Spike's Little Sweet Hearts

by RS-Belle14

First published

With everypony else unavailable, Spike volunteers to babysit Flurry Heart for the day. Things go well, but then Sweetie Belle comes and shakes things up by deciding to help, too. The day goes on, and they spend it like their own, little family.

When everyone else turns out to be too busy to do it, Spike volunteers to babysit Princess Flurry Heart for the day. He does his job all right for the most part, but things begin to shake up a bit when Sweetie Belle stops by and insists she help Spike take care of the baby. After some hesitation, Spike relents and decides to let Sweetie Belle help him. The day goes on and Spike and Sweetie Belle babysit Flurry Heart together, almost like their own little family.

Cover Art by Silcy, Commissioned by me.

Special thanks to Silcy and my proofreaders.

Like a Little Family

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"They should be arriving here at any moment, now," Princess Twilight Sparkle said as she walked her assistant toward the castle's main entrance. "Now Spike, are you sure you're up for this?"

"Ugh," Spike rolled his eyes. "For the thousandth time Twilight, I've got this," He chuckled. "Trust me."

"It's not that I don't trust you, Spike; I do. It's just..." Twilight looked away for a moment. "I'm just little worried is all."

"We'll be fiiiine, Twilight. I promise," Spike came to a stop. "I've got everything taken care of. I won't take my mind off Flurry Heart for even a nanosecond; she'll have my absolute, undivided attention. I'll play with her, I'll feed her, I'll change her, everything," He placed his claw over his heart. "I promise."

Twilight smiled. "Okay, Spike. If you really think you can do this," She padded his head. "But if there's any problem, any at all, write me a message, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can."

"Will do," Spike pledged. "But we aren't going to get in any trouble, Twilight."

Twilight chuckled. "I sure hope not."

"You can count on me," They heard a knock on the door. "Hey, I think they're here."

"Sounds like it," Twilight's horn lit up and the door opened.

"Helloooo!" Shining Armor greeted with his wife and daughter by his side. "Twily!"

"Shining Armor!" Twilight then looked down at the carriage beside him and gasped. "Flurry Heart!"

"Ni na!" Flurry Heart giggled as her Auntie Twilight levitated her up in the air and bombarded her with kisses. "Hahaha!"

"Oh, I've missed you, bug!" Twilight blew a raspberry on Flurry's belly before looking back up. "Hey, Cadance!"

"Hello, Twilight," Cadance smiled. "How are you?"

Twilight snuggled with Flurry. "Oh, I'm fantastic. How about you?"

"I'm fine. Thank you," Cadance nodded. "Are you ready to go Yakyakistan?"

Twilight gave Flurry one last little nuzzle. "Yes, I think so. The others should be waiting for us at the train station, already."

"Good," Cadance nodded. "A few new things concerning the delegations have popped up. I can catch you up on the way the there."

"Yeah," Shining Armor joined in. "Speaking of which, we better start heading out. We're already running a bit behind."

"Aww," Twilight looked down at Flurry Heart. "Right now?" Twilight breathed out. "All right. Duty calls...Riiiight after one more quick game," Twilight hovered up into the air and playfully growled at Flurry like a bear.

As Twilight was chasing niece around the room, Cadance and Shining Armor trotted up to Spike.

"Thank you so much for doing this, Spike," Cadance smiled. "We were really starting to worry that we weren't going to find anyone to take care of Flurry Heart."

"Ah, don't mention it. It's my pleasure. I'm happy to spend some more time with Flurry."

"Still, we owe you one, buddy," Shining Armor ruffled Spike's head. "There'll be a big bowl of gems waiting just for you the next time you come to the Crystal Empire."

Spike chuckled. "Well, that does sound good. Thanks."

"It'll be our pleasure, Spike," Cadance then began to levitate various baby supplies toward him. "Here's her carriage, her bottle, her whammy, a baby bag with some of her favorite foods, and just a few diapers."

Spike clawed his way out of the mountain of diaper bags piled on top of him. "Got it."

"Thanks, Spike," Shining Armor then looked up. "Hey Twilight, we gotta go. We're going to be late."

"Really?" Twilight stopped where she hovered and sighed. "All right," She descended to the ground beside everyone else. "I'm sorry, Flurry, but it looks like play time is over."

"Aww," Flurry descended on Twilight's back and started to tug on her wings. "Mm! Mm!"

"No, Flurry. I'm sorry," Twilight took back her wings. "I'd love to play with you some more, but I've really got to go now."

Flurry frowned. "Aww..."

Shining Armor levitated his daughter into his forelegs. "Hey, hey, don't look so glum," He comforted. "You're gonna be staying here with your Uncle Spike, and I'm sure he has plenty of fun things planned out for you."

Flurry Heart suddenly perked up and turned her head toward her babysitter. "Eh!"

Uh... Spike blushed. Uncle?

That title had never crossed Spike's mind before. Sure, he knew being Shining Armor's brother would naturally make Twilight Flurry Heart's aunt, and that he himself was virtually family to Twilight, but the thought of being considered Flurry Heart's uncle was something completely new to Spike.


Before Spike could finish voicing his thoughts, he saw Flurry Heart suddenly charging at him at full speed. "Oomph!" Spike landed on his rear with a light thud and Flurry Heart in his chest. For such a tiny pony, Flurry surprisingly packed quite the punch.

"Wow," Spike sat up and held Flurry. "You're pretty strong for a baby. Have you considered hoofball?"

Flurry simply responded with a few laughs and giggles.

Also hearing Spike's question, Shining Armor turned toward his wife. "Seeee?" He said with hopeful eyes.

Cadance scowled. "Still, no."

"Aww..." Shining Armor sighed as he followed his wife toward the young pair, where Flurry was busy nuzzling her face with Spike's.

Heh...She can be pretty adorable. Spike smiled at the baby alicorn. I guess I can dig this whole 'uncle' thing. Spike then stood up and noticed the group of the adult ponies trotting up towards him and Flurry.

"Are you all right, Spike?" Cadance asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. No harm done."

"Thank goodness," Cadance wiped some sweat off her forehead. "I really hope she doesn't cause you too much trouble while we're gone."

"Ah, she won't be a problem," Spike waved his claw. "I've got a bunch of things planned out for us. We'll be fine."

"He's right, Cadance," Shining Armor wrapped a foreleg around his wife's shoulder. "Spike's a pretty reliable guy. He's got this," Shining Armor lit up his horn and levitated his daughter out of Spike's arms. "*Muah*," He gave Flurry a little kiss on the cheek. "You two have fun, okay?"

"*Muah*," Cadance kiss Flurry as well. "We'll miss you."

Twilight trotted up to Flurry. "*Muah*. *Muah*. *Muah*. *Muah*. *Muah*. Take care," She looked over to Spike. "Both of you," She warmly smiled as she levitated Flurry back into Spike's arms.

The three adult ponies began to head out of the castle. "Goodbye!" They all waved. "Thanks again, Spike!"

"You're welcome!" Spike waved back. "Good luck in Yakyakistan!" He shouted as the three adult ponies disappeared behind the castle's closed door.

Flurry Heart stared at the door for a moment. "Eh," She pointed towards it.

"No, no," Spike tickled Flurry's tummy. "You're too young to be delegating with a bunch of yaks," Flurry giggled and squirmed under Spike's claws. "Come on, I have a surprise for you," Spike began to carry Flurry away to the next room. "Look," He stopped tickling and pointed toward the center of the room.

Flurry turned her attention toward the direction of Spike's claw and gasped. Much to her delight, Spike had transformed the Castle of Friendship's throne room into a play date paradise for Flurry. Building blocks, giant teddy bears, bouncy balls, the room was just absolutely filled with toys and games that were just waiting for Flurry Heart to come and play with them. The second she the saw all the toys, Flurry fluttered her way out of Spike's arms before jetting her way through the air toward one of the giant teddy bears and gleefully latching herself onto its big, soft, warm stomach.

"Do you like it, Flurry?" Spike asked as he caught up.

Flurry turned around and happily nodded. "Uh-huh."

"Good," Spike caught up. "Cause guess what? It's yours!"

Flurry Heart gasped. She then turned around and gave the teddy bear another big squeeze. "Geh!" She nuzzled her head.

"I've been doing some shopping for you, Flurry," Spike raised his arms toward the rest of the toys. "These are all yours!"

Upon hearing that, Flurry let go of the teddy bear and flew on top of Spike's head. "Nye," She snuggled on one of Spike's spikes.

"Haha. You're welcome," Spike reached up and grabbed Flurry off his head. "Come on, let's have some fun."


Spike and Flurry Heart played on for some time after they had been left alone.

Flurry was just having a blast playing with Spike and all the toys he had bought for her; she would race her new toy race carts down the hallways at high seed, stack the building blocks until they were as high as the ceiling, or just sit down and have a lovely little brunch with Spike on her new play tea set (crumpets and tea cakes not included). Flurry was really enjoying her time with her babysitter. There was not a moment she did not enjoy spending with Spike.

For his part, Spike was also enjoying himself. Sure, fluffy teddy bears and My Little Donkey dolls were not exactly his thing, and he thought he might push up daisies from embarrassment if he was caught having a tea party, but he would be lying if he said Flurry did not look just adorable playing with the all the toys. There was just something about seeing her happy and having fun with all the gifts he had gotten her that made Spike feel a little warm inside. Plus, tea parties were not that bad.

However, Spike was not short on his responsibilities; he knew taking care of a baby was much more than just having play time with them. In addition to happy fun time, Spike made sure to check Flurry's diaper every so often and feed her whenever she felt hungry (a mess of mashed peas splattered all over the wall in Spike's image could attest to that). Flurry may have been pretty mature for a baby, but she still made some messes from time to time, and Spike made sure to clean up those messes once the opportunity came.

