• Published 9th May 2019
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The Love Life of SpikeBelle - Mister Phoenix

A bunch of short fluffy one-shots about Spike and Sweetie Belle. Rated Teen for safety

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Just A Simple Hug

Author's Note:

Tag; Everyone, Slice of Life

Sometimes all you need is a simple hug; takes place during Season Two; Episode Five: Sisterhooves Social

The wooden floor of The Cutie Mark Crusaders Clubhouse felt the soft feeling of another tear falling hard onto the wooden floor. Sweetie Belle sniff and rubbed her eyes, puffy and bright red. It was all unfair. How can Applejack and Apple Bloom be such great siblings while she and Rarity did nothing but argue with each other.

She was alone. Running out of The Carousel Boutique in tears, having just disowned her sister. Sisters no more, it still hurt, but it was the right thing to do. Well, that what Sweetie Belle believed.

She and Rarity had nothing in common. Two different coins, one was an Apple while the other was an orange.

She just heard the slight creaking of the floor.

She rubbed her eyes seeing Spike there. She turned her head away and let out a huff.

“If Rarity sent you. Then tell her I'm not coming back!” Sweetie Belle cried out

“I actually came for you. You were in tears, I was worried.” Spike said

Sweetie Belle looked over at him. The young male dragon did look rather concerned. Plus, the young male dragon didn't sound like he just visit Rarity. Spike is normally much more outgoing after a trip to Rarity. Then before he pays more attention to others.

Sweetie Belle had to wonder why he followed her, rather then the young male dragon chasing after the young unicorn crusaders older sister.

“It was all Rarity's fault! I tried to be a good sister and all she did was annoyed me!” Sweetie Belle shouted

“Don't even try to say you know how I feel.” The young unicorn crusader cried out in anger before Spike had the chance to open his mouth.

“But, I do. Twilight's my oldest sister. For years all I got is just books. But now, and for most of my life. I have been her assistant and nothing else.” Spike said

“I’m sorry to hear that Spike. I guess we're on the same boat.” Sweetie Belle stated

“Not quite.” Spike said “Twi’ does care about me, we take care of each other. But you need to find out what happens with you and Rarity.”

Sweetie Belle sat in silence for awhile. She didn't know how long, all she knew was that she was trying to find out something that she and Rarity had. Anything that could've help, anything that should help, anything that would help.

Yet nothing came to mind.

The young Unicorn Crusader rubbed her eyes once more. Feeling a pair of arms wrapping around her soft coat, her warm white fur gently brushing against his ruff scales.

She was blushing. Her cheeks were velvet red, a soft glow on her soft snow white fur.

Spike was hugging her.

It felt nice. All her troubles sort of melt away, feeling his claw combing her back. She nuzzle against his neck, her two front hooves wrapped around his torso, bring the young male dragon closer into the hug the two of them shared.

Time had seemed to paused, a soft turn of her lips. A soft and faint smile appeared, the young unicorn crusader closed her eyes. Spike's scales felt like sitting next a warm fire on a cold day with heavy snow pouring down late at night. Maybe with a warm cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Sweetie Belle fur against his scales felt beyond amazing. Her fur felt much cozier than wrapping oneself in a warm blanket on a late night winter's eve.

Feeling her nuzzling against his neck made him smile, remembering some nights where Twilight would use him as her snuggle buddy. But, Sweetie Belle felt just much better, heck it beat out some of Rarity's hugs.

The warmth of the golden sun blaze through the open door. Shining upon the pair of them, finally the hug broke apart. The young male dragon and young unicorn crusader were both blushing their faces faced away from each other while they remember the warm hug.

Sweetie Belle’s glaze turn towards Spike. She was sure that she forgot how to talk. Her mind was something of a blur, but that hug was something that she needed, she knew she was still smiling. The young unicorn crusader just hoped Spike felt the same way.

Why did he hug Sweetie Belle?

Spike tried to think about all the answers to the question. It was almost like asking why was the sky blue or why the sun rises in the morning every day. It was just a question that every pony already knew, but still bothered him

Why did he hug Sweetie Belle?

Spike just didn't know! Did he want to know? She was upset, she was crying. She is his friend. But still, he didn't regret it. Instead he enjoyed enough to want to hug her again. Her fur melt away all the stress he been through this morning. It felt nice, no. She felt nice, well better than nice. Almost perfect, the young male dragon just hope Sweetie Belle felt the same way.

Sweetie Belle had seemed to almost forgot about Rarity. Keyword; almost. Her older sister was still there and still pain her. But not as much. The flow of tears had seemed to stopped.

“Thank you Spike. I really needed that.” Sweetie Belle softly spoke up.

The young male dragon turn his head towards Sweetie Belle. His eyebrow was raised, rather confused on what had happened.

“No problem… Sometimes all you need is just a simple hug from time to time.” Spike said

Then the wet feeling on his cheek. His right cheek, where Sweetie Belle's lips had pressed against. Her face was lit up, bright red, Spike's cheeks were blushing red as well.

“Thank you again.” She said, almost bowing her head to him

“Do you want to have another hug before you go?” Spike asked

The young unicorn crusader turned her head to face the young male dragon. She gave a light smile, nodding her head slightly.

After all sometimes all you need is just a simple hug.