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Prom Night's Light - RS-Belle14

It's prom night! Time for the girls to dress up, take pictures, and have a good time.

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The Prom

And so it all began.

Everyone arrived at the park soon after they had all left the boutique. It was a very bright and green park with an abundance of trees and colorful flowers covering its extensive landscape. However, the grand piece de resistance had to be the lake located at the center of the park. The park had a very pretty lake with some beautiful, sparkling blue water and a pretty white bridge that stretched all across the lake. It just looked like the absolute perfect place for everyone to take their prom pictures.

It also appeared to be a popular spot as well; there was already a group of prom-goers getting their pictures taken there. The girls did not mind though; they understood. The location was just gorgeous. They were actually more surprised that they were currently the only group waiting for that spot. Lucky them, they supposed.

The girls waited for a little while, passing the time with some small talk. It was not too long before the preceding group finished and began clearing from the spot. Once the other group left, the parents pulled out their cameras, and the girls stepped up.

They started off with some group pictures. Everyone and their dates got together on the bridge and began with a simple, formal pose. After a few more formal group photos, they moved on to more silly poses. One picture had them making childish gestures, another had them pose as if they were secret agents, and there was one where they were professional wrestlers, another samurai warriors, next ninja assassins, super heroes, ki-blasting anime characters, high-speed hedgehogs, spinning bandicoots, magical wizards, Italian plumbers, kaijus, jaegers, hobbits, Kokiri, and whatever else Pinkie Pie could come up with (which was a lot). After finishing Pinkie's long list of poses, everyone moved on to couples pictures.

First up were Fluttershy and Tree Hugger. They walked toward the center of the bridge and started off with a friendly, traditional hug picture and followed up by having one with them doing the "Peace" sign together. They took a few more pictures and ended their session with a picture of them lying down on the park's green grass and "enjoying Mother Nature's bed."

Next up were Pinkie and Maud. They took their spot on the bridge and did some fun sisterly pictures; holding each other's hands, hugging each with their faces touching, Maud putting Pinkie in headlock (or rather, Pinkie placing herself in a headlock), and the like. All the girls may care for each other dearly, but only Pinkie and Maud could show some true sisterly love. The look on Maud's face said it all.

Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity came up next. Their first picture was one of wrapping their arms around each other's shoulders, smiling together as bright as day. Their second one had them each hold a bouquet of flowers, holding them center so they would all meet together. Their third one had them place a hand on their hips and pose at the camera with a bit of sass. In fact, that seemed to be what they were going for for the rest of their pictures: single but with friends, confidence, and attitude.

Miss Twilight and Spike stepped up afterwards. They started off with Miss Twilight holding Spike close to her chest, smiling at the camera together. Their next was of them snuggling together, and then there was one of them making silly faces. As they continued, it became more evident that their pictures were coming out more as if they were contestants in a pet show rather than prom goers; every one of their pictures was of Miss Twilight holding Spike in some cute way, but even so, no one would deny that their pictures may have just been the cutest ones.

After having her pictures taken with Spike, Miss Twilight found that she was not finished with her prom pictures just yet; at the request of just about every single one of her friends, Miss Twilight would of course be having her picture taken with her Equestrian counterpart, Princess Twilight. They started off with the usual hugging, shoulder holding, and hand holding poses but then moved on to more thematically appropriate ones. For their next one, they crossed their arms and looked at each other with expressions on their faces that kind of said "Yeah... You're kind of good looking," The rest of their pictures was of them doing, what else, mirror image poses; whatever pose one Twilight did, the other would mirror. Waving at each other, glaring at one another, smiling at each other, these were some pretty fun pictures.

And last but certainly not least were the pictures of the happy couple, Princess Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer. They started off with the usual, expected poses (hugs, silly faces, etc.), but like everyone before them, they moved on to the more unique ones; kissy faces, facing each other nose to nose, kisses on the cheek, their pictures were definitely a little different than everyone else's. Twilight and Sunset are actually together-together, and they wanted to show it a bit.