All in all, Spike had almost everything under control. Almost. There was still one little thing Flurry would do that gave Spike just a bit of trouble.

"Flurry, would you please come down, now?" Spike called out as Flurry played with her new toy airplane. Spike had expected her to fly when he presented Flurry her new plaything, but Flurry had been gliding around the air for some time now, and Spike was getting a little anxious. "Please, Flurry?"

"Vreiwwww! Vreiwww!" Flurry giggled as she loop-the-looped in the air. "Hihi hahaha!"

"Flurry..." Spike looked down and placed a claw on his chin, thinking. Hmm...Wait a sec. He snapped. I got it. Spike looked back up at the flying baby and made his best puppy face. "Flurry Heart, I'm saaaad."

"Huh?" Flurry stopped gliding around the room and curiously looked down at Spike.

Bingo. "I'm sad because I can't fly," Spike was really hamming it up. "I want to play, too, but I'm stuck on the ground. You get to have all the fun while I have none, and that makes me saaaad," Spike closed his eyes and pretended to whimper.

"Aww," Flurry genuinely felt sympathy for Spike as she continued to hover still in the air. She looked down at the crying, little dragon and thought for a moment. *Gasp!* A huge smile formed on her face as her horn glowed gold.

Spike continued his act for just a little longer when a strange, familiar sensation began to envelop his body. Huh? Spike opened his eyes and noticed that he was covered in a golden aura. More concerning, however, was the fact that he was now floating above the floor. "Wha-?!" Spike panicked as he increasingly ascended higher and higher into the air. He squirmed around, trying to his best break himself free of Flurry's magic, but it was all for naught. Very soon, Spike found himself floating up on level with a waiting, smiling Flurry Heart. "Uuhh.........Flurry?"

"HI-HA!!!!!!!!!!" Flurry yelled as she raced herself, her plane, and Spike all through the air.

"WHOA-HO-HO!" Spike suddenly found himself circling the room at blazing speed. Colors of blue and purple were flashing before his eyes as Flurry soared him dangerously close to the castle's walls. "DEE-YAH!"

If that was not bad enough, Flurry took Spike's screams as an invitation to up the ante; rather than just keep circling the room, Flurry decided to fly everything all across it, circling and doing loop-the-loops around all the toys and furniture. "Vreiwwww! Vreiwww!"

Spike started off fearing a crash landing, but now he was just getting nauseous. His stomach churned more and more every time Flurry spun him around the air. He could not even afford to scream anymore lest he would risk tossing up his brunch. He tried to take his mind off of all the spinning by looking at all the blurs that were his surroundings, but that did not really help. Oh yeah...I can still crash. The fear returned.

With all his strength, Spike lifted his head against the wind resistance to look at Flurry. "Uh, Flurry?!"

Flurry innocently turned her head. "Nyeh?"

Spike hectically began to speak. "Um, I not sad anymore! You cheered me right up!" That made very Flurry happy. "Flying's been great, but I think I've had enough fun for a while! There is such a thing as too much, ya know?! So could you please let me down?! Like, right now?!"

"Uh-huh," Flurry nodded and the aura that surrounded Spike immediately disappeared.

"Phew," Spike breathed out in relief. "Thanks," He wiped some sweat off his forehead before looking down and realizing he was still floating. "Uh oh..." Spike immediately began to fall toward the ground. "DAHH!" Thankfully, he made it through without a single scratch as he luckily landed on the big, fluffy stomach of one the giant teddy bears.

Spike landed with a soft *puff.* Hyperventilating from that rush, Spike looked up to face the big bear. "Thanks," He breathed out before collapsing on his back. The nausea returned. "Ugh..." Okay...I'm never lying to her again. He lied there on the bear for a moment, trying his best to collect his senses. His stomach felt absolutely queasy. Not too long into his rest, he was approached by the baby pony that had caused this discomfort.

"Gi ga?" Flurry Heart stood beside Spike, eyes full of hope.

Spike slowly turned his head to face her. "Ugh...Yeah, Flurry," He patted her head. "Thanks...You cheered me right up. It was...nice flying with you. Thanks."

"Gi," Flurry snuggled Spike's head.

Spike could not help but chuckle a bit. Well, at she least enjoyed it.

Flurry took her head off of Spike's and then levitated a toy train in front of his face. "De-deh?"

Spike felt his stomach churn. "*Gag*...Eh, not right now, Flurry. Our last game left me a little tired."

"Aww," Flurry Heart frowned from hearing that.

"Hey, hey. Don't worry," Spike patted her head again. "I just need to rest for a bit. Just let me lie here for a while, and then I'll play with you. Just no more flying, okay?"

Flurry perked up. "Okay!" She happily nodded as she placed her toy train on the ground and began to play with it. "Choo choo."

Spike saw Flurry play and snickered as he turned his head to face the teddy bear. "She never stops, does she?" Spike felt his stomach swirl again. "Oh!" He closed his eyes and held his stomach "...Maybe I should get something to drink."

About five seconds after saying that, Spike felt something land on his chest. He opened his eyes and saw that there was now a baby bottle lying on top of him. Spike picked up and held the bottle before looking back and forth between it and Flurry Heart. "...Thanks, Flurry," He chuckled.

Flurry Heart nodded and trotted off to play.

Spike watched Flurry play for a while until he felt his stomach stabilize and then, true to his word, began to play with Flurry again. Flurry was already having fun just rolling the train on floor, but she got even more excited when Spike pulled out a giant playmat of Equestria to play on. It had everything; Ponyville, Canterlot, and even her own home of the Crystal Empire. She got so excited that she started an Equestria wide tour for the train the instant she saw the mat with Spike joining in soon after. Thankfully, Flurry played with her toy train much more gently than she did her plane, so Spike's stomach was able to keep it together this time. They played on without trouble for a while when they heard an unexpected knock coming from the castle's entrance.

"Huh?" Spike stopped the train's journey to Manehattan short when he heard the knock. "Who could that be?" He looked over to Flurry Heart. "Come on," He picked her up. "Let's go check it out."


Spike carried Flurry out of the room toward the castle's main entrance. They made it there in less than a minute, and Spike proceeded to open the door. Who could it be? Spike slightly opened the door, peeked his head out, and was greeted to the sight the young unicorn, Sweetie Belle.

"Hey, Spike," Sweetie happily greeted.

"Oh, hey, Sweetie Belle," Spike opened the door a little more. "I didn't expect see you today. What's up?"

"Nothing much," Sweetie Belle levitated something out of her saddlebag. "I just wanted return this book I borrowed from Twilight. Is she here?"

"No, sorry. She's off on some royal duties in Yakyakistan, but you can still come in if you like."

"Sure!" Sweetie Belle watched as Spike opened the door. Hey, is he holding something? "Thanks," She began to trot in. "Thank you, Spike. I was little worried I'd be late returning this-" Sweetie Belle gasped when she saw just what was it Spike was holding. "Oh my gosh...Is that Princess Flurry Heart?!"

"Huh?" Spike closed the door and briefly looked down at the baby pony he was holding. "Uh, yeah. This is her."

Sweetie Belle gasped again. "Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh!" Sweetie Belle giddily hopped closer to face Flurry. "First-born child of Princess Cadance and royal heir to the Crystal Empire!" She squealed. "What's she doing here?!"

"Oh, uh..." Spike rubbed the back of his head with his free claw. "I'm just looking after her while everyone else is out."

"Really? That's so cool!" Sweetie Belle leaned in closer to Flurry. "Helloooooo."

Flurry curiously looked back at the smiling unicorn standing in front of her before laughing and booping her nose. "Ni na," She giggled.

Spike chuckled. "Hey, I think she likes you."

"Really?" Sweetie's eyes sparkled.

"Totally. Look at her," Flurry was holding her forehooves up toward Sweetie Belle.

Sweetie gasped again. "I think she wants me to hold her!" Sweetie's looked up at Spike with big, pleading eyes. "May I..?"

"Ha. Sure. Why not?" Spike held up Flurry. "Be careful with her."

"Of course," Sweetie Belle tried to contain her excitement as she slowly took Flurry Heart into her forelegs. "Hello, Princess Flurry Heart," Sweetie gently cradled. "My name is Sweetie Belle. I'm a friend of Spike and your Auntie Twilight."

Flurry laughed as she snuggled against Sweetie Belle's chest.

"Aw," Sweetie Belle purred. "She's so adorable."

"Yeah," Spike nodded. "She is pretty cute."

Sweetie Belle began to snuggle her head against Flurry's, an act that Flurry really seemed to enjoy.

"Hehe," Spike chuckled as watched the two ponies nuzzle each other. "*Ahem* Sweetie Belle?"

"Hmm?" Sweetie Belle raised her head.

"Didn't you come here to do something?"

"Huh? Oh, right!" Sweetie Belle levitated her book off the ground. "Yeah, I'd like to return this please," She quickly said before returning her attention back to Flurry Heart.

Spike held the book in his claw for second and then looked back up to Sweetie and Flurry. Eh... He placed the book on top of a nearby drawer. I'll take care of this later. "You really like her, don't you?"

"Oh, yes," Sweetie Belle levitated Flurry in the air. "She's just so cuuuute!" She blew a raspberry on Flurry's belly.

"Hihi haha!" Flurry squirmed.

Sweetie levitated Flurry back in her forelegs. "How long is she staying with you?"

"About the whole day," Spike shrugged. "Until Twilight or her parents come back and get her."

"Really?" An idea popped in Sweetie Belle's head. "You, uh...having any trouble taking care of her all by yourself?"

"Mmm, not really. She's actually pretty well behaved for a baby."

"Oh. Um...Well are you sure you wouldn't like any...help with her?"

"Huh?" Spike raised his eyebrow. "Why you ask?"

Sweetie Belle blushed. "Weeeell...I just thought that maybe I could kinda, sorta, maybe...help you take care of her?"

