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All Macdash, Lunatosh, and Spikebelle fans are welcome. All button mash fans will be shot on sight. SWEETIE BELLE IS BEST PONY!!!


After finding a heart broken Spike, Sweetie Belle is determined to cheer up the young dragon. Will Spike ever get over Rarity?

Will he ever realize that the mare of his dreams might have been in front of him the whole time.

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I love these cute SpikeBelle stories.

4892527 don't we all. :eeyup:
Even Big Mac agrees. lol

4892555 I would just like to say that I helped start the SpikeBelle phenom back in the day. :yay::trixieshiftleft: Man, it seems so long ago that I wrote one. I really wanna finish the Frozen one.

4892565 hurry up. I still need to get the other two worked on. No idea how many people keep waiting for those two to get done.

A few spots where Murphy sneaked in

All he (Gould) do was hope [could)

Spike (let) leave 9 let's]

The sun was just starting (two) set [to]

Like the story.

How about a playing-hard-to-get story?

4892848 what do you mean?

4892565 indeed I would like to see how that one turns out.

4892855 Sweetie Belle chasing Spike all over Ponyville to get a date with him.

4892887 that's not a bad idea I might do that thanks for the suggestion.

There is no denying it. Spikebell is awesome.

4893522 I couldn't have said it better myself.

:moustache::heart::unsuresweetie:= EPIC

NICELY DONE,:raritydespair::unsuresweetie: If Rarity closes the door another opens.:yay: :moustache:

4912294 I couldn't have said it better my friend:moustache:

Is there going to be a sequel? :rainbowhuh:

5005887 I haven't decided yet. Why?

5007331 I think it would be cool if you made a sequel. It's a great story I would like to see where Spike and Sweetie Belle go from here.

5007454 I'll consider it.:unsuresweetie::heart::moustache:

Awwwww... so cute!!!:heart:

5202806 glad you liked it:)

Dat was awdawabawl! :raritystarry: Rushed, but it was cute :derpytongue2:

Once again I find a great masterpiece that touches my heart. I should have joined this side a long time ago. Terrific Job.

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It's the default. You don't name it, pop, your story has chapter one.

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