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The Love Life of SpikeBelle - Mister Phoenix

A bunch of short fluffy one-shots about Spike and Sweetie Belle. Rated Teen for safety

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Sweet Heart; The Monster That Lurks In The Woods

Author's Note:

Tags: Adventure, A.U, Mystery

Rumours state that there's a monster living in the deepest and darkest part of The Everfree Forest.

A bit of history... Sweet Heart is a strange character that I made up. She used to be Scootaloo's and Sweetie Belle's daughter, but her two stories were trash and I deleted both of them. Then she just turned to Sweetie Belle's daughter and now I have been putting her with Spike and Sweetie Belle.

Another calm and peaceful day, a young unicorn filly. Having a fluffy white coat that puff up around her neck with light cyan blue highlights mixing with her dark purple mane. Young, Sweet Heart, just the young age of ten. Sitting underneath the shade of a large oak tree, wanting to finally read all those Daring Do books her Aunt Scootaloo talks about.

"I hear that there's a monster lurking in the woods." A colt said

Sweet Heart looked up from her book, towards the colt for a brief second before returning back to her reading. Nothing, important.

"Well, duh. There are all types of monsters in The Everfree Forest." One filly stated

That girl gets it. Sweet Heart never bothers to learn any names before, with all those changing cities and faces until she found her home with her single mother; Sweetie Belle.

"Different from Timberwolves, or Ursa Minor. Rumours state that this beast is bigger than an Ursa Major and is stronger than a pack of Timberwolves." The same colt from before spoke up.

Rumours. That all they were. Sweet Heart kept looking up from her book from time to time, thinking about this 'monster' in The Everfree Forest. Her mind did think about the tale of Zecora, but she moved closer to Ponyville while taking up the job for Nurse in The School of Friendship.

"No way!" A different colt stated gasping

Sweet Heart began to think if she should start remembering names. She can't get through life by just calling every pony she meets by a number.

"Yes, way. It said that any pony that dares enter The Everfree Forest and the monster's territory. Let's just say, no pony has ever come back alive." The colt said Sweet Heart rolled her eyes.

"If no pony came back alive, then I have to wonder how did the rumours start." Sweet Heart finally spoke up.

She finally got a good look at the group of colts and fillies. All three numbers were here, the colt talking about the stupid rumour was Number Three, the filly who believe in the stupid rumour was Number One and the other colt was finally Number Two.

"Look Number Three. That rumour is just another tall tale, like the one about Zecora. It's nothing to worry about." Sweet Heart said

"Wait. Do you not know my name? But, is it true. Cause this monster lives in the darkest part of The Everfree Forest. My brother tells me even the Timberwolves don't go in there." Number Three said

"Yeah, I heard about that too. That's where the Orthrus, Nemean Lion, Ladon, and Caucasian Eagle live." Number One spoke

The three numbers began chatting about this and that. Sweet Heart stopped listening since she doesn't care. She heard the clock tower ding, it was almost three O'clock already. The young unicorn filly tucked her book into her saddle and left those numbers bricking with each other.

She might have stopped by Lyra and Bon-Bon's Candy Shop on the way home. Chewing on a stick of gum, she slowly pushed the door open. The wooden floor creaked underneath her, then she heard her mother's voice calling out her name.

Sweet Heart gave a grin towards her single mother; Sweetie Belle raised her eyebrow towards her daughter. Sweetie Belle stood rather tall, her mane was long and rather beautiful with the pink and purple mixing together, her mane covering her right eye that covers the scratch from a violent dragon.

Well, that what Sweet Heart has heard. Those tall stories were a little weird, some said that a dragon visiting Ponyville decided to attack Sweetie Belle when she was a growing mare, around her teens. Some say that it was just a weird accident with a turn of events.

"Afternoon Mom." Sweet Heart said, grinning towards Sweetie Belle

"You're late, it was meant to be four, not five." Sweetie Belle spoke, Sweet Heart giggled

"Some colts and fillies were talking about tall tales about a monster that lurks in the darkest part of The Everfree Forest." Sweet Heart explain

"Also, got caught up with my book. Maybe I can just cheat and lie through the test."

The glare from Sweetie Belle caused Sweet Heart to grin, "Or not. Cheating is wrong."

That glare. Sweetie Belle's glare sent a chill down Sweet Heart's spine. Always making her change her ways and look away.

"Well, I'll cook us some dinner..."