After Twilight and Sunset had finished, everyone took some quick pictures with their families, and, with that, the group's photo session ended. It was time to head off for some dinner and let the next group of prom-goers take some pictures. Once everyone reached the parking lot, the parents and friends bid the girls (and Spike) farewell.

"You kids have fun."

"Take care of my daughter, okay?"

"Don't do anything too crazy."

"Have a great time."

The girls all thanked their loved ones and waved them goodbye as they drove off. Now alone, the girls decided to move on to the next chapter of their schedule.

"All right, ladies," Rarity started. "Our dinner reservations are in approximately twenty minutes. I suggest we start for the restaurant at once lest we miss our time, agreed?" Rarity's friends nodded. "All right then, let's not stand here any longer. Let's head out!"

The girls separated and went to their respective vehicles once again, and as before, Twilight seemed to be having a little trouble getting her gown inside the car.

"Don't tear it...Not too fast now...Easy does it..." Twilight eased her way inside the passenger seat. "Almost there aaaand...done," Twilight wiped some sweat off her forehead. "I don't know how you manage to do this so easily."

Sunset laughed as she effortlessly got in driver's seat. "I've just had plenty of practice. This isn't the first time I've had to squeeze my way into a car wearing one of Rarity's dresses. You'll get used to it over time."

"Eh...I'm not so sure about that. How often am I going to end up doing this?" Twilight joked.

Sunset cocked her head. "Good point," Sunset turned the key in the ignition and started the car. "Ready to go?"

Twilight fastened her seat belt. "I am now. So, a restaurant, huh? What's it like?"

"It's really nice. It has this upper class look to it without being too hoity-toity, and it's pretty affordable," Sunset began to steer Pinkie's car out of the parking lot. "I'm sure you'll like it."

"Me too," Twilight smiled. "I might need your help on deciding what to eat, though. I'm still not entirely familiar with this world's choice of cuisine."

"It has more variety than Restaurant Row. That's for sure," Sunset chuckled. "Don't worry. I'll help. You won't be unintentionally eating meat under my watch."

"Thank you, Sunset," Twilight nodded. "And for the record, Restaurant Row has plenty of variety, nowadays."

"Really?" That caught Sunset by surprise. "That's weird. All the restaurants at Restaurant Row had nothing but these small, awful tasting I-hesitate-to-call-it-food bits back when I lived in Canterlot. What happened?"

"Rarity and Pinkie Pie were sent on a Friendship Mission to Canterlot that ended up changing the entire cuisine in Restaurant Row."

"...Really?" Sunset rolled her eyes. "Do you and the others get a kick out of changing the status quo all over Equestria or something because you guys do that a lot. You know that, right?"

"We just travel to wherever the map directs us so we can solve friendship problems. All we hope to do during our missions is solve the friendship problem and help bring ponies together. Besides," Twilight crossed her arms. "I don't think anypony should be complaining about Restaurant Row having edible food nowadays."

"...True," Sunset conceded. "Sorry. I just wish somepony would've done that when I still lived in Canterlot. You guys get actual food while I was stuck with those disgusting bits. I can't tell you how many times I walked out of those restaurants with an empty stomach and an even emptier wallet."

"Ha. Sorry about that. How about I take you out to eat at the new Restaurant Row the next time you visit?"

"Sounds good to me, but first," Sunset took a right turn. "I'm taking you out to dinner."


Everyone arrived at the restaurant with just a couple a minutes to spare. After hurrying inside (and hiding Spike inside Miss Twilight's purse), they checked in and were almost immediately seated.

Twilight had to admit, the restaurant really did look upper class; the waiter and waitresses were very well dressed, the tables and curtains were all covered in lovely snow-white cloth, and there were quite a few lovely pieces of art displayed across the restaurant's walls, ceiling, and ground. Twilight particularly admired a water fountain near the restaurant's entrance. It was a large wishing fountain with a big, beautiful white horse statue that welcomed all of the restaurant's patrons with its majestic waters and beauty. Twilight really did like the look of the restaurant.

