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Soarin Skies expects nothing from life nor from those around him, nor from himself. He has fifteen years-old and is impervious to everything. Yet his family expect a lot for him and he has to succeed if he wants to honor them. This is why he joins the prestigious Crystal Prep High School where he meets Rainbow Dash, a gifted girl who thinks everything's so easy that nothing has a taste anymore. A bond is going to weaver between them and gets stronger and stronger, until the night where Rainbow Dash is going to confess...

(Okay, you have to activate your suspension of disbelief here to imagine Dashie as a gifted in, em, mathematics, but once that's working, I hope you're going to be able to enjoy this story :twilightsmile:)


I still think this story doesn't quite fit in with the site, but as I haven't anything else to publish and it's been going on for too long, I've decided to keep on publishing it after all. Trigger Warning in some of the chapters.

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hmm looks good so far, I’ll be waiting for the next chapter

Oh, I know what you're thinking.... You've got an IQ of 169 and you're starting a diary? Such a young genius can't be writing this nonsense of diaries, this is good for spotty brats dreaming of the football team's quaterback. Well, you know what? Screw you! And what do you know about that, uh? You're a damn dead tree!

My favorite paragraph :rainbowlaugh: Best part is "You're a damn dead tree!"

One last thing I have to tell you in case you're expecting smashing teen drama... I'm already dead inside so life is meaningless for me. And it would take a miracle for me to come alive again."

Well, miracles can happen :twilightsmile:

Him? "No longer breathing"?

What IN THE WORLD happened between these two?

Out of all the classes of Mountview High School for Boys, she had been given the worse one. And to say she had been valedictorian of her university... If she had chosen Mountview it was in full consciousness, precisely because she had the desire to make things change for the better. Just like in that movie, The Blackboard Jungle . But she had to state the obvious - it wasn't easy to make things change when there was no will for it. And movies were just that. Movies. Fiction. Nothing to do with reality.

More teachers like Cadance, please!

Oh, poor Pinkie :fluttershysad: I think I'll be feeling like her very soon :fluttershyouch:

Keep it going! This is already pretty interesting!

So many questions and not enough answers... And it's the third chapter! So great, keep it going! :twilightsmile:

"Aren't you able to understand who you are? If you always rely on what the others could be saying about you, you'll never get anywhere in life. Stop acting like a faithful puppy or a poor abandonned kitty and try to interrogate yourself. Are you living your life on behalf of the others?"

So true. This is some hell of a useful advice for teenagers. Really knocks a lot of sense into the head.

"I know I'm not very smart. I probably don't deserve that a girl as gifted and sharpsighted as you could be interested in me. But I'd like to try anyway. You know, I can see you and sometimes, you look so sad. It makes me feel sad as well. It's as if something terrible has happened to you. As if you were... broken."

Rainbow Dash was stopped in her race. The saying "still water runs deep" came back to her mind. Pinkie Pie indeed was naive, and rather silly, but she could see things with her heart. This realization moved the depth of her soul.

Does the word "broken" rings a bell, Dashie? What are you hidding?

I'm crying :fluttercry: Pinkie is such a wonderful girl, she doesn't deserve half the sh*t that idiot puts her through.

So much to take in... And, oh, it's raining :fluttercry:

Oh, this chapter was lovely :rainbowkiss: Well, when they were bonding over Little Women. Pinkie still has a long way to go, but Dash surely will help her a lot to have a little confidence on herself.

I'm not confused, you're confused

Dude, I swear, I didn't expected that Soarin's parents lied to him about Dash, and that Windy lied to Dash about Soarin, I feel like that Soarin's parents and Windy agreed to get them away from each other.
Knowing the plot, I can understand why Soarin's parents did it (although they didn't have to do it and they were assholes to do it) .... but why Windy? :rainbowderp:🤷

Unfortunately, from the very beginning, I wasn't very enthusiastic about posting this story here. I found it to be too serious and depressing and to be honest, I started to hate that story that I've rewritten over and over again. Plus, readers don't seem to particularly like it neither.

To be honest, it's written in its entirety. But I really felt that this story didn't fit well with the site.
BUT since now I have difficulties writting new fanfics because I'm much more focused on my original work, I could un-cancel it, in order to have at least something for my followers to read...

:yay: YOU DID IT!

I'm SO glad this is back, Ni! Thumbs up for making up your mind to continue, this is already quite amazing!