"NO!" Sweet Heart cried out, "I mean, you work so hard for me. And it the least I can do is make dinner for both of us. Maybe even Breakfast and Lunch. Or how about I just do all the cooking and you don't step in the kitchen at all."

When Sweet Heart finally got her own family with Sweetie Belle. The young unicorn filly thought that she wouldn't need to cook anymore, learning how to cook and survive on her own. Until the first night with her new mom. Sweetie Belle can't cook, the first thing Sweet Heart saw for dinner that night was black crust and liquid that turned out to be chips.

Since then, lies and more lies to keep Sweetie Belle out of the kitchen. And that's why Sweet Heart tries to set her mother up with stallions that can cook. It weird since her mother was still hung up on her crush back when she was a teenager.

The School of Friendship, cause ponies believes that Sweet Heat has a friend problem. Just because she never bothers to learn any names cause of all the moving cities and changing families. It never gave her time for friends, making everyone not important become a number.

The young unicorn filly sat in the library, reading on Myths and Legends of The Everfree Forest. A soft yawn escaped her lips, it was peaceful. Quiet, and no pony around to annoy her.

A pair of large pink wings poke out of the table near Sweet Heart. The unicorn turned, thinking that she saw something with the corner of her eye. With nothing there, Sweet Heart shrugged her shoulders and returned to her book.

A puffy dark purple with cyan blue tail pokes out of another table closer to Sweet Heart.

A large dark shadow creeps over Sweet Heart, while the unicorn readied.

"Surprise Best Friend Hug!"

Flurry Heart.

Why did it have to be Flurry Heart?

The Princess of Emotions was nuzzling Sweet Heart's cheek. Alicorn’s just have to age slower than normal ponies, until the age of ten. Making Flurry Heart around twelve and somehow the youngest Princess thought that Sweet Heart was her best friend.

Wait. There are normally two. Flurry Heart was Trouble, but there was another pony that caused Sweet Heart pain.

A large pink cake, a floating pink earth pony filly. She was twirling a glass of blue milk on the tip of her hoof.

There's Pain. Known by Screwball.

Those two never leave Sweet Heart alone. It was the only reason why the young unicorn knew Pain and Trouble names. Flurry Heart would think of something crazy, Screwball would make it dangerous, the two of them would drag her. Literally, drag her causing Sweet Heart more Pain and Trouble.

"Hey Screwball, I'm just giving my bestie a best friend nuzzle." Flurry Heart said, her cheek nuzzling Sweet Heart while Flurry Heart was grinning.

"I'm not your friend and there's no such thing as a best friend nuzzle and if there was. I wouldn't want one!" Sweet Heart cried out

This was her life. Then something would happen that would cause her pain and trouble. Wait, where's did her book go? Her short question was quickly answered by seeing Screwball holding the Myths and Legends of The Everfree Forest book upside down.

"Oh, you're looking into that rumour floating around. The one about that monster lurking in the Everfree Forest." Screwball said

"When I told my mom about that rumour. She brushed damage eye, I think the monster who did that to her is in those woods." Sweet Heart said

Flurry Heart leaps onto the table, Sweet Heart leans back in surprise. Flurry Heart has a bit of a Hero problem, ever since she heard about the warrior that saved the Crystal Empire. Since then, almost any conversation went back to that mysterious hero that saved the Empire.

"Come my friends! We'll shall go deep into the woods, defeat this monster and I shall be known as a hero just like my hero. The Brave Warrior who saved the Crystal Empire. He's the best, the legends state that he took down King Sombra with his might." Flurry Heart said.

"Just rumours." Sweet Heart spoke.

"Let's go!" Flurry Heart quickly said, pointing her hoof towards Canterlot.

"We have class soon."

Sweet Heart has always used that to get out of Flurry and Screwball's plans. With the Head mare that runs the School of Friendship is Flurry Heart's aunt.

"Then let's go at night. We'll all meet at Sweet Heart's place." Screwball said

Everfree Forest was dangerous at night. The deepest and darkest of The Everfree Forest at night was just suicide. Well done, Screwball. You just went from Pain to Downright Crazy. But, Flurry Heart agree with the Princess of Chaos and that means no matter what Sweet Heart said or did. It was the hunt for a monster tonight.

With pebbles hitting her window, then an Alicorn flying up to the said window, using magic to open it, and then using the said magic on Sweet Heart's tail to pull her out. Sweet Heart hit the ground, seeing Screwball and Flurry Heart smiling towards the young unicorn.

"Come on bestie! To the Forest!" Flurry Heart cried out, pointing towards the School of Friendship.