"What?" Spike was not expecting that. "But...Don’t you have to go and help ponies with cutiemark problems or something?”

“Not today,” Sweetie Belle shook her head. “Today’s my day off. I’m free to do what I want.”

“Oh...Well, then...”

Sweetie's eye turned big as she leaned closer to Spike. "Soooo?"

"Hmm," Spike tapped his chin. "I don't know, Sweetie Belle. I mean, I guess I wouldn't mind having an extra hoof around, but I don't know if Twilight would be okay if I just had somepony show up and help me without telling her."

"Well, I'm not a stranger, and you could just message Twilight that I want to help you."

"Hmm," Spike looked over at Flurry. Maybe I could use some help. "Well, what kind of experience do you have taking care of babies?"

"Well, I've played with the Cake twins a few times, and my mom showed me-"

While the older kids were having their conversation, Flurry Heart was growing a little bored. She really enjoyed herself when Sweetie Belle was playing with her, but now that the unicorn was busy talking to Spike, Flurry really wanted something to do. While she was still being held, Flurry saw something just over Sweetie Belle's shoulder; past Sweetie Belle, Flurry could just barely see the entrance to her playroom, and lying there just by the entrance was a small, pink toy helicopter, a toy she had not yet seen. Excited, Flurry began to flap her wings and flew out of Sweetie Belle's hold.

Sweetie Belle looked up in surprise. "Huh?!"

"What?!" Spike watched as Flurry Heart flew to the playroom and grabbed hold of the toy helicopter. "Oh, she just wanted her toy."

"Oh, thank goodness," Sweetie Belle wiped her forehead. "I thought I scared her away."

Flurry held her toy helicopter up in the air, pretending to make it fly. "Vrr vrr."

"Aw, she's playing," Sweetie said.

"Yeah," Spike noticed Flurry's horn begin to glow. "Uh oh."

Flurry began to flap her wings as she enveloped her toy in a gold aura, and soon, both of them were ascending up in the air.

"Not again..." Spike rubbed his head. "Hey, Flurry," He called out. "I said no more flying," She kept spinning around the room. "Come on, Flurry. I can't keep up with you from up ther-"

Flurry Heart and her toy were suddenly enveloped by a green aura that encased them in magical bubbles. Flurry giggled at her enclosure as the bubble guided her down into Spike's arms.

"Huh?" Spike stared at the snickering Flurry as the magic bubble disappeared. "What just happened?"

"That was me," Sweetie Belle answered. "I brought her back."

Spike looked up and indeed saw Sweetie Belle's horn was glowing green. "Oh...uh, thanks."

"You're welcome," Sweetie Belle's horn continued to glow as Flurry's toy helicopter softly landed in the baby's hooves. "There you go, precious."

Spike watched as Flurry was happily returned her toy. Wow... Spike looked back up. "Hey, Sweetie Belle."

"Hmm?" Sweetie Belle turned her attention away from Flurry.

"Do you really want to help me take care of Flurry Heart?"

Sweetie's eyes grew large. "YES!"

"Well, I'm not sure if Twilight will be okay with me just having somepony come and help, so I how about I message her and we'll see what-"

"Niyaa!" Flurry Heart cried out.

"Huh?" Spike quickly looked down at Flurry. "What's wrong, Flurry?"

"Are you okay?" Sweetie Belle also leaned in.

Flurry was squirming all around Spike's claws while making a very odd face. "Ni...Ni..." Flurry made one more strange gesture before suddenly relaxing. "Yaaaa," She contently smiled at her two onlookers.

Spike and Sweetie Belle were wondering what was going on when their noses were suddenly hit with a very unpleasant smell.

"Oh boy," Spike covered his nose.

"Oh dear," Sweetie Belle did the same as she turned her head away.

"Yeesh," Spike held Flurry away from. This is the most funky smelling one, yet. "Tell ya what, change her diaper and I'll let you help me."

Sweetie's face went from disgust to delight. "Really?!"

"Really," Spike was able cough out.

"Okay!" Sweetie Belle ignored the tears running down her face as she levitated Flurry out of Spike's grasp. Totally worth it.

~A Few Stinky Minutes Later~

“Okay, we’re finished,” Sweetie Belle levitated the dirty diaper into the waste container.

“Same here,” Spike walked stepped inside the playroom. “I just sent Twilight a message. We’ll have to wait and see what she says, but I’m sure she’ll be okay with this.”

“Yay!” Sweetie Belle squeed as she snuggled Flurry. “Oh, we’re gonna have so much fun together, Princess Flurry Heart! We can read stories, play with blocks, make a house of cards, go for a walk, bake cupcakes, have a tea party, give Spike a makeover-”

No,” Spike quickly retorted.

“Okay, maybe not that one,” Sweetie Belle leaned closer to Flurry’s ear. “He’ll come around,” Flurry giggled. “So, what should we do, first?”

Spike thought for a moment. “Actually, a walk around Ponyville does sound kinda nice. I think we could all use some fresh air after-” Spike took a quick glance at the waste container. “That. What do you think, Flurry?” Flurry responded with a small laugh. “I think she agrees.”

“Sounds like it,” Sweetie Belle nodded. “Where’s her carriage?”

“I think I left it over at the main entrance.”

“Okay,” Sweetie Belle levitated Flurry in the air. “Let’s go.”

Spike and Sweetie Belle walked over to the castle's main entrance and found the carriage standing beside castle’s the doors. Sweetie Belle softly placed Flurry in her carriage while Spike packed a few diapers, toys, the baby bag, and her bottle for the go. Once they checked to make sure they had everything they needed, Spike and Sweetie Belle unlocked the carriage’s brakes and began to roll Flurry around Ponyville.

It was a pretty bright and sunny afternoon that day, perfect for a walk around town. Many Ponyville's ponies were doing just that; trotting along with friends and family or just enjoying the nice day on their own. It was just a good day to be out and about.

Not ones to deny such a day, Spike proceeded to push Flurry’s carriage into the bright streets of Ponyville with Sweetie Belle by his side.

“Who’s hungry? Whoooo’s hungry?” Sweetie Belle teasingly levitated Flurry’s bottle in front of her.

“Te ta! Te ta!” Flurry excitingly reached.

“There you go,” Sweetie gave Flurry her bottle and smiled as Flurry happily began to drink from it. “She’s so cuuuute,” Sweetie turned her attention to Spike. “So, where are we going?”

“Don’t know,” Spike shrugged as he pushed. “I haven’t really thought about it. Any ideas?”

“Hmm...How about the toy store?” Sweetie Belle looked over to Flurry. “I’m sure she would just love a new dolly.”

Spike chuckled. “Good idea, but I kinda bought every type of toy for her, already,” Spike leaned in closer to the carriage. “Isn’t that right, Flurry?”

Flurry stopped drinking her milk. “Uh-huh,” She nodded before returning to her bottle.

Sweetie Belle snickered. “Yeah, that makes sense. Those were a lot of toys,” Sweetie gasped. “How about we take her to Sugarcube Corner? She could play with the Cake twins there!”

“Ehh,” Spike rubbed his head. “Not today. Flurry played with them before and broke one of their toys, and they’re still holding a bit of a grudge.”

“Aww,” Sweetie frowned. “I really wanted to see them play together. That would've been so cute,” Her stomach rumbled. “Hehe...and maybe get a cupcake there, too, while were at it.”

“You hungry, Sweetie Belle?” Spike asked.

Sweetie Belle nodded. “A little bit. You?”

“Mmm...Well, I’m not starving, but I could eat,” Spike stopped the baby carriage. “What are you feeling?”

“Hmm...” Sweetie Belle tapped her chin. “Something light. Not too big. More of a snack, you know?”

“I get it,” Spike thought for a moment. “Well, if you really do want a cupcake, you could wait outside Sugarcube Corner while I go in and buy some snacks.”

Sweetie Belle giggled. “Thanks Spike, but you don’t have to do that. We should find a place where we can all eat together.”

Spike nodded. “You’re right. How about the cafe?”

“Nah,” Sweetie Belle shook her head. “It’s really busy this time of day. It’ll take forever for us to get our food there, and-” Sweetie’s stomach roared. “...Yeah, that.”

“Right,” Spike nodded. “It’s gotta be fast,” Fast. “How about the Hayburger?”

Sweetie Belle lit up. “Hey, that could work. It shouldn’t take too long to get our food there, and I could order something small, and-” Sweetie gasped. “And we could order a filly meal for Princess Flurry Heart!” Sweetie leaned in closer to the crib again. “How does that sound, Princess Flurry Heart?” She baby talked.

Flurry merely replied with a few smiles and giggles.

“I guess she likes it,” Spike chuckled. “Oh and Sweetie Belle?”


Spike began to push the carriage again. “You can just call her Flurry,” He winked.

With that, Spike and Sweetie Belle pushed Flurry's carriage down Ponyville's streets, heading toward the Hayburger. They calmly strolled around, keeping Flurry a little entertained along the way and greeting any familiar faces that were just so happening to be passing by. Before long, the local fast food restaurant came in to view, and the young trio made their way inside.

As they were hoping, the Hayburger was not so busy at that time. There were a good number of ponies there, but a lot of them were already dining (including the Hayburger's usual depressed customer (that poor, tragic soul)), and the ponies that were already waiting in line were getting their food fairly quickly, so it was not too long before Spike, Sweetie Belle, and Flurry Heart found themselves standing before a young stallion with dreads waiting for them behind the counter.

"Welcome to Hayburger, home of the hayburger. Can I take your order?"

Their orders were pretty simple; a plane double hayburger meal with cheese for Spike, and salad for Sweetie Belle, and a Silly Filly meal with apple fries for Flurry Heart.

The cashier confirmed their order and rang up the bill. Before Sweetie Belle could levitate her bits out of her saddle bag, Spike presented the cashier a pink gem and received a receipt.

