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I just realized everything I write comes back to guilt, shame, regret, or grief. Um... should I be worried about that?


Rekindled Embers discord server. · 5:09pm August 28th

So I have no idea what I'm doing! But I've decided to start a discord server based on my little hot mess of an epic.

Come hang out!

(Mind the sawdust; it's still a work in progress, really.)

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Finally watched Season 9! · 5:34pm August 17th

Yeah, I know, two years too late.

But as long as I didn't watch it, it wouldn't be over, right?

I think I held off until just before G5 came out for a reason. Now I don't have to wait a long time for new ponies.

(Loved the ending, by the way. Last Problem was great, Appledash forever!)

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I might need some help. · 4:17am August 15th

CW: Naughty Swear Words

So remember that time a few weeks back when I mentioned in the comments that I wanted to go back to a once-a-week update schedule.

Yeah, I remember that.

Ever feel like you're being strangled by the crushing weight of your own inadequacies?

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Nostalgia and Pride · 9:24pm June 26th

I still remember why I spent so much time in the park.

My wife and I were dating at the time.  We couldn’t see each other often; she lived a half hour away, and the struct rules at the Christian university I was attending at the time prohibited unmarried members of the opposite sex from staying over, or even being in our apartment after curfew.

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Big News Day! · 3:58am May 23rd

First, some simping!

I recently was introduced to a great new longfic, 'Scarlet', by Skijarama. You can find it here:

Forced to leave her peaceful hometown and flee for her life alongside a mysterious orphan filly named Primrose, New Equestrian war-veteran Scarlet Frost will have to use every resource at her disposal just to stay alive.
Skijarama · 196k words  ·  185  2 · 2.4k views

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Tomorrow is a special day · 5:01pm May 18th

Last year, on May 19, I published the first chapter of Rekindled Embers. Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of Chapter 1.

Wow. One year.

I've been thinking a lot of what I've experienced, what I've learned, and what I've done in the past year. So I thought I'd make a little blog post to share some thoughts about my experiences.

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So... I've got a Twitter thingy now. · 11:02pm May 13th

@applezombi1 on Twitter. (Apparently there's already another applezombi, so I had to add a 1. So much for being original...)

I don't know how frequently I'll be tweeting stuff, but I'll try to include updates/teasers for Rekindled Embers, maybe even story ideas, future plans, that sort of thing. Feel free to follow.

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Chinese translation · 12:38pm April 11th

So Rekindled Embers is getting a Chinese translation, apparently!

User HMCpony asked to do the translation, and the first chapter is up here.

This honestly feels pretty cool. It's weird but good to think that other people could be reading my stuff in another language I don't even understand.

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Delays... · 5:10pm March 19th

So yeah. We might be done with chapter 33 in time for an evening release. But maybe not.

My editor and I have been struggling with how to fix some of the problems with it for the last two weeks. We finally found the solution this morning: Cut a bunch of the crap and do some re-writing!

Needless to say, the suddenness of the solution means I may not drop it today. It might have to be tomorrow. We'll see, though. Sorry!

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For those of you that already read Chapter 32 · 6:08pm March 9th

I was recently surprised with a bit of fan art from a reader, Speccer, who drew this incredible picture of Topaz Glitter!

I've added it to the end of the chapter, but I'm blogging it here.

Honestly made my day. I'm so grateful.

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