The girls were seated in a large, round table near the center of the restaurant. Once seated, they ordered their drinks and ate some of the complimentary biscuits at the center of the table while they looked over the menu. Soon enough, their drinks arrived and the waiter asked if they were ready to order. Ordering food did not turn out to be as awkward as Twilight had feared it would be; as it turned out, none of her friends felt right about eating meat around her, Sunset, or Fluttershy, so they all ordered vegetarian-friendly entrees. The waiter took their order, and, after waiting for a while, their food arrived, and everyone ate to their hearts' contents.

As they ate, the girls began to recount some of the memories they have had together at Canterlot High. There were plenty. Some of the memories made them laugh, others made them feel proud, and a few of Pinkie's left everyone confused (except for Maud). Every one of the girls had at least one memory they wanted to share and relive with their friends again; the Freshman Fair, forming the Rainbooms, the fundraiser to go to camp Everfree, the list goes on. Of course, their absolute favorite memories of Canterlot High were of the magical adventures they had together.

It all started with that fateful Fall Formal. Back then, these best friends were not really acting like friends, especially Sunset Shimmer (who apologized many times over throughout the entire time the girls were retelling this particular part of their high school history). They hardly ever interacted with each other, and whenever they did, it usually was not very pleasant. Sadly, that was what they thought their relationship would be like for all of high school, and for a long while, it seemed like it really would. But then, something happened.

A new girl and her dog named Twilight Sparkle and Spike, respectively, arrived at Canterlot High, seeking the magical crown of the Princess of the Fall Formal. Although they were very unfamiliar with this strange new world, Twilight and Spike felt a connection with the Canterlot High students, especially toward Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash. With Twilight's help, the other girls learned the truth behind their broken friendship, made amends, and became best friends once again. Now reunited, these girls decided to band together and attempt to do the impossible; help Twilight overthrow Canterlot High's ruthless queen bee, Sunset Shimmer, and become the new Princess of the Fall Formal. With their combined effort, they succeeded! Their troubles, however, were far from over.

Despite Twilight's victory, Sunset Shimmer still managed to get her hands on the crown, and by harnessing its magical power, Sunset transformed herself into a hideous, terrifyingly powerful she-demon ready to do away with these meddling girls once and for all. It was very frightening. All hope seemed lost. Twilight and her friends were just ordinary girls. What chance did they have of defeating such a being? Twilight and her friends held on to each other, ready to accept their fate together, but just before Sunset's blast could harm them, a miracle happened.

Somehow, a magical barrier formed around the girls and protected them from the blast. Seeing the aura around them, Twilight realized that the crown's magic was manifesting inside her and her friends. Immediately after learning what was happening, Twilight, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash transformed into magical human-pony beings and unleashed a powerful, rainbow blast of magic on Sunset, defeating her once and for all.

That's how it all began.

"Why?" Sunset covered her face in embarrassment. "No matter how many times we tell it, that story never gets any better," She chuckled.

"Hehe. Ah, come on. Don't be a downer. It's a classic!" Rainbow Dash gave Sunset a good bump on the shoulder. "Besides, you know we forgive you."

"Yeah, you did but the other students weren't so quick to. Couldn't we have talked about the Battle of the Bands and the Sirens, instead? I actually like that one. People started liking me around then."

"Oh, that one's my favorite," Twilight joined in.

"Really?" Sunset raised her eyebrow. "That's odd. You were pretty stressed throughout most of that one."

"I know, but I really liked the way we all came together in the end, and that giant alicorn we conjured has to be one of my most favorite spells ever. Aaaand," Twilight snuggled up on Sunset's shoulder. "It was around that time when you and I had started to get to know each other."

"Hehe. Yeah, I guess it was, wasn't it? Remember when I found you writing in Pinkie's kitchen?"

Twilight smiled. "Yes, I do."

"Boulder and I remember that as well," Maud spoke up. "It was late at night. I was in my room sleeping when Boulder had woken me up, telling me that he was hungry. I was walking him to the kitchen where we found the both of you standing there all alone, talking to each other, discussing your inner turmoils and insecurities, leaving yourselves quite open and vulnerable to each other, all while Sunset was licking whipped cream off her thumb in front of Twilight. The romantic tension in the air was palpable. Boulder didn't want to leave, but I told him we had to respect your privacy. I grabbed his food and we left, leaving you both alone to do as you please," Maud took a sip of her drink.