"Oh Spike, you didn't have to that," Sweetie said as the group walked over to an empty table. "I could've paid for myself."

"Eh, don't worry about," Spike waved his claw. "I've got plenty of gems. One of the benefits of being a dragon."

"Well, at least let me pay you back," Sweetie Belle took her seat. "I wouldn't want to be a burden."

"It's fine, Sweetie Belle," Spike chuckled. "It's nothing. Really," He smiled.

Sweetie Belle playfully rolled her eyes. "Oooo-kay," She giggled. "A real gentledragon, huh?"

Spike shrugged. "I try my best."

"Number 89."

"Oh, that's us," Wow, that was fast. Spike climbed out of his chair. "I'll be right back."

"Okay," Sweetie nodded.

Sweetie Belle stared as the young dragon walked off to get their meals, lying her face on her hoof as she rested her elbow on the table. "Hmm," She silently hummed with the tiniest smile on her face. She kept staring until she heard a little a growl beside her.

Sweetie Belle turned around and saw Flurry Heart rubbing her tummy.

"Aw, is somepony hungry?" Sweetie baby talked as she leaned closer to the carriage. "Are you hungry, Princess Flur-er, Flurry?"

Flurry's face went from frowning to smiling when she saw Sweetie Belle. "Uh-huh."

"Well, don't you worry, cutie," Sweetie Belle levitated Flurry onto a high chair. "Spike will be here very soon with some nice treats just for you."

Flurry giggled.

"I'm back," Spike said as he laid a tray full of food on the table. "Here we go. A double hayburger for me, a salad plate for you, aaaand" Spike passed a decorated pink box to Flurry. "A Silly Filly meal for Flurry Heart."

Flurry looked at the colorful box with vested interest. Her parents had taken her out to eat plenty of times before, but they had never given her something like this. Was she supposed to eat it? Should she start by nibbling on the bottom corner and work her way up? Curiously, she picked up the box with her hooves and began to shake it.

"Open it, Flurry," Sweetie Belle said.

"Huh?" Flurry looked at the top of the box and saw that there was indeed an opening. "Ooooh," Flurry used her magic to open the box and reveal its secrets to her.

Much to her surprise, Flurry found a small box of apple fries and a small sandwich wrapped in paper inside. She levitated both up items up in the air and turned her head to Spike. "Mmm..." She frowned.

Spike breathed out. "Yeah, I was afraid this might happen," He slowly nodded.

"What's wrong?" Asked Sweetie Belle.

Spike turned his attention to Sweetie. "Flurry Heart is still too young to eat solid food. She can't eat her Silly Filly meal."

"What?!" Sweetie Belle lowered her head. "Aww. I'm sorry, Flurry."

"Hey, don't look so glum," Said Spike. "It's my fault, too."

"Huh?" Sweetie Belle looked back up and raised her eyebrow. "How?"

"I should've said something when you suggested we get a Silly Filly meal for Flurry. I had my doubts, but I didn't speak up, so I've got some blame, too."

"But..." Sweetie thought for a moment. "Well...why didn't you say anything?"

Spike shrugged his shoulders. "I wasn't really sure if she could actually eat this kind of food or not, yet," Spike then gave her a little chuckle. "Plus, she got pretty excited when you mentioned the idea, so I just decided to roll with it."

"Hmm..." Sweetie Belle thought for a moment. "Still Spike, it's my fault. I got really excited with the idea of getting her a meal here that I didn't consider if she could actually eat it. I'm sorry."

"Ah, don't worry about it. I was hoping we'd come here, anyway," Spike picked up his burger and licked his lips. "I've been craving one of these for weeks," He then reached over to Flurry's meal box. "Besides, it's not a total loss for her," He pulled out a small baggie. "Look Flurry, a new toy!"

Flurry gasped as she levitated the small, silver baggie closer to her.

Sweetie Belle smiled when she saw Flurry's reaction; seeing Flurry Heart cheer up from her new toy actually helped lift Sweetie's spirits as well. "Haha...Here, let me help you with that," Sweetie Belle used her magic to pop open the baggie and lift out the toy. Sweetie playfully gasped as she revealed it. "Look, Flurry! You got Princess Cadance!"

"Hihihi!" Flurry levitated her new doll into her hooves and snuggled it. "Mama."

"What?" Spike put down his burger and stared at Flurry's doll. "Wait, Cadance is part of the toy line, here?"

"Uh-huh," Sweetie nodded and pointed to a display case on the other side of the restaurant. "Hayburger's current toy schedule is all about the princesses of Equestria."

Spike looked over toward the display case and indeed saw toy figures of Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, and Princess Twilight standing for display. Collect them all! Each sold separately.

"They also wanted to add Princess Flurry Heart," Sweetie Belle added. "But her parents said no."

"Ooooh," Spike stared at the display of toys. "So thaaaat's why Twilight's been avoiding this place these place like the plague."

"Hmm?" Sweetie hummed.

Spike turned his attention back to Sweetie Belle. "Twilight hasn't come here to eat in weeks, and that's so weird because she loves eating here, you know?"

Sweetie Belle remembered the time she and the other Crusaders had taken Twilight out to eat at the Hayburger. "...Yes, I recall."

"I've been trying to get her to come back and eat here, but she always says that she has some important friendship problem or something else to deal with," He began to laugh. "I thought she might've been on some sorta secret diet, but now I see she's just been avoiding this place because she's embarrassed to see little kids play with toys of her!" He busted out, holding his gut as laughed.

"Oh, stop it," Sweetie Belle tried to act mature but slowly felt the giggles begin to pile up in her stomach. "I'm su-her...tha-ha-hat Twilight...j-just wanted to take a break fr-from..." Sweetie could not hold it any longer. "Seeing little ponies pretend to go on magical journeys of friendship with her! Hahaha!"

Flurry Heart did not exactly understand what was going on, but seeing her two caretakers laugh hysterically made her decide to laugh along, so all three members sat at their table laughing, not giving a care to anyone who might be watching them.

Spike creaked open his eyes. "D-do you think I should get Flurry Heart one of Twilight's toys? I would love to see Twilight's reaction to that."

Sweetie Belle wiped a tear off her eye. "You'd have to buy another Filly Meal, first," She turned Flurry. "Would you like to go on a magical adventure with your Auntie Twilight?"

Flurry happily nodded. "Uh-huh."

Sweetie Belle turned back to Spike. "There you have it."

"Great," Spike grinned. "I can't wait to see the look on Twilight's face when I tell her," Spike finished chuckling. "But first," He reached into the diaper bag under the carriage and pulled out a cup of applesauce. "I've gotta feed ya, don't I?"

"Mm-hmm," Flurry opened her mouth as Spike fed her a spoonful of applesauce. "Mmm," She purred.

Spike smiled. Glad you're liking this more than the peas.

Flurry pointed to her mouth. "Ah! Ah!"

"You want more?" Spike raised his eyebrow. "Okay, here it comes," He playfully waved the spoon around Flurry's face until finally feeding her again.

"May I?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Sure, why not?" The spoon and cup were suddenly levitated away from Spike's claws.

"Open wide, little princess," Sweetie baby talked as she fed a happily waiting Flurry.

Spike picked up his hayburger. Glad they're hitting it off.


The trio finished their meals a while later and proceeded to leave the Hayburger. Spike and Sweetie Belle pushed Flurry Heart's carriage through the street's of Ponyville together, wondering where to go next. They thought only for a moment when Spike suggested the park, thinking a stroll around trail near the open green grass would be a good way to help their meals settle down. Sweetie Belle agreed and they were now passing through the park's gates, pushing Flurry's carriage along the concrete pathways.

The park's air definitely felt extra fresh this afternoon; the grass looked bright green, animals were frolicking all around the fields, and ponies were out having picnics, jogging, or just passing the time. As Spike, Sweetie Belle, and Flurry Heart continued their stroll, Spike noticed a pair of very familiar looking ponies up the path.

"Hey, Sweetie Belle," Spike began.

"Hmm?" Sweetie Belle took her eyes off of Flurry and on Spike.

Spike pointed forward. "Aren't those your parents up there?"

"Huh?" Sweetie Belle looked ahead and indeed saw her parents resting on a bench under a tree. "Hey, it is!" She began to push the carriage a little faster. "Come on, let's go catch up to them!"


Sweetie Belle and Spike pushed the carriage along until they approached the two older ponies.

"Mom! Dad!" Sweetie Belle called out.

Hearing their call, Cookie Crumbles and Hondo Flanks turned their head to see the young trio pulling up to them.

"Well, well, well," Hondo hopped off the bench. "If it ain't my little Belle. How are you doing, my sweet little sweetheart?"

"Daaaad," Sweetie Belle embarrassingly moaned. "We've been over this: not in public."

Hondo chuckled. "I kid, I kid," He then turned his attention to Spike. "And who might this young fella be?" He rubbed his chin. "He looks kinda familiar, but I juuuust can't place my hoof on it," Was he on an infomercial?

"This is my friend, Spike," Sweetie Belle introduced. "You know him, Dad. You've seen him a few times. He's Princess Twilight's assistant."

"Hello, sir," Spike politely waved.

Hondo's face lit up. "Oh, now I recognize him! He's the fella you're dancing with in that cute, little wedding picture you keep in your room."

Spike raised his eyebrow. "Huh?"

"DAD!" Sweetie Belle shrieked as she ran up and quickly covered her father's mouth with her hoof, gritting her teeth and giving him the most intense stare.

Hondo merely replied with a nod. "Okay, I'll stop," He muffled out.

Cookie laughed as she hopped off the bench to join the rest of the group, curiously eyeing the carriage they had brought with them. "So, what might you two be doing around these parts, Sweetie? Buying groceries?"

