• Published 9th May 2019
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The Love Life of SpikeBelle - Mister Phoenix

A bunch of short fluffy one-shots about Spike and Sweetie Belle. Rated Teen for safety

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Author's Note:

Tags; Human, Romance, Teen

The Main rule; the only rule that matters. Don't. Get. CAUGHT!

The Belle Family and The Sparkle Family were at war with each other.

For years the two families lived together. Each and every new year, a brand new thing would crawl up the skin of the other. It didn't help that there were neighbours. When the newest member of the Belle Family, Miss Sweetie Belle was born on the same day as the newest member of the Sparkle Family, Mr Spike Sparkle.

Since the age of five, Sweetie Belle and Spike downright hated each other. Spike would pull on Sweetie Belle's pigtails dipping them in paint buckets. Then Sweetie would get revenge at Spike by hiding away his favourite football, or maybe ruining his painting by just splashing tons of blue paint on it.

Then they turn ten. They fighting and name calling just got worst and worst. Sweetie would trip Spike over or ruin his piano practice while she was practising the violin. Spike would state that the violin was only for real ladies and not some fake one in a worn down dress. Which would end with Sweetie Belle tackling Spike to the ground and begin punching him in the face.

Years, Spike Sparkle and Sweetie Belle would fight and argue with each other. Sweetie Belle would stick her tongue out at him, while Spike would sometimes tear her dress. But, a day came by. A day where all the hate that Spike Sparkle had for Sweetie Belle all change to love.

It all started at the age of fourteen. Spike Sparkle found out he has a crush on the youngest of The Belle Family, and it terrified him! Sweetie Belle was beautiful, she was sometimes funny, she was graceful at moments and she could play the violin and sing like a real Angel.

Little did Spike know is that Sweetie Belle felt the same for the youngest of The Sparkle Family. She found that Spike Sparkle has bee coming to become a rather handsome man, he was rather strong. There was a time where he stood up for her. Sweetie Belle worst enemy stopped a couple of girls on picking on her and a few boys trying to date her.

Sweetie Belle couldn't fight it anymore.

Spike Sparkle couldn't fight it anymore.

'I can't believe a have a crush on the rival family!' They both thought

Fifteen years old. High school, Sweetie Belle watched Spike punching a teenage boy who was trying to grab her forcing the youngest of The Sparkle Family to get violent. That boy left, Spike turned to face Sweetie, she just noticed how tall Spike was getting. Back when the pair was five, they were the same height. Now, Sweetie Belle has to stand on her toes to meet Spike Sparkle's eyes.

Normally, what would happen will Sweetie would make a comment about something she has in her book on 'How to make fun of Spike Sparkle.' Yet, what happened next was still a blur. Either knew who started it, yet, either really cared. Spike believed that Sweetie started it by pulling on his tie. While Sweetie believes that Spike started it by pulling on her waist. The pair kissed, lips meeting in a soft closing kiss. Spike wrapping his arm around Sweetie's waist bringing her even closer. Almost like he wants this since the pair first meet.

It was lunch. Sweetie Belle slams her hands down onto Spike's desk. He normally sits alone or with his two mates, Rumble and Tender Taps. While Sweetie would sit with her best friends, Scootaloo Dash and Bloom Apple or how everyone calls her Apple Bloom.

"Ground rules. Since it clear that you like me and I like you." Sweetie said

"Duh. The first rule; Don't get caught."

The weird newly couple began talking on how to keep their relationship out of the family rivalry. The second rule was that only Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Rumble and Tender Taps was allowed to know. The third rule was that no visiting the other in the house unless no one less was home. The fourth rule was that if their siblings or parents ask any questions, lie about hanging out with friends.

Spike couldn't hold himself back most of the time, trying to pull Sweetie into kiss every time she said anything evil. Sweetie Belle would hold up her finger, pushing his head back. Somehow those two work anything out, when Spike's older sister, Twilight Sparkle asked where he was going most of the time.

"Just out with Rumble and Tender Taps," Spike said with a shrug.

Twilight's eyebrow raised at the statement. "You almost always say that. Are you sure you don't have a girlfriend?" She asked with a grin.

"Please. I rather not have a high school fling."