Twilight and Sunset were left in a slight state of shock after hearing Maud's recap. "Yeeaahh," Sunset slowly nodded. "You've really read into that one, Maud."

"I'll say," Twilight quietly agreed before turning her attention back to Sunset. "It was also around that time that we started talking to each other with our journals."

"I know. I still can't believe the magic in our journals could actually transcend dimensions. Remember the first message I-"

"Okay, we get it," Rainbow interrupted. "You get lost in each other's eyes. You dream of each other every night. You're together. We get it but come on, give us a break from the warm, fuzzy stuff, for once. You're gonna make me toss up this food."

"Rainbow Dash!" Rarity scolded. "You leave them alone," She turned her attention to Twilight and Sunset. "Don't listen to her, darlings. I, for one, find your history together to be very romantic."

Twilight lightly waved her hand. "No, no. Rainbow's right. I'm getting too carried away here. I really should stop," Twilight turned to Rainbow. "Sorry, Rainbow Dash."

"It's cool," Rainbow nonchalantly answered as she took another bite.

"All right then," Hmm. Let's see, now. "Uh, Miss Twilight?" Twilight caught her double's attention. "Why don't you tell us all more about how your life's been ever since you transferred to Canterlot High? I'm sure it's been very interesting for you, and I'd really like to hear about it."

"Yeah, me too."

"It must have been pretty interesting."

"What's it been like?"

"Is it scary?"

"Will you tell us?"

"Oh," Miss Twilight looked back as everyone else starting asking her questions. "Um, sure! If everyone really wants know," Miss Twilight tapped her chin. "Hmm. Now, where should I start?"

"How about the beginning?" Twilight suggested

"Okay. Is that okay with everyone?" Miss Twilight asked and a received a nod from all her friends. "Okay, then. Well, I had been studying the strange phenomenon that had been going on at Canterlot High for some time, but it all really started when I participated in the Friendship Games..."


Twilight's day had been pretty interesting so far. Modeling her prom dress was quite the experience, and getting her picture taken over and over again at the park was pretty fun. Dinner was good, and Miss Twilight's Canterlot High stories were pretty interesting. All in all, it had been a pretty fun day for Twilight, but now the day was over; the evening had arrived, and it was time for the main event.

Twilight could see Canterlot High getting closer as Sunset drove toward it. As they were approaching, Twilight noticed the gymnasium illuminating many colorful lights into the starry, dark sky. They looked very inviting and became increasingly more so the closer Twilight and Sunset approached the school. After just a few short minutes, Twilight and Sunset found themselves cruising through Canterlot High's parking lot, looking for a parking space. Thankfully, despite it being prom night, Canterlot High's parking lot was a pretty sizable one, so it did not take them too long to find a spot near the football field.

As soon as she parked and turned off the car, Sunset dashed out the driver's door and ran around to Twilight's side. Once there, Sunset opened the passenger's door and offered Twilight her hand. "Ready to go?"

Twilight took Sunset's hand and smile. "I guess so," Sunset gently pulled Twilight out.

After taking a second to lock up, Sunset heard her cell phone ring. She pulled it out and saw she received a text message. "It's Rarity. She says she and the others are waiting for us by the gym's entrance," Sunset began to pull Twilight. "Come on, let's go!"


Twilight and Sunset speed walked their way to Canterlot High's gym, eager to start the night. As expected, they found their friends waiting for them by the gym's doorway.

"There they are!" Pinkie pointed out her friends.

"Hey, girls," Sunset waved.

Pinkie crossed her arms and shook her head. "Tsk-tsk. Do you know how long we have been waiting?"

"Uh..." Sunset slowed down. "Sorry?"

"Just kidding!" Pinkie's mood returned to its usual overly enthusiastic mode. "Let's get this party star-ted!" The girls cheered in agreement and eagerly entered the gymnasium. Once they had all stepped foot inside, the girls looked around and marveled at what they saw.