Sweetie Belle released her father from her deadly grasp as she cheerfully turned around to answer her mother. "Mom, you will not believe it. Spike it letting me help him babysit Princess-"

Flurry Heart poked her head out of the carriage to see the rest of the ponies. "Neh?"

Cookie's eyes sparkled. "Oh, my stars! Is that a baby?!" She galloped past her daughter and quickly made her way over to the carriage to see Flurry.

"Uh, yeah," Sweetie answered. "That's what I was trying to tell you, Mom. I'm helping Spike babysit the one and only-"

"Oh, look at her, Hondo! Isn't she just precioouus?" Cookie turned around to face Spike. "May I hold her?"

"Sure," Spike nodded. "If she doesn't mind."

Cookie Crumbles leaned in and smiled at Flurry Heart. Flurry looked back at Cookie and giggled as she raised her hooves up in the air, inviting Cookie to hold her. Cookie did not need to be told twice as she levitated Flurry out of her carriage and into her hooves.

"Aww," Cookie nearly broke a tear as Flurry snuggled against her chest. "...It's been so long since I've done this," She gently rocked Flurry.

Hondo smiled as he watched his wife show her maternal instincts. "Hey, don't be selfish. I want to play with her, too," He trotted up to Cookie and Flurry. "Hey there, little fella," He leaned in.

Flurry laughed at the stallion as she reached up and grabbed hold of his mustache.

"Yeow!" Hondo let out a small shriek a pain before he started laughing along with Flurry. "Hehehe. You're pretty strong for baby."

"Flurry," Spike lightly scolded as he approached the group. "That's not a very nice thing to do. Let him go."

"Oh, don't worry about it, kid," Hondo assured as Flurry gave his mustache another tug. "Rarity and Sweetie Belle used to do this to me all the time. They always found this so amusing for some reason," Flurry giggled as she kept pulling Hondo's mustache again and again. "See?"

"...Okay then," Was all Spike managed to reply.

Flurry continued to play with the eager Hondo, tugging his mustache over and over again until Cookie finally pulled her away. "Now, now, you shouldn't be playing with that. Who knows where that hairy thing has been?" Around a lot of carrot dogs and hayburgers, I'm willing to bet. "You know, you look a little tired, darling. Are you sleepy?"

Flurry shook her head. "Mm-mmm."

"Are you suuuure?" Cookie began to gently rock Flurry again, humming a little song while doing so this time and her husband over her shoulder.

Despite just denying it, Flurry let out a little yawn as she felt her eyelids grow ever so heavier with each passing moment she spent in Cookie's hooves. Flurry tried to fight it but soon found that she was no match for the warmth and gentle care of the smiling mare and stallion holding her. Beginning to accept defeat, Flurry snuggled on Cookie's chest and slowly allowed herself to drift away with the sound of her humming.

All the while, Spike and Sweetie Belle were watching on as Sweetie's parents cared for Flurry Heart.

"Wow," Sweetie Belle started. "They're great with her."

"No kidding," Spike agreed and then walked over to the parents. "Wow. You two are really-"

"Shh," Cookie politely shushed. "She's tired," Cookie looked down and saw Flurry's eyes become very droopy. With one final, little yawn, Flurry Heart closed her eyes and fell into a peaceful sleep in Cookie's hooves. Cookie smiled as she gently levitated Flurry back into her carriage. "There now."

"...Wow," Was all Spike managed to say as he saw Flurry rest peacefully.

"Geez, Mom," Sweetie Belle trotted up. "You've got to teach me that."

Cookie chuckled. "I will someday. Anyway, you two should probably take her back home, soon. The little darling needs her rest."

Sweetie Belle nodded. "All right, Mom."

Cookie then heard a sad little sniff coming from behind her. "You okay there, Hondo?"

Hondo quickly shuffled and put on his straightest face. "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Just my allergies working up on me. You know...the pollen around here and what not."

"Of course it is," Cookie playfully rolled her eyes before switching her attention back to the young duo. "Thank you so much for letting me care for her," She told Spike. "She's so precious."

"It's no problem, Ma'am. She really seemed to like you two."

Cookie smiled. "Thank you, sonny."

Hondo then came up. "So, what are you doing with her, again?"

"I'm babysitting," Spike answered. "Someone needed to take care of her while Twilight and her parents are out on some royal business."

"Well..." Hondo exaggeratedly cleared his throat. "You know, if you needed any help watching over her, my wife and I would be happy to lend a helping hoof."

Spike chuckled. "I appreciate it, Sir, but I think Sweetie Belle and I got it covered."

"Oh, yeah. That reminds me," Hondo then switched his attention over to his daughter. "How'd you end up babysitting, anyway? You didn't mention anything about it, earlier."

"I wasn't planning to," Sweetie explained. "I stopped by Twilight's castle to return a book I borrowed from her, but then I saw Spike was babysitting Princess Flurry Heart. She was just so cute that I just had to help babysit her, you know?"

Hondo nodded. "I see," Hondo switched his attention over to Spike. "Is she really helping, or is she more of trouble?"

Spike chuckled. "No, Sir. She's very helpful. She takes very good care of Flurry."

"Good to hear," Hondo looked over to his wife and gave her a little smirk. "Would you look at that, honey? Sweetie Belle has got her own little family going on here."



Spike and Sweetie Belle's cheeks immediately brightened red.

"Hehe. Oh, Dad," Sweetie Belle laughed through her teeth while giving her father the faintest glare. "You and your jokes can be just too much at times."

"Joke?" Hondo played up. "This is no joke. Just look at the three of you," He pointed his hoof between Sweetie Belle, Spike, and Flurry. "You have a mommy, a daddy, and your own little baby that you care for."

"Uhhh..." Spike and Sweetie's eyes were wide and gave each other a quick glance before immediately looking away.

"It's not...I-I mean..." Spike tried to make words. "Uh...We gotta take Flurry back home, now!" He quickly said. "Right, Sweetie Belle?!"

"Right!" She quickly answered. "Like you said, Flurry Heart needs her rest!" They both hurried to Flurry's carriage and began runaway. "Bye, Mom! Bye, Dad!"

"Have a good day!" Spike called back.

"Goodbye, you two!" Hondo and Cookie waved.

After seeing the kids scurry out of sight, Cookie looked over to her husband, eyebrow raised. "Did you really have to go and do that?"

"Oh, I was just having a little fun," Hondo acted innocent.

Cookie chuckled. "You embarrassed them, Hondo."

"Hey, if my little Belle decides to go off and play house with some boy without telling us, I'm not letting her off that easy."

Cookie nodded. "Eh, fair enough."


Spike and Sweetie Belle quickly pushed Flurry's carriage up the path back to Twilight's castle. Neither of them had said anything during the trip back. They could not even bring themselves to face each other; they were just too embarrassed by what Hondo had said about them.

It was not until they had finally reached the castle's doors that Spike broke the silence.

"Well, uh...we're here," Spike said without even facing Sweetie Belle.

"Uh-huh," Sweetie Belle nodded without facing Spike, either. "We're here, all right."


"I, uh...I guess we should take Flurry back inside, right?" Spike reached for the door.

Sweetie Belle nodded again. "I think so."

Spike creaked open the door, and the duo then proceeded to push Flurry Heart's carriage back inside. Once they were in the entrance, Sweetie Belle telekinetically lifted the still napping Flurry into a baby crib Spike had set up in the playroom. Sweetie gently dropped Flurry into her crib, covered her up with her blankie, and then quietly crept out of the room with Spike.

"Okay, that's that," Sweetie Belle whispered as she quietly closed the play room's door.


"How long do you think she'll be out?"

Spike shrugged. "Can't say. Flurry's pretty random. She could be out for a few hours or a few minutes."

"Makes sense."


Silence again.

Spike and Sweetie Belle stood there, not muttering a single word. It was just too awkward for them, now. Why did Hondo have to say what he said? Sweetie Belle would be sure to hide his favorite mustache brush when she got home.

Hesitantly, Sweetie Belle turned to face Spike. "Well, uh...What do we do, now?"

"I don't know..." Spike awkwardly rubbed the back of his. "I haven't thought about what to do if she fell asleep. Maybe..." Maybe I should just send Sweetie Belle home. Flurry's asleep, and the day is almost over so Twilight and her parents should be back sooner or later. Sweetie Belle's helped me enough for the day, and things are just...really awkward now. Spike took a deep breath and slowly turned his attention toward Sweetie Belle. "You know, it's been a pretty long day, and you've helped me a lot, already. If you want really want to, Sweetie Belle, you can go back hom-"

"This is ridiculous," Sweetie Belle firmly interrupted.


"We were having such a great time babysitting before we ran into my parents, but now everything is just so awkward," Sweetie Belle opened her big, green eyes. "Why?"

"I...I don't know. Because your dad said we were like a... little fam-"

"Like a little family," Sweetie Belle interrupted again. "And what's wrong with that?"

Spike paused. "Well...I guess nothing, really-"

"Exactly," Sweetie Belle encouragingly stepped closer. "There's nothing wrong with it. Nothing's changed," Sweetie gave Spike a little smile. "We still like babysitting together, right?"

Spike looked at Sweetie's bright, green eyes. "Yeah," He nodded. "We do."

"Are we're still friends, right?"

Spike nodded again. "Right."

"So there's nothing really wrong, right?"

Spike looked into Sweetie's eyes again, feeling much more comfortable. "Right."

"Right! So we should be good," She placed a hoof on Spike's shoulder. "Okay?"

Spike happily nodded. "Okay."

"Great," Sweetie Belle smiled as she took back her hoof. "Besides," A small blushed appeared on Sweetie's face. "If you really think about it, we kinda are like a family."

Now Spike's cheeks turned red. "Y-You think so?"

"Uh-huh," Sweetie Belle nodded. "It's like what Dad said; we've got a mommy and daddy and our own little baby that we care for together."