"The Forest is that way." Sweet Heart said

Flurry Heart quickly turned around, the Alicorn and Earth Pony grab a hold of Sweet Heart's legs, dragging the young unicorn towards the Everfree Forest late in the middle of the night. The branches scratched against Sweet Heart's fur, she was sure something was bleeding at the moment. The way how Flurry Heart held onto the young unicorn hoof caused Sweet Heart to kept moving.

"We're lost! We have been in this blasted forest for about an hour now. I'm tired, sore, and I'm sure I just saw a creature licking his lips when we passed." Sweet Heart said, Flurry Heart finally let go of her hoof.

Screwball turned around, summoning a bowl of popcorn. Watching the unicorn and Alicorn, Flurry Heart rubbed her eyes, small tears dropped to the ground.

"I know you don't like me. I just wanted you to." Flurry said

"Why, you're The Princess of Emotions, the future heir to The Crystal Empire. You can be friends with any pony." Sweet Heart said

"That the point! They won't be my friends. They'll just hang out because I'm a Princess or that I'm Twilight niece. They think just because they are my friends. They won't need to try, you were the first pony to treat me like a normal pony. You didn't even see my wings. You just see me. That why I want to be your friend, so I won't be alone anymore." Flurry Heart said, tears running down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry. I'm just used to being by myself. It has been two months since I met my mom and well... I'm just sorry..." Sweet Heart said

The two of them stayed silent, the loud crunch of popcorn could be heard from Screwball, the two fillies turned to look over at their chaotic friend. An owl hoot, the trees began to rattle.

"We should hurry and find him." The Princess of Emotions spoke in a hushed tone.

"Flurry wait!" Sweet Heart cried out, Flurry Heart turned to face the unicorn.

"How about a best friend hug? I have been a horrible one, but I can start changing for you."

Flurry Heart quickly flew over tackling her friend in a hug, a large smile on her lips. As they fur brushed against each other, Sweet Heart gently pushed the Alicorn away. Flurry's hoof wrapped around Sweet Heart's hoof, the pair walking through the Everfree.

Until a roar from a beast hiding in the shadows caused the three fillies to run inside a cave. Sweet Heart and Flurry Heart lit up their horns, while Screwball shook her hoof making it light up. Writing on the walls, faded, but still somewhat readable. Names like Ponyville, Twi- Spark- Or Sweet- Be- gems were covering the ground.

A large dragon stood in front of them. Large purple with green spikes, her teeth were sharp and his claws looked sharp enough to cut through diamonds. And he was cooking dinner. When he turned around, he saw the three fillies. Sweet Heart was the first one to step forward.

"Why are you kids here. This late at night. It's dangerous." The dragon spoke

Before any pony could speak up. A loud rumble came from each of their stomachs. The dragon place down three bowls of soup from them. It smelt great, Sweet Heart's mouth was almost drooling. She has never smelt anything this good in her life. Where has this dragon been?

"We shall not eat..." Flurry paused seeing her best friend digging into the soup like there was no tomorrow. "Sweet Heart it might be poison!" The young Alicorn cried out.

"Poison or not. This stuff tastes great, my mom turned a liquid into a solid. I had eaten water once." Sweet Heart said before she digs her muzzle back into the bowl.

"Look, umm..."

"Call me Spike."

"Right. Spike, didn't know monsters had names. But, I Princess Flurry Heart shall defeat you and wait... Did you say your name was Spike, like the hero and warrior Spike? The same one who took down King Sombra?" Flurry Heart asked, her eyes sparkling.

"Uh, yes?" Spike wasn't sure how to answer.

"I'm your biggest fan. I want to be just like you. I want to fight and defeat evil. Become; Flurry Heart Vs. The Forces of Evil. Alongside her best friend, Sweet Heart!" The young Princess pulled Sweet Heart into a tight hug. Smiling

"Why are you here? If you were a hero of an Empire. Why hide in this cave?" Sweet Heart asked.

"It happened a long time ago..."

You See, back when I was just a teenage dragon. I loved this unicorn mare. Her singing voice was perfect, she was amazing. It was hard to explain, but I loved her and she loved me back. Until I showed her my dragon way. My bottled up rage, it happened so fast, this stallion was trying to hit on her. I got mad, I was blinded by my rage. She was mine, and I loved her, I didn't want anyone or anything get in the way of that. When she told me he wasn't worth it, I didn't listen. She gave my arm a tucked. That got my attention the wrong way, I turned to face her and scratched her eye. Her right eye, she spent three weeks in the hospital because of me. I couldn't face her, I knew she hated me and could never love me. So, I ran.

