• Published 27th Feb 2021
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Collection of speedwrites or other things that are either too short to be their own thing/don't deserve to be their own thing. (mistakes will be made)

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early mornings (Panic!)

Author's Note:

This one was originally written on April 6th for a Quills and Sofas panic. The prompt was “coffee and meditation” and we had 20 minutes to write. For a panic, this was actually quite relaxing to write.

Fun Fact: I’m going to miss my friends. I think that’s what inspired me to write this with that prompt.

Early mornings were always Twilight’s favourite time of day. Specifically, the moments just before the sun rises; it was her namesake after all. The cool purples and pinks of the sky that matched her fur colour served to allow her to disappear into the world itself. Maybe if she sat still enough she could become one with the land and disappear entirely.

The breeze made it a bit chilly, and Twilight shivered. She gazed out from her balcony and looked over Ponyville. Would she ever see this quaint little town the same way she had for the past few years? It had, against her wishes at the time, become her home. It was funny how life worked out. She had never wanted to leave Canterlot at first, and now she was being forced to go back.

Twilight sipped from her warm mug of coffee. She didn’t usually drink coffee; the caffeine certainly never helped her nerves and the taste was too bitter for her liking. But she was calm, now. Too calm, considering she was about to leave her friends behind.

It was always so silent before the sun went up. Spike was still asleep, which definitely helped keep the empty castle quieter than it normally seemed. Every sip of the mug, every chirp of the birds echoed through the chamber of the crystal walls. Twilight should have been asleep too, but she couldn’t make herself fall into the slumber that she so desperately craved. So instead, she decided to drink a cup of coffee. Her life was about to entirely change. She could handle a cup of coffee, for once.

It warmed her up inside in a way that only her friends seemed to be able to do. The rich taste of the coffee reminded her of Applejack’s pride. The heat made her think of Rainbow Dash’s fiery personality. The aroma made Twilight recall every single moment she had ever spent inside Sugarcube Corner – every moment she had ever spent with Pinkie. There was something about the quiet bubbling of the coffee being brewed that reminded her of having tea with Fluttershy and the satisfaction of a cup of coffee finished reminded her of Rarity’s eagerness to get a design done.

With a sigh, Twilight set her cup down and leaned on the railing of her balcony. There was hardly anypony awake. Would this day go well for her? The buzzing inside her felt amplified by the energy that the coffee gave her sleepless mind. It might be the last time she ever called the Friendship Castle her home. Were her friends worried, too?

Despite herself, Twilight smiled slightly as she breathed in the fresh air. Her stuff was all packed, and all that was left was to get on the train to Canterlot. Princess Twilight Sparkle, she mused. It never felt so official before.

The sun rose slowly over the horizon, turning the pinks and purples into a deep orange, and then into the bright blue sky that always seemed to cheer up Ponyville. At least in that way, Twilight figured, she could always keep a part of home with her. Whenever she looked up at the sunny blue skies, she knew her friends would be looking too, and in a way, that meant they were all together.