"R...Really?" Spike did not know his face could be this warm.

Sweetie Belle giggled. "What's the matter?" She mockingly asked. "You have problem with your family?"

Now Spike was just dumbfounded. "...Huh?"

"I am your wife!" Sweetie Belle playfully stomped her hoof. "If you think there's a problem, you should tell me. Communication is important to keep a healthy marriage. If we don't have a healthy marriage, how are we supposed to raise our precious little Flurry Heart?"

"Uh..." What?

Sweetie Belle suddenly turned around and began to march her way toward the kitchen. "Come with me, dear," She marched on until she noticed Spike was not following her. She stopped, turned her head, and gave the dragon a scowl. "I said, 'come with me, dear,'."

"I...But........" Spike shrugged to himself. "Coming."

With that final word and a satisfied smile from the unicorn, Spike followed Sweetie Belle into the kitchen. Needless to say, Spike was a little more than confused as to what exactly was going on. Just a few moments ago, Sweetie Belle felt awkward about the whole family idea, but now, all of a sudden, she is...embracing it? What is going on?

Once they made their way into the kitchen, Sweetie Belle pointed her hoof toward a small table standing inside.

"Sit," Sweetie Belle ordered.

Spike obeyed without question.

Sweetie Belle then trotted to the refrigerator. "What would you like to drink?"

"Um," Spike looked away and rubbed his head. "I don't know. Juice?" Spike then heard something set in front of him and immediately turned his attention back to the table. He was then greeted by the very curious sight of a cup filled with incredibly dark, burnt juice.

Spike picked up and inspected the glass. ...How? "Erm, you know what? I'm actually feeling some milk."

"Ugh," Sweetie Belle playfully rolled her eyes. "I swear, you never know what you want the first time."

"Hehe. Uh, sorry?"

"No, no. It's fine," Sweetie Belle smiled as she levitated a glass of perfectly fine, non-burnt milk in front of Spike. "This actually works out better," Sweetie Belle then levitated a plate of cookies she had found in a nearby cabinet onto the table.

"Ooh!" Spike face brightened up. "I like where this is going," He reached for a cookie.

Sweetie Belle giggled as Spike munched on his dessert. "So, how was your day, dear?"

"Hmm?" Spike looked up from his munching.

"Work," She answered. "How was work at the diamond mines, today?"

"Erm," Spike still did not exactly know just what was Sweetie Belle doing, but since she seemed pretty determined to play out this whole family act (as well as being so kind as to pull out a plate of Twilight's favorite cookies that Spike would surely have to answer for later), Spike decided that maybe he should just play along.

"Oh, you know, it was...good."

"That's great! Did you find any rare diamonds?"

"A few," He nodded. "It was mostly the same old ones, but we did find a couple of baby blues every now and again."

"Baby blues? Wow! Those are rare!" She brightly smiled. "And what about the lunch I packed you? Was it good?"

"Um..." Spike thought for a moment. "Yeah, it was. Those sandwiches filled me right up."

"Really?" Sweetie Belle pretended to wipe some sweat off of her forehead. "Thank goodness. I was afraid they wouldn't be enough," She giggled. "I think we both know what would happen if you were left hungry in a diamond mine."

Spike chuckled. "Yeah, the boss would have had my head this time."

"Exactly," Sweetie Belle firmly nodded. "You were very lucky you weren't fired the first time."

Spike rolled his eyes. "Oh, come on, I ate one little diamond from a batch one time-"

"And it almost cost you your job!"

Spike playfully slapped his forehead. "You're never gonna let that go, are you?"

"Nope," She quickly answered. "If you lost your job, what would we do? How would that leave us?" Sweetie Belle made a puppy face. "What about our baby?"

"We would've figured something out," Spike gently answered. "We would still have each other, and there is no way I would ever let something happen to you or Flurry Heart," Spike gave Sweetie Belle a little smile. "Promise."

Even though she know he was just playing along, Sweetie Belle could not help but blush a bit from the smile Spike was giving her. "Well, you say all the right things," She shyly said.

"It's how you ended up saying 'yes' to me, isn't it?" He grinned.

She giggled. "Shut up."

Spike chuckled. "So, how was your day, honey?"

Honey? Sweetie Belle blushed more. "Oh, you know, same old, same old," She sheepishly answered. "Cleaned the house, baked some cookies, looked over Flurry, you know."

Spike raised his eyebrow as he grabbed another cookie. "I hope she isn't being too much trouble for you."

"Oh, not at all. If anything, she's actually been behaving better this past week, 'better' being the operative word."

Spike shrugged. "No one said parenting would be easy."


Spike and Sweetie Belle stared at each other for a moment, focusing on the other's green eyes. They gave each other a smile before, without warning, they broke out into laughter.

"HAHAHA!" Spike banged his free claw on the table. "Wow."

"I know!" Sweetie Belle was also cracking up.

"W-What were we doing?" Spike chuckled out. "Why did you make us pull that act?"

"I don't know," Sweetie Belle giggled. "I was just trying to make you comfortable again."

"Haha. And you thought that was the way to go?"

Sweetie Belle crossed her forelegs. "It worked, didn't it? I'm still here. You were about to kick me out, earlier."

"Whaaat?" Spike sweated as he rubbed his head. "I wasn't gonna kick you out."

"Oh, really?" Sweetie Belle sarcastically asked. She then sat up and began to speak in a slightly deeper voice. "Hey Sweetie Belle, it's been a long day. Thank for your help and all, but I think it's time you go home."

"...I wasn't going to say those exact words."

"Ah ha!" Sweetie Belle excitedly pointed her hoof at Spike. "So you admit you wanted to send me away!"

Spike defensively raised his arms in the air. "I just thought maybe you'd like to go. Things were pretty awkward at that moment."

"Well," Sweetie Belle raised her eyebrow. "Are things awkward now?"

Kinda, actually. "Well...I guess not. Not anymore."

"But do you still want me to leeeeaaaave?"

"I...don't mind you sticking around."

"Good," Sweetie Belle closed her eyes and gave herself a little nod. "Then I'm staying."

"...All right, then," Spike rubbed the back of his head. Geez. The way she's so determined to stick around, she sounds like she really could be my wife.

Sweetie Belle then hopped off her seat and began to leave. "I'll be right back. I'm going to go check on Flurry Heart," She happily said.

"Okay," Spike responded as he watched her trot off.

Now left alone, Spike grabbed another cookie and sat back. It's been quite a day. He was munching on another cookie when he heard a shriek coming from playroom.


Spike coughed out the cookie. "What the?!" He hopped off his chair and sprinted out of the kitchen. He dashed through the halls and burst through the playroom door. "What happened?!" Spike saw Sweetie Belle leaning over Flurry Heart's crib.

Sweetie Belle tearfully looked at Spike. "She's gone!"

"What?!" Spike ran up to the crib and saw that it was indeed empty. "W-Where is she?!" Spike sounded extremely worried.

"I don't know! I just came in and she was gone!"

Spike searched all around the crib but found nothing but baby toys. "Well, she's gotta be around here somewhere! Come on, start looking!"

Sweetie Belle wiped off her tears. "Right," She sternly nodded.

The duo broke away from the crib and began searching all over the playroom. They looked near the toy blocks, in the mini ball pit, and under the giant teddy bears, but Flurry Heart was nowhere to be found. Spike and Sweetie Belle were absolutely panicking when Sweetie Belle noticed some brown, little hoofprints on the floor.

"Spike, look!" She called Spike over and pointed out hoofprints.

"These hoofprints look like they could be Flurry's!"

"Yeah! Let's follow them!"

Spike and Sweetie Belle followed the hoofprints to the other side of the playroom where they stopped before a door.

"The closet?" Spike asked out loud.

Spike reached for the door's handle and opened it. Inside, Spike and Sweetie found Flurry Heart pulling chocolate pudding cups out of the diaper bag. Feeling relieved after finally finding her, Spike and Sweetie Belle wiped some sweat off their foreheads and gave the baby a slightly stern look. "Flurry."

Flurry Heart turned around looked up at her two caretakers, face full of chocolate pudding. "Uh-oh."


Spike and Sweetie Belle were happily playing with Flurry Heart in the playroom. After catching Flurry sneaking away with the chocolate pudding, Spike and Sweetie gave her a little talk about worrying them but otherwise just asked her not to do it again and let her go. Once the trail of chocolate hoofprints Flurry left was all cleaned up, Spike and Sweetie gave Flurry a quick bubble bath, and then they went straight to playtime.

The young trio were all gathered around a small table.

"More tea, Princess Flurry Heart?" Sweetie Belle asked in a posh accent resembling her sister's.

"Uh-huh," Flurry happily nodded as Sweetie Belle pretended to fill her teacup.

"How about you, Mr. Stuffington?" Sweetie Belle poured some more for Flurry's giant teddy bear.

"And for you two, Princess Twilight and Princess Cadance?" The Filly meal toys standing next to Flurry stayed silent as Sweetie poured them more tea.

"And you, Sir Spike?"

"...Sure," Spike embarrassingly help up his cup. Oh please, please, PLEASE don't let anypony see me.

Sweetie Belle giggled and poured some more pretend tea for Spike.

"Thanks," Spike gave Sweetie a little nod.

Flurry looked up at Spike. "Eh! Eh!" She pretended to sip from her cup.

Spike chuckled. "All right, all right," He just could not resist that little face. Spike raised his cup to face, pointed out his pinkie claw (Spike never really knew why he did that, but it just felt fancier to him for some reason), and took a sip. "Exquisite," Now Spike was talking in a fancy accent. "I must say, you have certainly outdone yourself with this tea party, Princess Flurry Heart. Wouldn't you agree, Madam Belle?"

"Oh, most certainly, Sir Spike. Well done, Princess Flurry Heart."

