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It has been nearly a thousand years since Twilight Sparkle died. Celestia and Luna are gone. The Holy Equestrian Diarchy, ruled by a bigoted and brutal theocracy, has driven ponies apart and divided them along tribal lines. Unicorns are driven from society, feared and hated.

The lessons of friendship, painstakingly written down in the journal of friendship by Princess Twilight and her friends, have been warped and twisted to fit the Diarchy's hateful ideology. But to the average pony, this is the truth and reality of the world they live in, beset on all sides by enemies monstrous and magical.

Emberglow, a young pegasus mare, aspires to join the elite Knights, magically enhanced warriors dedicated to the holy Saints worshiped by the state religion. Can she uncover the lies and deceptions that have led the world to this bitter place?

Thanks to QueenChrysalisForever for prereading.
Special thanks to my amazing editor, Cyonix
Cover Art by JodTheCod

Note on timing: I began writing this long before Season 9 aired, so none of those events happened as far as the narrative of this story is concerned.

Edit: Featured 8/7/20! Yay and Thanks!

Chapters (19)

Pinkie Pie breaks her leg while hiking.

Twilight Sparkle falls in love with a mystery girl at a concert.

Sunset Shimmer carries on a long distance relationship with a magical pony princess from another dimension.

Multiple melodies, weaving in and out of one another, sometimes overlapping, sometimes competing, sometimes complimenting one another. Voices join in then fade away, adding to the collective whole. And in the end, maybe this symphony will lift the heart and dry the tears of an old foe.

Chapters (13)
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