• Published 9th May 2019
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The Love Life of SpikeBelle - Mister Phoenix

A bunch of short fluffy one-shots about Spike and Sweetie Belle. Rated Teen for safety

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The Love Letter

Author's Note:

Tags; Human, Romance, Comedy

Sweetie Belle writes a love letter to her crush; Spike. On the only day, he's sick. Embarrassed about the letter, she and her fellow Crusaders rushed to Spike's Locker before he can read the letter.

A young thirteen-year-old Sweetie Belle lay on top of her bed, wearing her bright pink pyjamas. It was a Sunday Night, the clock was about to hit nine. All young Sweetie Belle was doing was tapping a pen against her chin in thought. Her tongue sticking out, severely pieces of paper were already made into a tight ball and threw towards the now almost full rubbish bin.

During dinner time, Sweetie Belle's mother, Cookie Crumbles was telling another one of her stories about how she and Sweetie Belle's father; Hondo Flanks met. One story caught the young teenagers interest, a story about a love letter. Leaving inside the locker of Sweetie's father.

That's why there was a mountain of trash building up. Sweetie Belle let out a cry, slamming her head against her pillow. Muffling her screams, why was this so hard? She didn't even know how to start it, should it be Dear Spike, or Hey Spike, or What's up, Spike? Why was there so many that didn't feel right?

This just seemed impossible.

Her unclicked pen tapped against the blank piece of paper, she was quickly running out of. Her lips pouted, she looked around her room. Pink walls, a stuff dragon doll that sat on her pillow. It was purple and green, it was small and cute. Heart shaped pillows on the only chair in the corner, her bookshelf with her movies and books collection. Toys from her favourite movies and T.V shows.

Then it happened. Out of nowhere, a burst of creativity. She quickly grabbed her pen and paper placing them onto her bedside table. Her tongue stuck out of her mouth, as she wrote down word after word. Sweetie Belle almost didn't know what she was writing anymore, she was just writing down what came from her heart.

That the only thing that matters was the letter that held all of her feelings towards her crush; Spike. A loud knock at her door caused Sweetie Belle to jump in shock.

"Bedtime Sweetie Belle, goodnight." Cookie Crumbles spoke

"Night mom, see ya in the morning," Sweetie said.

The young teenager let out a soft yawn. Turning off the lamp, falling fast asleep entering her world of dreams and holding her dragon doll tight. Cuddling it while drifting off, dreaming of tomorrow and all the wonders that awaited her.

Dear Spike;

I need to tell you this, I love you. I had and still have a crush on you, ever since Kindergarten. I know we're both friends, but I want to hold your hands and kiss you on the cheek. I want to just be with you because I really do like you Spike, my schmoopy-doopy pie. My sweet crumb cake, you make my heart beat faster. I feel like our hearts are one, trying to pull us closer together.
All I'm saying is that I love you Spike, and please meet me out at the courtyard either at Lunch or after school on Monday.
Love Sweetie Belle 💖

It was Monday night; six O'clock. Sweetie Belle poke at her dinner; lasagna. Rarity was rather quiet, so was the whole dinner table. In the morning, Sweetie Belle slipped the love letter into Spike's locker, just to learn that he was sick on that day.

"I slip a love letter into my crush's locker this morning." Sweetie Belle suddenly spoke up, breaking the silence between the family.

"That's fantastic. You're much braver than me, I was too afraid to give Hondo Flanks my love letter. It was really embarrassing." Cookie Crumbles spoke

Sweetie Belle blinked in horror. She was trying to remember what she wrote towards Spike.

"But it all worked out in the end right?" Sweetie asked Cookie Crumbles giggled.

"Hondo and I both laugh about it later. But, I never gave it to him until we were already dating in high school." Cookie Crumbles explained.

Sweetie Belle was internal screaming. Quickly eating her dinner, she rushed up the stairs and fell onto her bed. She looked at her phone and the app Memo. Sweetie readied through the letter she wrote, it was lucky that she copies everything down on both paper and on her phone.