The gym's walls and ceiling were covered with decorative blue and purple balloons and curtains that hung beautiful, baby blue diamond-shaped ornaments. Half of the gym's outer area was filled with black and white covered tables and chairs for all the prom goers to eat and socialize on. One of the remaining fourths of the gym's outer area was reserved for the buffet table, holding many fancy snacks, drinks, and delectable looking desserts. At the last fourth stood the gym's stage where the school's DJ was enthusiastically playing some music. A bright disco ball hovered over the gym's center area, shining over the dance floor where many well dressed teenagers were happily dancing alone, with a partner, or with a group of friends.

"Woooow," Hummed most of the girls.

Rarity looked over friends with light grin. "I take it from your reaction that you like the prom's decor?"

"It's lovely," Fluttershy first answered with the others soon agreeing.

"Oh, thank you all very much," Rarity smiled. "Pinkie and I worked very hard to make this all come together."

"Uh-huh!" Pinkie hopped in. "This had to be the biggest fancy party I've ever done. It sure was challenging. I'm not sure we would've finished on time without my party cannons."

Miss Twilight leaned over to Rainbow Dash. "I still don't understand how that thing works," She whispered.

"Take my advice and just forget about it. Trust me. At this point, we've learned not to question Pinkie," Rainbow replied.

"So," Twilight looked around the gym. Quite a few options. "What should we do first?"

Rarity turned to answer Twilight. "Well, I suggest that we all start off by picking out our masks," She pointed to a nearby table where many colorful masks were laid. "Pinkie and I decided that this year's theme would be masquerade."

"Really?" Applejack rubbed her head. "Huh. Ah didn't think you'd be in to that mask thing, Pinkie."

"WHAAAAT?!" Pinkie's eyes nearly popped out. "What are you talking about?! I LOVE wearing masks! They're so much fun! They can be so bright and pretty or dark and scary or sometimes just plain funny! How could you think I wouldn't like masks?! I've gone to sleep wearing my Halloween mask every Halloween since I was seven!"

Maud nodded. "It's true."

Applejack rolled her eyes. "Ah know that, Pinkie, but Ah meant dressing up in formal masks. Ya know, like masquerades?"

"Ooooh, that's what you meant," Pinkie snickered. "I still like masquerade masks, silly. They're so mysterious, but some of these aren't your typical masquerade masks," Pinkie walked over to the table and picked up a bright, very decorated mask. "See? Rarity and I spruced them up."

"Indeed," Rarity walked over to Pinkie. "After I suggested the prom's theme be masquerade, Pinkie came up with the brilliant idea of making our own masks."

"It was a lot fun!" Pinkie smiled.

"And a lot of hard work, but I guess that just comes with being part of the prom committee," Rarity giggled. "Come, pick out your favorite. There's plenty for everyone," With that, the rest of the group went over to the table and excitedly started searching for the perfect mask.

Rarity found her mask right away; it was a golden one with yellow feathers, purple beads, and a gem placed in between the eyes. "I was hoping there would still be some of these left. And here I was afraid being fashionably late would actually come back to bite me this time."

Applejack chose a red mask with yellow tint, green feathers, and a gold beak. Her masked really looked like a bird. Perhaps it was a bit of an odd choice, but Applejack did not mind. She liked it and came here to have some fun with her friends, not impress anybody.

Fluttershy picked out a mask that resembled a giant, pick butterfly with green and silver wings. She loved it. It was just perfect for her, but maybe that should not have been so surprising considering who made these masks. In fact, Fluttershy was pretty sure Rarity and Pinkie Pie had her in mind when making that mask. Fluttershy will be sure to thank them later.

Twilight was not sure on which one she should pick. Each mask had its own style and unique taste that made them all interesting. Maybe this one...no, too small. How about this? It very pretty-no wait, this one! It's perfect! Yes, I think this is-no wait, it smells weird. Twilight continued her search for a while until she came across a yellow mask with white spikes, pink eyelids, and (most notably) a centerpiece of a silver star that closely resembled her cutiemark. Ooooh. Yes! Twilight put it on. This is the one.

