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This story is a sequel to A Blade of Moon and Stars

Two young immortals press through a long winter together. While they travel, Celestia remembers an important promise and all the ways she has tried to keep it since that day.

After all, a Princess always keeps her promises. No matter how great or small.

And young Celestia might have made the greatest promise of her life.

A shorter, unrevised version of this was originally published as "Frozen In Time" in 'Missing Pages & Scrawled Footnotes' on June 18th, 2016. Contribute to the TVTropes page!

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Two young immortals press through a long winter together.

Five feet apart.

‘Cuz they’re not gay.

I dont know how to describe it, but i have been looking for this story all my life. Please make this a series, or a sequel or something

Edit: wait im so confused, how are the sequels older?

Six feet apart because they are responsible and do not want to catch or spread COVID-19.
The sequels are older because they were written first. The description makes it clear that a version of this has been on the site since 2016 and I’ve just decided to go back to it and make it fit for eventual print and long enough to be published on its own.

As of me typing this, only A Blade of Moon and Stars, Tasting Power, and Doomsday Begins here are revised from the Little Princess stories.

10697409 credit your cover artist you swine, you absolute oyster

It’s in the source link, as always, you clam.

10697887 hm


Thank you for the reminder to respect artists, sea cucumber.

I had no little context, as I failed to notice that this was a sequel, but you've got my interest in this series ^3^3^3^

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