Both Spike and Sweetie Belle gave Flurry a respectful bow. Flurry responded with a big smile and bowing back.

"See?" Sweetie Belle eyed Spike. "Aren't you glad you joined us? The tea party made Flurry so happy."

"Yeah, yeah," Spike blushed. "Just don't tell anypony about this, okay?"

Sweetie Belle raised her eyebrow and gave Spike a smirk. "I'll think about it."

"Ugh," Spike rolled his eyes. Why me? He then turned his attention over to the baby. "Well, that was fun. What do you want to do now, Flurry?"

Flurry sat up and stretched out her hooves.

"You want to rest?" Spike asked. Or do yoga?

"Uh-huh," Flurry nodded. She then levitated her bottle to her and flew off on to a nearby pillow. Flurry made herself comfortable and began to enjoy her milk, simply letting her two caretakers take a break.

"I guess she's still tired," Sweetie Belle suggested.

"Makes sense. Her nap was pretty short."


Spike and Sweetie Belle just watched Flurry feeding on her bottle for a moment.

"So, what do we do now?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Just hang out here, I guess. See if she falls asleep, again."

"Gotcha," Sweetie Belle nodded. She watched little Flurry snuggle all around the pillow, yawning. "She does look tired."

"Think we should help her out?"

Sweetie Belle nodded. "Let's."

Spike and Sweetie Belle got up from the table and scooted over beside Flurry.

"Hey there, Flurry Heart," Sweetie Belle softly said.

"You tired?" Spike gently added.

Flurry yawned. "Uh-huh."

"Well then," Spike picked up Flurry and began to softly rock her in his arms.

Flurry happily snuggled in Spike's warm embrace as he gently rocked her. Despite Spike having scales, Flurry very comfortable in his arms. Feeling her eyelids becoming increasingly heavy, Flurry let out a soft yawn and snuggled against Spike's chest.

Not wanting to be left out, Sweetie Belle slipped beside Spike and Flurry and began to brush Flurry's head, something Flurry really appeared to enjoy. Flurry let out another little yawn as she began to slowly drift away.

"Look at that," Spike whispered. "She's almost there."

"Yeah," Sweetie quietly replied. "Hey, I got an idea."

"What is it?"

"Remember when my mom was rocking her to sleep, she was humming a song?"

"Oh, yeah," Spike nodded. "I remember that."

"Then how about I sing Flurry a lullaby?"

"I think that would be nice," Spike then looked down at Flurry. "Would you like that, Flurry?"

Not having the strength to give him an audible reply, Flurry Heart gave Spike a small smile followed by a little nod.

"All right. Go for it, Sweetie Belle."

Sweetie Belle nodded and began to lean in closer to Flurry Heart. Sweetie Belle looked into Flurry's sparkling, tired eyes and smiled. She's so precious. Then, with one deep breath, Sweetie Belle softly began to sing.

Hush now, Quiet now,
It's time to lay your sleepy head,
Hush now, Quiet now,
It's time to go to beeeed.

Flurry snuggled more in Spike's chest as she began to get lost in Sweetie Belle's angelic voice.

Driftin', Off to sleep,
Leave the excitin' day behind you,
Drifting, Off to sleep,
Let the joy of dream land find yoouu.

Flurry smiled at the song.

Hush now, Quiet now,
Lay your sleepy head,
Hush now, Quiet now,
It's time to go toooo-

Sweetie Belle leaned in a little closer.


Flurry Heart looked up at her two caretakers and smiled. Then, with one final little yawn, Flurry closed her eyes and peacefully drifted off to sleep.

Spike and Sweetie Belle smiled at the sleeping baby and quietly carried her off to her crib. They gently laid Flurry down, placed her whammy under her hoof, and covered her up with her blankie.

"Aww," Sweetie Belle quietly purred as she looked down at the sleeping Flurry. "She's so adorable."

"Yeah," Spike nodded. "She sure is."

Sweetie Belle watched a little longer. "How long do you think she'll be?"

"I'm guessing a good, long time, now," Spike answered. "She really seemed tired."

"Aw," Sweetie Belle playfully frowned. "No more playtime?"

"I guess not," Spike chuckled. "Come on, let's leave her alone."

"But what if she sneaks around again?"

Spike looked at the sleeping, mumbling Flurry. "I really doubt she'll be up for it this time, but how about we just stay in the next room so we can hear her?"

Sweetie Belle thought for a moment. "Sure, that'll work."

"Cool," Spike began to turn around. "Come on."

"Right behind ya."

Spike and Sweetie Belle slowly crept towards the room's exit, trying to be as quiet as possible. They maneuvered around any toy that was left lying on the floor, hearing only Flurry's little muffles and snores until they finally reached the door. As Spike was raising his claw to grab hold of the handle, he and Sweetie Belle heard a peculiar sound coming from Flurry.

"Unckkk..." Flurry loudly snored.

Spike and Sweetie Belle paused and gave each other a confused look. "Huh?"

"Unckkk..." Flurry happily snored again. "Unckkk...el...Spiiiike."

Spike's eyes went wide open. "What did she say?"

Sweetie Belle gave him a smile. "I think she's trying to say 'Uncle Spike.'"

"R-Really?" Spike stood still and waited for Flurry to mumble again.

"Unc...le...Spike," Flurry reached out and smiled as she snored.

"Aw," Sweetie turned to Spike. "She is calling you uncle."

"Whoa..." Spike felt his cheeks redden. She actually thinks of me as her uncle? A smile began to form on Spike's face. "Wow."

"Congratulations!" Sweetie Belle whispered. "You're her real uncle, now!"

"Hehe," Spike rubbed the back of his head. "Cool."

"Ahhh...nnt..." They heard Flurry mumble.

Spike listened intently. "Now what's she trying to say?"

Flurry started again. "Ahhh...nnt...Sweeeee...tee."

Now Sweetie Belle's eye popped open. "Did she just say "Aunt Sweetie'?!"

"Auunnt...Sweet...ee..Belle," Flurry mumbled.

"Aww!" Sweetie Belle's eyes sparkled. "Did you hear that? She thinks I'm her aunt!"

"I heard," Spike nodded. "Congrats."

Sweetie Belle squeed. She just wanted to gallop over to Flurry and raise her up in the air with her hooves, showering her with all the hugs and kisses she had in her. However, in spite of her great urge, Sweetie Belle stayed put, knowing very well she should let the little alicorn have her rest. I'll get you later, you little angel. Sweetie Belle smiled at Flurry as she closed the door behind her.

Now outside the playroom, Sweetie Belle giddily began to trot in place. "She called me her aunt, Spike! I'm her aunt!"

"Haha. Calm down a bit, Sweetie. You might wake her up."

"I know, I know. I'm sorry," Sweetie Belle forced herself to stand still, still giggling. "But I just can't help myself," She closed her eyes and snuggled her face in her hooves.

Spike playfully shook his head. "No problem, I get it," He patted her head. "You deserve it, you know? You've been real good to her, today."

"Hehe," Sweetie Belle lifted her head. "You think so?"

"Of course," Spike answered. "You've changed her, fed her, and played with just about every single game and toy I bought for her in there."

Sweetie Belle gave herself a calm, little nod. "Yeah...I guess I did do all of that, huh? It's too bad we never got to do makeovers, though."

Spike coughed. "Yeah, that's too bad," He quickly said.

"Hey, how did you afford all that stuff for her, anyway?"

Spike shrugged. "I just used a few of my gems. It was nothing really. I'm surprised they were able to get me as much as they did."

Sweetie Belle gave him a little laugh. "You have a pretty expensive diet, you know that?"

Spike chuckled. "Yeah, I guess I do."

Sweetie Belle finished snickered and placed a hoof on Spike's shoulder. "Well, I think it was really sweet of you to give some of your gems for Flurry's sake."

Spike looked down at the hoof on his shoulder and blushed. "Ah...It was nothing," He bashfully rubbed the back of his head.

Sweetie Belle rolled her eyes. "It wasn't nothing, Spike. It was sweet," She took her hoof off Spike's shoulder and looked into his eyes. "It was really sweet," She gave him a soft smile. "You're really good uncle to her, Spike."

"Because I bought her a lot of stuff?"

"No," Sweetie Belle shook her head. "Because you care enough to try."

"Well..." Spike gave himself a small smile. "I do care for her a lot."

Sweetie giggled. "See?"

Spike looked into Sweetie Belle green eyes and fully smiled. "Yeah, I guess so. You know, you're a pretty good aunt to her, yourself."

Sweetie Belle nodded. "Yeah, I think you said that, already. Huh..." Sweetie Belle tapped a hoof on her chin. "Uncle Spike and Aunt Sweetie Belle.. Hmm..." She smirked. "I wonder what Flurry meant by that."

Spike shrugged. "Probably the same thing your dad meant."

Sweetie Belle playfully raised her eyebrow. "Not as awkward for you this time?"

Spike shook his head. "Nuh-uh."

"Good. Me neither."


"Hmm..." Sweetie Belle tapped her chin again. "But you know, thinking about it, being your real wife someday doesn't sound so bad," She blushed.

Spike's face went from purple to red. "W-What?"

"Hehe. Gotcha," She winked.

"...Oh," Spike breathed out and wiped his forehead. "Not funny," He chuckled.

Sweetie Belle giggled. "So are we just supposed to hangout here until Twilight or someone shows up?"

Spike nodded. "Pretty much."

Sweetie Belle brightly smiled. "Sounds good to me," She reached down and grabbed his claw. "Come on! Let's go eat some more cookies!" She cheered as she dragged him back to the kitchen.

Spike stumbled to keep up as Sweetie Belle pulled him with her surprising strength. "Dah! Hey, wait!"

"Hmm?" Sweetie Belle stopped and turned her head to face Spike. "What's up?"

Spike stood up and looked at Sweetie Belle. "No need to drag me like a rag doll," He smiled. "I'm down."

