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Equestria's Fastest Young Flier and Equestria's Most Powerful Sorceress talk about what it's like to feel their bones grow tired, and to see the young ones take their place. And why it's such a wonderful thing to watch.

This was a heartfelt Breezie Story written for Shakespearicles as a part of Jinglemas 2020! For more information about Jinglemas, checkout our group!

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Lovely meditation on the passage of generations. Thank you for it, and merry Jinglemas.

This is definitely a sweet story, but I'm curious why the AU tag.

I wrote Rainbow a touch out of character, but I suppose I could remove it.

I feel like this is pretty much in character for an older and wiser Rainbow Dash

"In vain have you acquired knowledge if you have not imparted it to others." - Deuteronomy Rabbah

Thank you for this, Flutterpriest. It is a good message for us veterans of the craft. For when the time comes to pass the baton, to do so not in bitterness, but in pride. It is both the blessing and the curse that the best teachers should see their students surpass them.

The general premise is nice, a well-trod classic seen through a new lens. That's a positive! But I feel like the actual events kind of leave this one shooting itself in the foot.

Having Celestia's skill and power actively degrade is a blow against the message: The next generation should surpass the last in inspiring ways, by learning and adapting and making forward progress. Having the old generation be left in the dust because they are actively reverting and not because their successors are improving? It's counter-productive to both the theme and the tone. Rainbow's description of her own decline doesn't reinforce this mistake... But it also doesn't provide a counterpoint heavy enough to outweigh the mistake itself.

I didn't hate this fic, but I didn't like it either: Firmly neutral.

It`s hard and painful to see them being old and declining... including princesses...
But yes, it is natural, and message "We will took pride in seeing our children is better than us" is well carried.


"We will took pride in seeing our children is better than us"

Yet, although the message is serious and mature, there exist characters that would be much better to convey it through. Like Granny Smith, like Twilight's parents, RD's parents and so on. The author could've used them and carry the same message over, even (and especially) if they liked and wanted to use the Time Skip concept.
But that's just my humble, uneducated opinion, of course.

Lovely piece. And lovely interaction on two mares who don’t have enough stories together. Into ’Best of Jinglemas’ this goes!

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