'I'm so sorry I call you a 'high school fling' don't kill me Sweetie.' Spike thought, while his expression stayed claim

"Plus mom and dad say no dating. Shining and Candance wasn't allowed to date until college." Spike added

"Sure, sure," Twilight said, her grin stayed.

"If you say anything to mom or dad. I'll tell them that your math lessons at Rainbow's house has nothing to do with maths." Spike said, that caused Twilight to become enraged

She turned his chair. Glaring down at her younger brother. The two eyes locked, Twilight snaps her head away, just muttering out a soft 'fine' before leaving her sibling alone.

Sixteen-years-old. The big number and also the same number that Spike's mother, Velvet Sparkle allowing Spike to finally start dating. Spike just nodded his head, not really paying attention to the number of girls on his mother's list that was 'worthy' on dating her little 'Spikey Wikey.'

That nickname haunted him, it was worst when Sweetie Belle found it out during the age of seven. Then it just now turns into a strange pet nickname. Spike Sparkle didn't know how to feel about that now.

"I say the Tiara Family daughter will be perfect for you. Are you listening Spikey?" Velvet said Spike let out a 'huh' for his reply.

"Miss Diamond Tiara will be the perfect girlfriend for you. I know that she has always like you." Velvet said

Spike was good at keeping his expressions straight. But, him and Diamond Tiara together. He already knows that Diamond wants to bang her best friend; Silver Spoon. There was no way he get in the middle of that. It was true that back in middle school, Diamond did have a crush on him. But, that's just history long forgotten.

"Nah. She into someone else at the moment." His reply was.

His phone ding, he kind of forgot that he woke his secret girlfriend up in the morning just for a happy birthday message. Only get to threaten to never wake a lady getting her beauty sleep. Now, if those two were still enemies, Spike would tease her about it. Now that she's his girlfriend. Sweetie Belle has become a little bit more terrifying, he kind of wonders if that was her plan all along.

Just her telling him to get to his room for a special birthday present. Spike blinked and put his phone away, listening to his mother and father; Nightlight Sparkle talking about some possible girlfriends for him to have, he hears Ember's name, Smolder's name, or some reason Cozy Glow's name was there.

Now that chick was crazy.

Wait. Spike paused, He thought back to the message and let out a long loud fake yawn.

"Sorry, guys. I had such a long day. I think I'm going to head up to my room. See you all in the morning." Spike said, he stretches his arms out.

"Well, night son." Nightlight Sparkle said

Spike Sparkle couldn't hold his grin as he races up the stairs, quickly pulling his window open and helping his girlfriend inside.

"I thought you would be quicker," Sweetie said, brushing off the leaves on her nice and long light cyan blue dress.

"The folks want me to get a girlfriend when I already have the best one," Spike said, Sweetie Belle rolled her eyes.

She gave him a quick peck on the lips before tackling him to the bed. For some late night, birthday fun.

Normally, their dates would either be a movie or a trip over at Sugar Cube Corner. The Cake Family always found the two of them cute together. But, tonight, Spike took Sweetie Belle out to a real restaurant, just a little outside of Canterlot City. It was a real nice dinner.

"So, what were your parents talking to about on your birthday?" Sweetie asked

His and Sweetie's birthday was just a few weeks ago. After that night, Spike kind of forgot about what Velvet Sparkle and Nightlight Sparkle were talking him about.

"Girlfriend. They want me to get a girlfriend." Spike said

Sweetie gave him a grin, "Oh, tell me the list. Should I get jealous?"

"Diamond Tiara who into Silver Spoon. Ember who into Thorax, Smolder..." Spike listed

"I can see that last one," Sweetie stated

"I rather have you. And last Cozy Glow." Spike finished

"That crazy girl! Is she obsessed with you?" She asked Spike nodded his head

"Yeah, she found out my cell phone number. She can spot me in a crowd. That girl is terrifying."

Sweetie Belle's laugh was nice to listen to, Spike never noticed it until now. Everything was going fine until Spike almost chokes on his drink. Seeing his own parents walking through the front door.

"Get underneath the table," Spike said Sweetie raised her eyebrow.

"Are you crazy?" Sweetie almost cried out.

