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Planning an event that's sure to draw all of Ponyville is a lot of hard work. There's all sorts of small details to take care of. And since everypony is so distracted and distraught by recent events, who better than Cheerilee to step in and help out? She has experience with organization and planning, after all. She's been teaching for years.

And whoever says that she's throwing herself into her volunteering so she doesn't have to think too hard about what's happening is wrong. She's dealing with her grief just fine. She's Just Fine! Everything is FINE!

Winner of the Q&S Background Ponies #5 contest. Prereading/editing by Bearo Remedy, Silvermint, Red Parade, Shaslan, Applejackofalltrades, Scrying Mind, Atom Smash, Pinoy Pony, Vis a Viscera, The Hat Man, and Lost in Fandom. Speedwriting is fun, come join us!

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Literally the best story in the contest and it wasn’t that close imo. It’s crazy the way this hit me like train and brought real tears to my eyes.

Such a damn good story

I literally voted yours first with no hesitation. God its just so good and for what? Jeez. Real tears. Way to make me sob

How dare you write such a heartrending story! *applauds* Good on you sir! I tip my hat.

Also: I'm not crying, you're crying!

A well-written story that had me sobbing by the end as well. Always a pleasure to read your wonderful stories, Apple. I know of few other writers on fimfic who fill me with so much emotion with each and every story of theirs. This was brilliant and I loved it!

:pinkiegasp: Sweetie . . . Sweetie Belle is . . . is dead? :applecry: Please continue this. I want to read more.

:fluttershbad: Ow, that hur... :pinkiegasp: I MEAN...
:twilightsmile: wOw, that shur was a good read... good buildup, and good delivery... :twilightsheepish: yes... :facehoof: quite good...
:applejackconfused: what? :pinkiesad2: ME? :applecry: I'm fine...
:fluttercry: really...

I don't always use emojis... but when I do...
I spent way too much time on this comment... but I did it because this deserves it...
Also, this is what led me here, I didn't read the spoilers, just the intro.

Thanks for sharing in the server-
I loved this! :heart:
-but please warn us better that stories may be an emotional rollercoaster :fluttershyouch:

(I'm salty I got sad)

Sweetie Belle was the one who died? But from what?

I was about to ask myself. How did Sweetie Belle die, and why the heck isn't Rarity with a grief counselor herself?


probably from helping someone getting their cutie mark.

10833167 Exacty. She's so overcome with grief, that she doesn't want to see anyone, not even her friends.


So I wanted to keep the actual event a bit vague, because that's not really the point of the story. It's not about the why, it's about the what happens next. I haven't even really decided myself, only that it was a sudden terminal illness.

10833243 Poneitis? If that was the case Equestria would be one mass graveyard. :-)

Yes, "Poneitis" is a reference to the "Boneitis" thing from Futurama.


This hit... Right there.

No, up, up, u- DOWN!

RIGHT there...

Well done. Hits all of the emotions just right.

This is the second time cheerilee hit me in the feels.

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