"Your wrong. Sweetie Belle still loves you." Sweet Heart cried out, Spike looked over at the young unicorn.

"I'm her daughter. Sweet Heart, my mom still loves you. Every time I talk to her about dating some pony new. One who knows how to cook. She just tells me that her heart forever belongs to her first love."

"Please come back to Ponyville so you can start cooking for me!" Sweet Heart said

"No way! If he coming back, he going to teach me awesome fighting moves!" Flurry Heart said

"I guess I could make him have cotton candy hair. The blue type, the one that no one likes. And have a one-eyed monster or maybe in his case a two-eyed monster bit him." Screwball said

Spike slammed his hands onto the tables. "I'm not going back. I hurt Sweetie Belle. I hurt the one I loved the most. How can I just go back and face her? Knowing that on her face is a scar that I caused?" Spike asked

"She still loves you. And you still love her. We all need to face our fears, but she needs you and you need her. Plus, I think we're lost and I don't know the way back." Sweet Heart said

Spike let out a laugh. "You're right kid. I take you fillies home."

Spike knocked onto Sweetie Belle's door. "Maybe this was a bad idea. I'll go back to my cave now!"

Flurry and Sweet Heart grabbed onto his tail. Forcing him to stay, a tired Sweetie Belle opened the door with a soft yawn escaping her lips. She rubbed her tired eyes, seeing Sweet Heart, Screwball, Flurry Heart out at two in the morning alongside a male dragon.

"Spike?" She asked

"Yeah. I was scared after what I did to you. I sort of ran. Also, your daughter and her friends decided it was best to enter the deepest and darkest part of The Everfree Forest late at night." Spike said

"I'll talk about your punishment in the morning. Your friends can sleep over for the night." Sweet Heart nodded, she and her two friends rushed upstairs.

Spike gave Sweetie Belle a grin. "So, how do we start again? Do we start again?"

"I'll like too. I missed you, I waited for months for you to return." Sweetie Belle said

The two of them stood in silence.

"I still love you. Plus, your daughter is great as well." Spike said

"She needed a home. I needed a family. I love her, and yes I still love you. It just going to be a little awkward to start all over again." Sweetie Belle said

She held the door open for him. "But, you're welcome to live here until then."

Spike ducked his head, walking inside Sweetie Belle's house. Starting something old again with a new burning flame.

Three Months Later...

Sweet Heart has a brand new father; Spike and Sweetie Belle got over the bumps and there were a lot of bumps. With the dragon just returning out of the blue again from out of nowhere. But, the two of them got married just last month, at the wedding. She was the flower filly, and oddly enough Flurry Heart wanted to share a dance with her.

Sweet Heart walked through the halls of The School of Friendship, a large crowd of ponies surrounded something making a circle. A bright flash of light, Flurry Heart teleport close to Sweet Heart. Giving her best friend some best friend nuzzles.

"How's your family?" She asked

"Great, Spike is a great dad." Sweet Heart answered

"That's great... I... There's something that I have been meaning on telling you." Flurry Heart said she was blushing it was light.

Sweet Heart's eyes lit up. "You have a crush! Don't worry, as your best friend. I'll help you get him."

"Yeah... Get him." Flurry Heart said, looking into Sweet Heart's eyes and gave a smile. Following her friend to class.

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Comment posted by chazkopa deleted Jun 29th, 2019

" want to be just like you. I want to fight and defeat evil. Become; Flurry Heart Vs. The Forces of Evil. Alongside her best friend, Sweet Heart!"

I dig the reference :pinkiehappy:

I'm impressed of your story.

But I was wondering that can you do a chapter of Spike and Sweetie Belle's wedding please?.

I was in the middle of writing one of those, but when I got to the halfway point in Sweat Heart: The Wedding of SpikeBelle. The story was just going to skip over the whole wedding part of the story, it was going to be more of a Flurry Heart and Sweet Heart. I miss it, just because of the line. "You'll be like, wow. Flurry Heart, you're so normal. I think I'm in love." Right after the point where Sweet Heart asked Flurry Heart to her mother's wedding.

I see, you made your point.

Sorry about that, the story may still be possible. But don't hold your breath. The closest Sweet Heart story is the one that takes place before The Monster That Lurks In The Woods

Okay, I understand.

These are better outlines than they are stories. Saying that, I really want to read those stories.

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