"My parents are here. Unless you want a fight, get under the table." Spike said

Sweetie rolled her eyes, she could only see the feet of Spike's parents. Listening to conversion, she was only half listening. Until Spike's mother; Velvet Sparkle said.

"Who's the special girl?"

"Please, she just some high school fling. No one important." Nightlight's voice said

That seemed to upset Spike, with his seat pulling back. Hearing his hands slamming against the table, Sweetie Belle got out her phone and texted Spike; "If this doesn't work. I'm breaking up with you."

"She's more than a high school fling. Don't you dare say that about her! I love Sw... My girlfriend and I want to spend the rest of my life with her..." Spike paused, hearing the ding and reading Sweetie message.

"But, she super shy. Maybe you can all meet her some other time. But, not now. First real date and she rather not meet parents on the first date."

Smooth Spike, real smooth. Sweetie thought.

But, she did smile hearing what he thought of her. She saw everyone walking away. Sweetie crawl under the table, grabbing Spike's arm and the pair leaving the restaurant. Spike grabs his keys, yeah he got a car for his stupid birthday. Which Sweetie Belle was totally jealous of, Spike held the door open for his girlfriend.

The car ride was rather silent. Either of them spoke anything, even the radio wasn't on. Or any of Sweetie Belle's CD that she kept in Spike's car.

"Did you really mean that, back at the restaurant?" She asked

"Yes, I did. I love you and I want to be with you. I hate not seeing you every day, I hate that I can't tell people that I have the best girlfriend in the world. At points, my parents think I was gay, one day it was just "How was your day? Do you like to kiss guys?"' Spike said

And Sweetie Belle couldn't stop laughing. Spike shook his head and join in on the laughing, Spike stopped the car in front of her house. Sweetie gave him a peck on the lips, Spike gave a grin.

Age Eighteen. The year was now, Spike Sparkle might have sneaked into The Belle Family house. To give Sweetie Belle two gifts, one was a heart-shaped necklace and the other was a diamond engagement ring. Sweetie pulled him to the side, her parents were out at the moment.

Spike Sparkle short green hair still spikey like when he was five. A purple hoodie, black jeans, with a white top. While Sweetie Belle wore a cyan blue dress, Spike smiled and gave her the necklace. Sweetie Belle gave him a kiss, he held onto her waist. Then the two of them heard the sound of something dropping.

Rarity Belle. Right, Sweetie Belle forgot that she was over.

"Umm... It's not what it looks like." Sweetie said, unsure on what to say.

"Are you and Spike Sparkle dating?" Rarity asked

"Yes. We love each other." Sweetie said

Later that night, both Spike's parents and Sweetie's parents found out. There were yelling, shouting, name calling. It almost like the two families have to been fighting for years. Then, Velvet said something horrible about Sweetie Belle. Causing Spike to stand up.

"I love Sweetie Belle, I don't care if you like her or if they like me! I want to be with her, I wanted to save this until later. But, Sweetie Belle..." Spike said, getting on one knee. "Will you marry me?"

"Yes." Tears running down her face.

"I refuse to let my daughter marry that no good son of yours." Sweetie Belle's father; Hondo Belle shouted

"Well, I refuse my son to marry some water down..."

"We don't care! Argue and fight, but I'm marrying Spike and we're leaving." Sweetie said, grabbing onto her boyfriend's arm dragging him out of the house.

Age Twenty-two. Cookie Belle and Hondo Belle soon ran into Velvet Sparkle and Nightlight Sparkle in the supermarket. The four of them started fighting like always. Soon another shopping cart crash into them.

"Be careful Spike, you might wake her up." Sweetie's voice said,

The four adults looked at the newlywed couple, Spike Sparkle and Sweetie Sparkle and a little baby girl sleeping.

"Oh, hey mom, dad," Spike said, still sour about what happened a few years ago.

"Meet our daughter. Her name is Sweet Heart Sparkle." Spike said

"Did you two know about that?" Velvet asked Sweetie's parents shook their heads answering 'no'

"Spike, Sweetie. Maybe this weekend, you two can come over for dinner. We can't change the past, but we can make a better future." Cookie Belle said

"That sounds great," Sweetie said