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I just realized everything I write comes back to guilt, shame, regret, or grief. Um... should I be worried about that?


It's been four years since the girls graduated from high school. They're still as close as ever, which is why Pinkie Pie decided to throw a party to celebrate the disastrous end of Rainbow Dash's long-term romantic relationship.

But Applejack isn't quite feeling a party right now. Instead, she finds her way outside to stare at the lake and reminisce. When Rainbow follows her out, what comes next is a conversation that might just change both of their lives forever.

Written for Krazy's Appledash contest over at Quills and Sofas. Prereading done by several members of that community. Come on and check out the crazy speedwriting fun!

(Note, because there was some light confusion from some readers. All alcohol consumption in this story is done by ADULT characters. NO UNDERAGE DRINKING, PEOPLE!)

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This was a sweet story, but I feel like there's a problem with Dash's perspective.

With the description of the story portraying it as a "disastrous end" of a two-year relationship, I expected the story to be about Dash and Apples comforting each other, but Dash acts like the breakup didn't affect her in the slightless, and the comforting is entirely on Apples.

Don't get me wrong, Dash would be the one to try and shrug off this kind of thing, and I was thinking that maybe Apples would sort of uncover it with their talk, but even if the relationship ended as it did, two years is a lot of time to get attached to someone, and Apples even talks about it in the story.

However, I do like the message behind it, and Apples feelings are portrayed perfectly.

That's fair criticism! I meant the 'disastrous' bit more to refer to the fact that it ended via infidelity, but I can see why the description would suggest something different.

I also speak a bit from experience. Maybe hinting that the break up happend some time ago, and Pinkie is throwing this party when Dash is feeling more comfortable with the situation, would solve that issue.

Aww, this is sweet. Love me some shipping fluff.

I do agree with 10697776 that the fact Rainbow Dash was cheated on was overly downplayed in the story. Perhaps if the exact circumstances of breakup were left unsaid, then there could be more focus on the shipping interaction between AJ and Dash, which is the primary element of the story.

Also, I'm surprised that Rainbow Dash is so willing to "try things out" with Applejack, almost immediately after AJ comes out to her and confesses her attraction for her. Even if Dash is bisexual in this story...it's a little too soon to be dating again, is it not? If I were Dash, I'd be paralyzed with shock. :rainbowderp:

P.S. I always thought that human Applejack was gunning for Rarity. :duck: :ajsmug:


P.S. I always thought that human Applejack was gunning for Rarity. :duck: :ajsmug:

That's how I read things to, but I also tend to believe any ship will work with the proper context. And also will ship anybody or anypony if I have a good enough idea for it. Besides, the contest was for Appledash, because Krazy loves the Appledash, so I got to write Appledash. :)

Really cute story. Regarding the issue of Rainbow not seeming too upset about the break up, the two year length of the relationship is probably the biggest hang up. If it was just six months or so, this reaction would have made more sense. Still, it isn't a huge issue.

This was so heartwarming.

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