Sweetie Belle's eyes sparkled. "Okay."

Spike began to walk.

"You're still holding my hoof," Sweetie Belle pointed out.

Spike looked down for a second. "So I am," He smirked.

Sweetie Belle giggled. "Well, then..." They then proceeded to walk into the kitchen together.


"I'm back!" Twilight called out as she entered her castle.

"SHH!" Spike shushed as he hurried toward the castle's entrance. "Flurry's asleep."

"Oh!" Twilight covered her mouth. "Sorry!"

"Aw, now look what's happened," Sweetie Belle emerged from the playroom, carrying Flurry Heart in one of her forelegs. "You woke up Flurry."

Flurry stretched out her forelegs and let out a little yawn, her senses only beginning to return to her.

"I'm sorry," Twilight apologized. "I just really wanted to come here and make sure everything was okay."

Spike and Sweetie Belle gave each other an amused look before looking back at Twilight. "You mean, you doubted us?"

Twilight's eyes widened. "I-I mean, it's not that I thought you couldn't handle it, I just thought maybe..." Twilight moved her eyes all over the place, trying to think of something to say. In doing so, she finally noticed the state of her castle. "Wow..." Twilight marveled. "This place looks...spotless!"

Indeed, the castle was as clean and in shape as when she had left it.

"Eeyup," Spike smirked. "You won't find stain anywhere here."

"B-But..." Twilight mumbled. "How?"

Sweetie Belle smiled. "We just took care of her. Sure, there were a few messes here and there, but Flurry really did behave herself," Sweetie snuggled her face with Flurry's. "Isn't that right, Flurry Heart?"

Flurry simply giggled as she snuggled back.

Twilight looked down at the snuggling duo. "Well...That's...That's great!" Twilight beamed. "Good job, Spike, and thank you so much for helping, Sweetie Belle."

Sweetie Belle happily shrugged. "Oh, I just helped out a bit. It really wasn't much."

"She's right," Spike stepped in, smirking. "She really didn't do anything. I did all the work. Sweetie Belle just stood around and watched. She really wasn't any help," He winked.

"Ah!" Sweetie playfully dropped her jaw. "I was just trying to be modest."

"Really? I thought you were just trying to be honest."

"*Gasp* You jerk!" Sweetie Belle lightly punched Spike's arm with a snicker. "And I thought you were a gentledragon."

Spike shrugged. "Well, normally I am, but for you-"

Spike and Sweetie Belle continued their playful bickering for just a bit longer, leaving Twilight a little confused. She repeatedly looked back and forth between them whenever one spoke up. What's with these two?

The quarrels finally ended when Flurry let out one final, loud yawn. Now fully awake, Flurry turned her head and saw her Auntie Twilight standing right in front of her. Flurry's face formed a big smile as she flew out of Sweetie Belle's hoof and landed on Twilight's back. "Ni na!"

"Flurry Heart!" Twilight eagerly levitated Flurry into her embrace. "Oh, I missed you, too!" Twilight began to bombard her niece with kisses. "How was your day? Did you have fun? Did Spike and Sweetie Belle take good care of you?"

Flurry nodded. "Uh-huh," Twilight resumed her attack.

Seeing this, Spike and Sweetie Belle gave each other a quick a nod and ended their little game.

"So," Spike began. "How did it go in Yakyakistan?"

"Oh," Twilight held Flurry in one of her forelegs. "It went well. Thanks to Pinkie, Prince Rutherford was very agreeable."

"Really?" Spike replied. "That's good to hear."

"Is everyone else back, too?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Oh, yeah," Spike added. "Where are Cadance and Shining Armor?"

"Huh?" Twilight took a break from kissing Flurry and processed what was asked. "Oh!" Twilight quickly covered her mouth. "Oh my gosh! Shining Armor! I completely forgot!"

"What's wrong?" Spike asked. "What happened to Shining Armor?"

Twilight looked down at Spike. "He fell down a well!"

"..." Spike and Sweetie Belle raised their eyebrows. "Huh?"

Twilight held Flurry in one hoof as she began to explain. "You see, Shining Armor was really missing Flurry Heart during the entire trip. A lot. Like, a lot, a lot. Seriously, the moment we stepped hoof in the train to Yakyakistan, he was already crying! The entire day; tears, tissues, pictures, everything. He just couldn't bear being away from her," Twilight took a deep breath. "So you can imagine just how excited Shining Armor was during our ride back home; he was smiling, hopping, he practically didn't care about anything else. The moment the train returned us to Ponyville, Shining hopped out of our cart and sprinted through town," Twilight slowly shook her head. "I'm guessing he was a bit too blind by his own excitement that was he wasn't paying attention to his surroundings because, when the rest of us caught up to him, he somehow tripped and fell into a well," Twilight breathed out. "A really deep well."

Spike and Sweetie Belle were stuck staring at the mare, wide-eyed. "...How deep?"

Twilight leaned in closer. "He was still falling when Cadance told me to go ahead here."

"........Wow," They both replied.

"Eeyup," Twilight breathed out again before putting on a small smile for the kids. "But don't worry about him. He should be fine," Twilight chuckled. "I've seen that knucklehead survive much worse. Even a well that deep shouldn't be a problem for him. Still," Twilight looked at Flurry. "We should probably start heading back over there. He should be hitting the bottom of the well any minute now, and, when he does, the others and I will probably have to help him back up."

"Aww," Sweetie Belle sadly looked at Flurry. "Do you really have to go, now?"

Twilight gave Sweetie an apologetic look. "I'm sorry, Sweetie Belle, but I was only supposed to come here to pick up Flurry Heart. Her parents really miss her, and I'm sure Flurry's the first thing Shining Armor wants to see as soon as we get him out of that well."

Sweetie Belle stared at Twilight for a moment. "...You're right," She nodded. "It's been a long day, and I'm sure her parents really miss her," She looked up at Flurry Heart. "I know I would," She smiled at the baby.

"I'm sorry, Sweetie Belle," Twilight gently apologized again.

"No, it's fine. I understand," Sweetie Belle took a peek out the window. "Besides, it's getting pretty late. My parents are probably wondering about me by now. I should probably be heading home, anyway," Sweetie Belle stepped closer. "But before I do..." She took another quick glance at Flurry. "May I...?"

Twilight happily nodded. "Of course," She levitated Flurry into Sweetie's hooves.

Sweetie Belle snuggled her face with Flurry's. "I'm really gonna miss you," She gave the baby a little kiss on the forehead. "Goodbye, Flurry."

Flurry brightly stared back at Sweetie Belle. "Bye-bye, Auntie."

Sweetie Belle's eyes sparkled. "Oh, you!" She gave Flurry another snuggle and kiss before contently returning her to Twilight.

Seeing the young unicorn finish her farewell, Twilight took a step to her side to allow Sweetie Belle out but was left surprised when, instead, Sweetie Belle turned around and trotted down toward Spike. Huh?

"Hey," Sweetie Belle greeted.

"Hey," Spike smiled. "So this is goodbye, then, huh?"

Sweetie Belle giggled. "Yeah, I guess so."

"Aw, shucks..." Spike lightly kicked his foot on the floor. "I was just starting to get used to you."

Sweetie Belle blushed. "I'm sure you'll see me around," She smiled. "Thank you so much for letting me help out."

"Don't mention it. Thanks for helping me babysit. It was..." Now Spike blushed. "Nice."

"Glad you think so, too," She smiled as she began to turn around. "Well...bye."

"Hey, wait," Spike stopped her.

"Hmm?" She turned her head around.

Spike's face turned red. "It's uh...kinda dark out there, don't ya think?"

Sweetie Belle looked out the window. "Uh...Yeah, I guess so."

"Yeah. A-And you know, things can get dangerous in the dark. You might run into a manticore or a hydra or something," Spike tried to keep the straightest face. "So you know maybe...I should go with you to make sure you get home safe."

A tiny, knowing little smirk formed on Sweetie Belle's face as she raised her eyebrow at the young dragon. "Sure," She casually said as she reached down and grabbed Spike's claw. "Come. Protect me."

"Uh, will do!" He happily began to lead Sweetie Belle toward the exit.

As they were passing by, Spike stopped and faced Twilight. "I'll catch up with you and Flurry as soon I make sure Sweetie Belle makes it home, okay?"

Twilight teasingly raised her eyebrow. "Okay, then."

"Great. And don't forget her stuff. It's all in the next room," I only wish I could be here to see your reaction to your Filly Meal toy. He then looked toward Flurry. "I promise I'll be back soon, okay, Flurry?"

"Okay," Flurry Heart happily nodded.

"Thanks," Spike and Sweetie Belle began to leave.

"Bye, Uncle!" Flurry Heart waved.

"Hehe," Spike blushed. "Bye."

Twilight watched as Spike and Sweetie Belle made their way down the shadowy streets.

"Hey, you want to stop by the ice cream shop before we get to your place?" Spike asked.

"Sure," Sweetie Belle happily nodded.

"Great! I was feeling a vanilla shake."

"*Gasp* Me too!"

"No way! Seriously?"

"Totally. Vanilla is like my favorite."

"It's one of my favorites, too. My absolute favorite is strawberry."

"That's my second favorite. Actually, I think I could go for that, too."

"Then how about we get both share them? My treat."

"Haha. Such a gentledragon."


"Huh," Twilight contently looked at Flurry Heart. "Spreading love and joy between two hearts. You really are Cadance's daughter, aren't you?"

Flurry giggled. "Uh-huh," She nodded.


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" *Takes another deep breath* "AAAAAHHHHH-OOF!!!..............Wha-?" Shining Armor stumbled to his feet. "Somepony made a well this big but didn't even bother to fill it with water?!" He tried to shake off his dizziness. "Whatever. I'm coming, Flurry!"