(Dash please fix your socks lmao)

Those last few lines gave me chills. What do you mean a taste of blood?

I love how both Soarin and Dash are just bored with life. Bored with everything. That I can relate to :rainbowlaugh:

I can't help but to feel really worried reading "Then, some people would better make better choices. Because it can bring consequences that aren't always good for the persons around." It speaks in VOLUMES that there's something going on in Dashie's life :ajsleepy:

Great chapter as always my friend!

"I'm sure someday, someone will write a poem about this face." This phrase is honestly so beautiful, I aaawwwwwed at it :rainbowkiss::heart:

Dash daydreaming about Soarin's back :rainbowlaugh: I love Dash's repulsion at acting like a sappy teenager :rainbowlaugh:

Also, I am now hating Dash's stepbrother even if we know next to nothing about him, but I can imagine what's going on here...

Wonder when the hiatus will end, and how much longer it is overall, if there's any more coming (I know you said the story is complete, but I wonder if that means it's all posted, or if it's just all written and there's still more coming).

Basically, there's more coming but I'm too busy lately... plus the story doesn't seem to interest a lot of you and never gets a lot of views so I'm slower than I used to be!

Well if it helps, this story has gotten more views and likes in the almost two years since this has been posted than most stories have gotten in years.

Ooo. Nice start. This is exciting. Hope to heard what happens next.

I was wondering why i liked this story so much! You wrote 'a story of love among others' I loved that story and love your writing style!

I would pay to see this finished :rainbowdetermined2: pleasssssse update thisssss its sooooooo good

i like the start of this, it seems promising.

You notebook, you're the unlucky chosen one where I'm going to lay down my thoughts,

also, that is the best way to start a journal lol

In front of her stood her homeroom teacher who also happened to be the Principal of Canterlot High School, smiling at her warmly. Freshly aged fourty, she looked like a woman of her time, though she surely was a bit in advance, since she was actually working instead of being a housewife. Like her own mother, for example, who would never consider working at all. Her eyes were purple and ate a great part of her face, her pouted lips painted in a soft pink and her wavy hair, dressed in a ponytail, was falling between her shoulder blades. Her nails were carefully manicured and wore a grey suit tight around the waist thanks to a thin leather belt that looked like straight out of a fashion magazine. An honest smile would never desert her elegant features. She sounded friendly and soft.

Suddenly, a girl almost materialized in front of her. The girl of the first rank. A classic beauty, her purple and blue hair was styled with a scarf around her head and shimmered under the sun like a piece of silk material. According to everyone's opinions, she had the face of a black angel. And she took that as a compliment.

Seeing her face for the very first time, Pinkie Pie opened her eyes wide of admiration. Her skin was so pale, so thin. It surely wasn't the most beautiful girl of the room but she definitely had someone magnetic, a laid-back attitude that made her look so cool. Pinkie Pie was marveled by how long her hair was, of soft it looked and how shiny it was, of her magenta eyes - such a rare color too - and how piercing through her they seemed to be. Just because she thought she was faboulously fascinating, Rainbow Dash immediately got Pinkie Pie's liking.

i love your descriptions theyre amazing

They were studying Homer's The Odyssey . Her face hidden behind her arms, Rainbow Dash smiled. It always reminded her of a certain conversation she had, a very long time ago, long like a hundred years old lifetime, about being "eternal". Had he also studied it, since then? And if yes, had he thought about her? Because she never ceased to think about him. Where was he now? What was he doing? With who?

« You're suffering, aren't you, Soarin? Serves you right! You're the only one to blame. Today, she's no longer here. No longer breathing. All this for what? All this because you wanted to play it smart. You haven't thought much about the consequences, have you? You shouldn't have done that. You should have had more drive and not go that far. But instead of that, you tried to play superhero. And now, you got nothing. Nothing at all. »

interestingg i cant wait to find out more

Pinkie Pie felt her palms were damp. It wasn't the first time she was the new girl in a school, far from it, and though she used to like it a lot, now it just terrified her. The first days... Being a curiosity to everyone... To make new acquaintances... Back when she was a child, all smiles and songs, she always thought everyone would be willing to meet her and be her friends but the truth and expectations happened to be very deceiving. Ever since, she dreaded to be where she was right now.

i didn't expect pinkies pov but this is pretty interesting and i like how you've written her character

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