Rainbow Dash reached across the table and randomly grabbed a silver spiky mask with purple diamonds. Whatever.

Pinkie Pie made everybody jump back after she suddenly pulled out an angry-looking tiki mask from behind her back.

After regaining her senses after being momentarily startled, Rarity wiped some sweat off her face and looked at Pinkie. "Pinkie Pie, why do you still have that thing? We agreed we weren't doing the Hawaiian theme."

"I know but I thought maybe just maaaaybe I can still wear it because it's still a maaaask?" Pinkie put on her biggest "please" smile.

Rarity sighed. "Very well, darling, but please, just be wary not scare anyone with it."

"Ooooh," Pinkie took off her mask. "Good point. Can't have that happening tonight," Pinkie tossed aside the tiki mask and pulled out a much more appropriate balloon-designed one. "Good thing I always carry a spare."

Sunset decided to go with a very classical-styled mask. It was primarily black in color with silver tints. It was not as detailed or extravagant as her friends', but, as Sunset put it, "You can't beat the classics."

Unlike the others, Miss Twilight opted not to wear a mask. She needed her glasses to see and trying to work a mask around them might not have been the best thing to do. Her date, however, did come across a flame-styled mask he liked. Spike took the little green mask and wore it with a smirk on his face.

Tree Hugger opted not to wear any of the masks, either. Instead, she pulled out a pair of psychedelically designed shades from her purse. The shades may have stuck out from the rest of the crowd a bit, but hey, the others did not see any reason to stop her. Who were they to judge someone's style?

And last but not least, Maud confused a discarded blue neckerchief for a mask and tried it on. "I like it,".........Why not?

"Hmm," Twilight inspected her party group. "I think that's everyone."

"Yeah, I think so," Sunset answered. "I like your mask."

"Ha. Thanks. I like yours, too," Twilight smiled. "So, what do we do now?"

"Well, it looks like we have a couple of options. What would you like to do, first?"

"Hmm..." Twilight directed her attention to the center of the gym and saw all the attendants happily dancing to some formal music. "I think I'd like a dance right now."

"Very well," Sunset bowed and offered her hand. "May I have this dance, my Princess?"

Twilight lightly placed her hand on Sunset's. "Must you be so formal?"

"You know you like it."

Twilight giggled. "Just take me dancing, already."

"As you wish," Sunset bid the others a temporary farewell and began to lead Twilight to the dance floor.

The dance floor was pretty crowded; students from Canterlot High and even a few from Crystal Prep were absolutely packing the dance floor. If one was not careful, they would risk bumping into another student or step on their feet. Thankfully, Twilight and Sunset were able to wiggle their way through the crowd and find a spot near the DJ booth. Once they had some space, Sunset wrapped an arm around Twilight's waist and held Twilight's hand with the other.

"Um," Twilight awkwardly smiled. "Just so you know, I don't really know how to dance in this world."

"Ya don't say?" Your performance at the Fall Formal didn't give it away.


"It's fine, Twilight," Sunset chuckled. "Just follow my lead, okay?"

Twilight nodded. "Okay."

At about that exact moment, the next song began to play.

You don't really have to play this while reading. It's just to give you an idea of the music that's currently playing.

"All right. First, place your free hand on my shoulder," Twilight did so. "Try to relax your arm. Good. Now, just follow my lead," Sunset took a few slow steps. "Just take it nice and easy. 1-2-3. 1-2-3."

Twilight tried her best to follow these dance steps. At first, she struggled to stay in rhythm and repeatedly stepped on Sunset's toes.


"It's okay. Don't worry about it. You're getting there."

The more they practiced, the more Twilight got the hang of it. By the time the next song rolled, Twilight was completely able to stay in rhythm. Now, she could dance with Sunset without crushing her feet. Of course, there was still the problem of accidentally bumping into the other students.

"Sorry!... Pardon me!... I'm so sorry about that... Let me help you help you up... Those weren't expensive, were they?"

Thankfully, that did not last much longer once Sunset started to lead the now rhythmic Twilight away from her peers.

