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In their ongoing efforts to bring all of Equestria into closer Harmony, the three pony kinds are participating in a pen-pal gift exchange! Each group will be assigned names from another, and give gifts that celebrate the culture, identity, and uniqueness of their home; Bridlewood will gift to Maretime Bay, the ponies in the Bay will gift to Zephyr Heights, and the pegasi will gift to the unicorns of Bridlewood.

Of course, as princess, Pipp has the honor of playing Santa Hooves, delivering Zephyr Heights' Wishday gifts to the forests of Bridlewood. Along with her faithful guard, Thunder, she'll be delivering gifts, and she couldn't be more excited.

And, since Pipp is nearly always online somehow, somepony will know right away if something goes wrong.

...won't they?

Written for Iono for Jinglemas 2022

The prompt was, "Anything really, Fluttershy or Pinkie! Or Pipp!"

Pre-reading by badtigra, Sleepless Beholder, and Dreams of Ponies. Thanks!

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Rekindled Embers

The Holy Equestrian Diarchy rules with an iron hoof; it's citizens are bound with dogma and prejudice as solid as iron chains.

Order is upheld by the Knights, elite, magic-bearing warriors who follow the will of ancient Saints, dead centuries ago.

One such pony, a follower of Saint Rarity the Generous, embarks on a journey designed to spread Her word, and that of the other Saints, to peoples in the distant city of Jubilation.

Things do not go as planned.

Mercury's Journal is a side story for Rekindled Embers. Reading the original should not be necessary to enjoy this story, but is encouraged!

This story was written for four Quills and Sofas Pride Month event; each chapter corresponding with a different speedwriting event coordinated with four letters (L, G, B, and T). Prereading provided by the members of Q&S. Additional pre-reading thanks to ninjadeadbeard and Celestilune. Thank you all!

Cover art by kleia.

Chapters (5)

A short while ago, Dusk Shine and Sunburst finally got over their awkwardness and married. Starlight worked hard to make sure her best friends found love with each other. But now she's feeling empty.

It's not so comfortable being a fifth wheel.

Meanwhile, Dusk and Sunburst seem to barely notice, so caught up in the scientific and magical discovery they seem Tartarus-bent on making. They lock themselves in their lab for hours.

What could they possibly be working on? And what could be more important than their friend's growing discomfort?

AU tag for Dusk Shine (Genderswapped Twilight Sparkle)

Written for the Quills and Sofas Hearth's Warming gift exchange, 2021, for Syke Jr.

Cover art by the incredibly talented Shaslan, commissioned by Syke Jr!

Chapters (4)

Sunset Shimmer wasn't sure what instinct took her up on the roof of her apartment. She only knew that it was important that she follow it.

She didn't expect to drink a beer with a legend. Or even get a chance to fulfill a forgotten Christmas wish.

Editing by Level Dasher

Written for No Raisin for Jinglemas 2021

Written as a Breezie assignment

Chapters (4)

Pharynx is still coming to terms with all the changes, both to the Hive and to himself. While Thorax leads his people into the bright new future, Pharynx is desperately trying to keep the Hive safe.

Is it so wrong to worry about each and every member of his Hive family even while the rest of the Hive is buzzing over holiday festivities? Especially the one member of his Hive studying abroad at the School of Friendship?

Thank you to ninjadeadbeard for help with the cover art, and daOtterGuy for pre-reading.

Written for CitreneSkys for Jinglemas 2021

Chapters (3)

Applejack is not quite ready for her latest friendship mission.

She has to get sucked through an interdimensional vacuum cleaner, have her entire body re-shaped, and get dumped in an alien world she's only heard about secondhoof from Twilight.

It certainly doesn't help that she has no idea what her mission will be. And since the map only summoned AJ, she has to go alone.

Not that she's scared or anything!

Written in one half hour for a Quills and Sofas PANIC! Authors were given a very specific prompt that fit a very specific genre, then required to NOT write in that genre. This came out of that mess.

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Rainbow Dash is used to doing dangerous things. Deadly stunts? That's just a normal workday. But illness is something worse. Something scarier. Something she can't control.

So even though the diagnosis turns out benign, her brush with mortality has still left Rainbow feeling...


Time to take a look at her bucket list. But when a mare has already mastered the skies, what more is their to reach for?

The sun itself?

First place in a Quills and Sofas Speedwriting contest.
Pre-reading and Editing by ninjadeadbeard, as well as the contest participants Bachelor-ette, dziadek1990, Vis-a-Viscera, wishcometrue, PearlescenT, and The Hat Man.

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Sometimes, watching those we care about suffer can hurt more than anything.

Iron Will doesn't sit down and take pain in stride, though. He's gotta fight back. Like an angry bull. So when the ignorant jerks up at the state capitol decide to be idiots, he has to figure out a way to make things right again.

Only sometimes, there's no perfect catchphrase for the job.

First place entry in the Quills and Sofas Transgender contest.

My entry for the Pride and Positivity event. Please consider donating to one of the following charitable causes:

Cover art was a gift from a friend, applejackofalltrades! Thank you so much!

Much gratitude for my fellow Q&S members for their support/suggestions/prereading: applejackofalltrades, themoontonite, Undome Tinwe, The Red Parade, Silvermint, Bicyclette, wishcometrue, The Hat Man, Vis-A-Viscera, and Atom Smash.

Additional editing/prereading provided by ninjadeadbeard, Jarvy Jared, and Arkane12

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Planning an event that's sure to draw all of Ponyville is a lot of hard work. There's all sorts of small details to take care of. And since everypony is so distracted and distraught by recent events, who better than Cheerilee to step in and help out? She has experience with organization and planning, after all. She's been teaching for years.

And whoever says that she's throwing herself into her volunteering so she doesn't have to think too hard about what's happening is wrong. She's dealing with her grief just fine. She's Just Fine! Everything is FINE!

Winner of the Q&S Background Ponies #5 contest. Prereading/editing by Bearo Remedy, Silvermint, Red Parade, Shaslan, Applejackofalltrades, Scrying Mind, Atom Smash, Pinoy Pony, Vis a Viscera, The Hat Man, and Lost in Fandom. Speedwriting is fun, come join us!

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This story is the sequel to It's Good to Meet Bad, by the talented Atom Smash.

Several months ago, Tender Taps blew into Manehatten and auditioned for his first performance. Opening night he was terrified, until he met a tough-talking hairdresser who helped give him the confidence to step out onto the stage.

She also gave him the confidence to ask her out.

Time has passed, and now he's ready to audition for another, very different kind of show.

Written for Quills & Sofa's EU2 contest, where participants wrote sequels for another author's story. While reading the original wouldn't be necessary to enjoy this one, I highly recommend it.

Prereading provided by all the participants in the contest, including over twenty other very talented authors.

Chapters (3)