Sweetie Belle couldn't believe what she wrote down. She let out another scream, she quickly dialled Apple Bloom's and Scootaloo's numbers in a panic. One ring, two rings, three rings.

Hello? Scootaloo's voice sounded a bit tired, but Sweetie could hear the sounds of video games being played in the background.

Howdy Belle Apple Bloom voice sounded just as cheerful as always.

"Girls, I made a big mistake. I need to get the love letter that I wrote to Spike back before he reads it. Or my life will be over!" Sweetie Belle cried out

Hold on Belle. What's happened? This morning you couldn't stop talking about you would never regret this. Scootaloo spoke

I'm with Scoots. This seems out of left field, what's so bad on that letter that Spike can't read it. Apple Bloom said

"I call him my schmoopy-doopy pie. My sweet crumb cake." Sweetie Belle explains, she heard Scootaloo laughter.

Okay, here's the plan. Tomorrow Spike has piano practice in the morning before class and then he has P.E. If we all skip first period, you, Scoots and I can go to Spike's locker. Break in, find your love letter, destroy it and all get milkshakes at Sugar Cube Corner after. Apple Bloom said

"But, my perfect record." Sweetie Belle softly said.

What's more important Belle, your life or your perfect record? Scootaloo asked

"Where should I meet you, girls?" Sweetie Belle asked

Outside of Spike's locker. We'll all go to the bathroom and stay in there when the bell was about to ring and wait a few minutes for all the students to clear the halls. Apple Bloom said

"You girls are lifesavers," Sweetie said.

Yeah, yeah. You shouting for Sugar Cube Corner to make it up for us. But I don't mind since I have a test this morning. And I didn't bother studying Scootaloo said.

"Thank girls, see you in the morning." Sweetie Belle said, knowing the sleepless night and the incoming nightmare that was coming.

The next morning, Sweetie Belle wearing her white jumper with blue collars and cuffs. A red scarf around her neck, a blue mini skirt and black shoes. The first bell for class to begin finally rang, Sweetie Belle, Scooatloo and Apple Bloom and exit out of the girls' bathroom.

The girls walked through the empty halls, Locker number 200, locker number 201, locker number 202. Spike's locker was 205, the three Crusaders stood in front of locker number 205. Scootaloo presses her ear against the cold metal, listening to the code of Spike's lock.

"Should be concerned how Scoots knows how to break into lockers." Apple Bloom whispers into Sweetie Belle's ear.

"Rainbow Dash taught me everything I know," Scootaloo explains to her best friends.

Scootaloo opens the locker, pulling out the love letter giving it towards Sweetie Belle. The purple hair teenager shut the locker and leans against the lockers. Sweetie Belle felt like she could breathe once again. Holding the love letter close to her chest.

"Mind telling me the whole letter?" Scootaloo asked

"Oh, I can just send it to you." Sweetie Belle pulled out her phone to send Scootaloo the text of the love letter.

It was silent for a minute. Scootaloo raised her eyebrow at her friend, Sweetie Belle paused, she looked down at her phone. She just slams her head against the lockers. Before the girls could ask where Sweetie had sent that text.

"Spike. I sent it to Spike." Sweetie Belle said, under her breath.

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo looked at the thirteen-year-old boy; Spike walking down the halls. He gave the girls a wave and a smile.

"The teacher let me out, to try and find you girls," Spike said, right before his phone buzz.

He looked down at it. Sweetie Belle bit her bottom lip, it seemed like time crawl to a stop or close to one. Every second, Sweetie Belle can see her life break apart. Before she knew it, Spike placed the phone back into his pocket and smiled towards the Crusaders.

"I need to get you girls to your class," Spike said, the Crusaders all groan in annoyance.

"I like you too. Date at Sugar Cube Corner this weekend?" Spike asked, whispering into Sweetie Belle's ear.

All Sweetie Belle did was give him a silent nod. Leaning against him, as the two walked side by side. Apple Bloom and Scootaloo looked at each other and smiled.