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Apparently, all I write is Applejack.


I... write random things sometimes. Now, of course, usually, these are bad because Quills and Sofas has a habit of making panics when I’m about to go to bed. Anyway, here I will post random things I’ve written. They’ll probably be short, not the greatest quality and maybe have a few mistakes if I post them as they were written. Anyway, this’ll be full of random slice of life, shipping, maybe angst, and more! I will provide context if it is needed. Maybe it'll be just a random idea or scene, or maybe something I cut out of another fic, or something I wanted to write but didn’t want to establish a whole plot for, I dunno, we’ll see.

Tags will be updated as I add things. Idk why you would read these, but you CAN.

Random artwork for the cover done by me. (APPLEDASH BECAUSE I LIKE APPLEDASH idk i think they're cute plus there’ll probably be a lot of it on here. I’ll probably change this at some point tho, just a placeholder.)

Things with (Panic!) in the title were written for QaS panics.
Things with (Contest) in the title were written for QaS contests.
Things with (Other) in the title were written for miscellaneous purposes.

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I still don't believe you of everyone likes Appledash. Are you sure you're not just messing around? :rainbowhuh:

Okay, you caught me. I’m actually anti-Appledash :ajsleepy:. How did you know?

You're not doing exactly the best at hiding it, anyone can see right through you. :trixieshiftright:

Gosh, and here I thought I was doing a good job of convincing people that I’m pro-Appledash. Darn it. :fluttershyouch:

You've done a great job of capturing that mood

Someone put an egghead in my Appledash and I don’t know how to feel about it.:unsuresweetie:

Whoever dropped their egghead needs to watch out!

Oh wait, that was me

This story has bean places and in my humble and unbiased opinion deserves to win an Oscar for Best body horror and mildly pornographic story.

ahfdghgh thank you so much i agree I really think I did a really good job with this story

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