their way to Earth to gather the legendary Dragon Balls, but their greatest threat doesn't come from earth's defenders of the vastness of the cosmos... it comes from a funny little thing called filler and amidst this filler one of the two needed to go to the bathroom... on a planet full of creatures that they never thought possible...

As a disclaimer I have never done drugs and I don't drink... (Shocking given the fact I'm Irish-Catholic and a Marine.) This was written completely sober... which begs the question what the hell would go on in my mind when I AM on something?

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'Where am I from?' It is a simple question, one that some of us may ask from time to time. But we usually received an answer. Spike, Twilight's number one assistant, has asked that question for nearly half a decade. Yet there was still no closure for him. Now on a cold day in the rain Princess Celestia finally agreed. Now Spike is about his wish, but you must always remember, sometimes the truth isn't what you want to hear.

Crazy one shot done in about three hours after seeing the cover art by the amazingly talented assasinmonkey. (I was on duty when I wrote this, so I guess you could call it me trying out different waters... after all, 'the safe zone is a dead zone'. Any and all criticism would be appreciated. Even if this flops I know that I at least tried something new... but I hope that you like it all the same.
Also introducing a new editor! OneWingedDevil did a lot of hard work making sure this was worthy. So even if you don't like this one shot, you could at least commend them for doing a good job.

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This story is a sequel to The Princess and I

Ever since the day I decided to give up my old life for a new one I could say that everything's going good. I mean I've got a great girlfriend, an awesome new house and pretty much everything else a guy could ask for. However I'm sure that a lot of guys you look at me funny if I said my girlfriend was a princess and I live in a castle and I'm sure they'd say horrible things about me if they found out that princess was actually a pony who can control the moon.
My name is Aedan Ryan, six months ago I came to Equestria because I fell in love with a pony named Princess Luna. (Crazy right?) Now after having dealt with having to take care of her, a whole new challenge awaits me... one that I and every other man in the universe could never really be ready for...

Cover art done by quizzicalkisses, very good artist... I suggest you check them out.

Edits by OneWingedDevil and Chivalry

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The Princess and I was easily my most popular fiction, tripling my watchers and gaining praise from authors who are actually really good making me think that I knew what I was doing. However as with every great tale there are some parts that needed to be cut out via the writer's discretion. These are the chapters that I decided to cut out, reasons for doing so will be explained in the Author's Notes. (There will also be 'extended cuts' of chapters that are still in the main story, you can tell me whether or not to include those if you feel that they were better that the existing chapter)
Popular stories list! 10-25-2013! (Thanks guys, that means a lot)

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The war between the Autobots and Decepticons ravaged their home world of Cybertron, four million years ago in a battle that lead to the loss of many lives the two factions landed on earth through a space bridge, now only recently reactivated their war has been reignited on our world. Several years into the conflict Decepticons have began to attack human resources at an alarming rate, prompting Optimus Prime to believe that they are building another space bridge. With Autobots and resources at an all-time low he reluctantly calls upon the aid of the Dinobots. In the cold land of Greenland Grimlock notices the monster that made him, the mad scientist Shockwave, losing all control he attacks him head on, sending Shockwave, himself and several other Decepticons through the portal. Now Grimlock is in a world full of colorful, magical ponies... THIS should be interesting...
(ERNEHGAWD! It's on the popular stories list!)
Rated Teen: For sequences of violent robot fighting action and some possible adult humor further on, not sure if I should add dark tag, maybe if someone says I need it I'll put it up.

P.S. if you give it a thumbs down please tell me why you didn't like it, that would be appreciated.

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My name is Aedan and I'm your average run-of-the-mill guy from Missouri. I served in the Marine Corps for about four years, now I've been out for a year and I'm making a living on the edge of St. Louis. It's not the best of conditions for a guy like me to have to deal with, but I adapt and overcome. Then one Saturday morning on my daily jog I ran into something (well in truth she ran into me) I'd never thought possible. She calls herself 'Princess Luna'. She's alone and confused, but most of all, she wants to go home. And guess who the poor guy is that decided to help her.

rated Teen for talking like a Marine and some... 'Adult' situations...

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Equestria's origins are long forgotten, as well as its most powerful weapon, but when three stallions, unknown even to Princess Celestia appear in the middle of an elite forces camp questions are raised. One, the earth pony, appears to be silent, but his sheer size and strength speak for him enough, another, a unicorn, seems to be quite laid back and pretty self-centered, but he can hold his own with powerful magic that rivals and possibly surpasses the combat skill of Captain Shining Armor, finally the third, a pegasus, apperently the oldest and leader of the three remembers something about his past, more in particular, somepony. Follow the three on a journey that will tell them who they were, where they will be going and finally who they were really meant to be.
Starting with a prologue that goes over a lot of things and explains enough to you so you don't get lost in the actual story.
Alternate Universe tag because it follows the canon story line of events all the way until 'Magical Mystery Cure' No Twilicorn.
Cover art done by good friend of mine on DA... Thinkerten, check his stuff out, he'd really good.

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