• Published 9th May 2019
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The Love Life of SpikeBelle - Mister Phoenix

A bunch of short fluffy one-shots about Spike and Sweetie Belle. Rated Teen for safety

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Nose Touch

Author's Note:

Tags: Romance, Slice of Life, E For Everyone

Sweetie Belle has been wondering how to explain her crush towards Spike. It all started with a simple nose touch.

Picture time:


It was stupid, it made the young unicorn filly; Sweetie Belle stick her tongue out. The thought of a stallion and a mare, or a stallion and another stallion, or just mare and mare together in a happy relationship made the unicorn Crusader let out a joyful squeak. But the idea of her being in love, it made her shake and groan.

Young ponies, shouldn't be in love.

But, here was Sweetie Belle sitting by herself. Muttering under her breath about this and that, her breath could be seen in the cold December morning. The gentle snow that fell upon her mane, the way she swings her back hooves, gently brushing against the ground that she nearly couldn't reach.

It was all because of some pony. Or well in Sweetie Belle's case. Some dragon, but not any stupid dragon. But, the stupid and lovable Spike. It was all his fault that Sweetie Belle's cheeks were warm in the cold air that rushed through her mane. It was his fault that she felt a strange flutter in her chest just from thinking about her and Spike together.

Imagining that the young dragon was sitting next to her, his gentle claw rest on top of her hoof while her head leans onto his shoulder. Embracing the warm feeling of his scales against her soft and smooth fur. Or maybe he just has his arm behind her bring the Unicorn Crusader closer to his warm body.

Sweetie Belle shook away that evil imagination. Even if did sound kind of nice. Nope, still stupid Spike's fault that she was like this. He shouldn't have been there, he should have been helping Twilight or any pony else, anyone else beside Rarity. If he just chose to go to Sweet Apple Acres or Sugar Cube Corner, then it would have never happened.

It was worst that Rarity took a picture of the two of them when the catastrophe happened.

When Sweetie Belle nose collided into Spike's nose.

It was heinous. Well, Sweetie Belle thought so. Rarity on the other hoof, just thought it was just adorable. She would think that Sweetie knew what her older sister has been trying to do for a while. She has been trying to set Spike and Sweetie Belle up on a date all because The Element of Generosity thought the only reason why Spike been coming around a lot was because of Sweetie Belle.

Now, Sweetie Belle didn't know what to think anymore. Spike was still Spike. But at the same time, he wasn't. It didn't make any sense, she didn't know how to explain anything anymore, she didn't know what to feel. Should she be mad and angry at Spike because of the bumping of the noses? Or should she feel flustered, and shyly look away while rubbing her hoof into the ground.

She didn't even know how Spike felt about all this. Did he like it too? Did he think it was a complete accident? He did look rather shocked at Sweetie Belle's nose touching against his. But, his rough and tough scales did feel rather nice against her coat.

From what Sweetie Belle remember from the nose accident. Well, that what she calls it. Is that both herself and Spike was rushing towards the Carousel Boutique, then Sweetie Belle tripped over a rock. She stumbles and wobbles to regain her balance, but right before her face could come into collision with the ground. It hit something else.

Her eyes were wide, a wide smile on her lips knowing that she didn't hit the ground. But, once she saw the purple and green dragon with his brand new wings. (That Scootaloo has been complaining about day and night.) He was shocked, it felt like seconds, minutes or an hour. Sweetie Belle wasn't sure anymore.

Her nose rubbing against Spike's nose. She thought the two of them would have stayed like that forever until that loud snap sound filled the air. It felt like all of Ponyville, no all of Equestria grew silent while the two of them were pressed against each other. But, that snap from the camera caused everything to begin again. The birds twitter, the ponies stomp pass and Sweetie Belle and Spike quickly departed.

He did look shocked, sweat rolling down the back of his head. His eyes widen, his legs shaking, his new wings moving back. And Sweetie Belle ran away. She didn't look back towards Spike, she didn't look where she was going. All she knew was that she needed to get away from Spike, away from Rarity, away from the Camera that snapped that embarrassing photo of them together.

And that's how Sweetie Belle ended up, sitting alone on a wooden bench. While the snow creeps down from the sky, watching the Colts and Fillies playing snowball fights, building snow ponies. She just sighs.

"Mind if I sit next to you?"

Sweetie Belle looked at Spike, he scratched the back of his head. Sweetie Belle knew he was nervous, Spike always scratches behind his head whenever he was nervous. She didn't speak, silently nodded her head. Spike let out a chuckle, brushing away the snow on the bench to sit next to The Unicorn Crusader.

She looked over at him with her shining emerald eyes. Whenever she turned around, she felt his gaze on her. It made her smile, knowing that he was just as shy as she was. The two of them sat in silence, his claw so close to her hoof, but yet to Sweetie Belle it felt like miles away.

"I like it." The young male dragon finally spoke up again.

It felt like the two of them was sitting there for hours, just waiting for the other to finally say something.

"Huh?" Sweetie just let out.

"Your touch. The feeling of your fur against my scales. It was nice." Spike said he was looking away from her. But Sweetie Belle could see the light shade of red creeping onto his cheeks.

"I like it too. I thought a lot about it. And I like your touch too." Sweetie spoke, she was looking away from him as well, but the warm feeling on her cheeks didn't disappear.

Sweetie Belle eyes widen feeling his claw on top of her hoof. She looked at Spike before he could pull away in fear. She gave him a light smile and a nod. She rested onto his shoulder, his scales against her fur. It felt better in reality than in her imagination.