With her newfound rhythm and Sunset becoming her second pair of eyes, Twilight was now able to dance without a single problem. No more fidgeting about having two left feet; just dance. Side to side and step by step, Twilight thought less about moving to right place and just did it, encouraged with a smiling Sunset. The more they danced, the more relaxed Twilight became. Soon enough, Twilight finally felt it; she was enjoying it.

"Heh. This music, right?" Sunset joked. "I wonder who picked it."

"Hmm...Between the two of them, I think this is more Pinkie's style," Twilight spoke with some obvious sarcasm.

"Yeah, she's pretty snooty," Sunset chuckled. She looked down at Twilight feet for a moment before looking back at her face. "You're a pretty fast learner."

"Ha. So I've been told."

Sunset rolled her eyes. Egghead. "So, you having fun, so far?"

"Oh, yes," Twilight smiled. "Thank you for inviting me."

"Well, you're welcome, but I don't think you should be thanking me just yet," Sunset spun Twilight around. "We've just started."

Twilight and Sunset danced on, going through the rest of the song without any more problems. Very soon, when the next song began to play, they were greeted by some familiar faces.

"Mind if we join you?" Fluttershy asked with Tree Hugger, Miss Twilight, and Spike by her side. Twilight and Sunset happily nodded. "Thank you," Everyone began to dance with their partners.

"Vinyl Scratch sure is playing a lot of these songs, isn't she?" Spike said from Miss Twilight's arms.

Twilight paused for a moment. Huh. So that's her name in this world. Makes sense.

"I know, right?" Sunset was the first to reply. "Rarity must've told Vinyl to keep it classy."

"Actually, I bet it's Principal Celestia," Miss Twilight said. "She probably asked Vinyl not to go too wild with the music tonight."

"Hmm," Sunset thought. "You know what? I'm actually thinking it's more because of Octavia, now."

Fluttershy giggled. "They have been spending a lot more time together, haven't they? Maybe some of Octavia's formalities have been rubbing off on her."

Tree Hugger nodded. "One is influenced by those around them, and I'm definitely feeling some foreign, formal vibes coming from that DJ's aura."

Twilight chuckled. "I guess some things are the same no matter what world it is," Everyone directed their attention to Twilight. "They spend a lot of time together in Equestria. They've actually been living together in Ponyville for a while now."

Everyone awed and laughed at Twilight's revelation. Well, nearly everyone.

"Uh..." Tree Hugger confusedly turned back to Fluttershy. "'What world it is'? 'Equestria'? Like, what is she talking about, Fluttershy?"

"Oh. Um," Fluttershy awkwardly smiled. "I'll explain later."

"Hey," Spike pointed at the stage. "Is that Pinkie?"

The group turned their attention to the DJ booth to indeed find Pinkie Pie was up there. She appeared to be talking to Vinyl and handed her what a appeared to be a disc.

"Ooooh," Sunset smirked. "Anyone want to guess where this is going?"

Pinkie grabbed a microphone and jumped off the stage. "All right everybody, let's get that groove thing shaking!" She pointed the microphone at Maud.

"Yeah," Maud hyped.

"HIT IT!!!"

Vinyl gave Pinkie a thumbs up and began to play the track.

Imagine Pinkie singing it up to about 1:14

Beats started to rumble throughout the gym with Pinkie and Maud tapping their feet to the bass. Students let go of their partners to focus their attention on the two sisters. The gym's party lights started illuminating every color of the rainbow as the music began to pick up. When Pinkie began to sing, it all began.

Pinkie and Maud started bopping their heads to the rhythm and then switched to swooshing from side to side.


The students began clapping as Pinkie and Maud simultaneously hopped in the rhythm of the beat back to back, waving their arms for everyone to come join in on the fun.

When the music to a brief pause, Pinkie pointed the microphone at Maud again.

Shake that

Pinkie and Maude busted out the perky-yellow-sponge dance, and the crowd erupted.

"Oh yeah!" Pinkie grinned at her sister. "Nobody can stop the dynamic duo of Pinkie and Maud!"

All of a sudden, the music was cut. Surprised, everyone looked back up to the DJ booth to see what was going on and were greeted to the sight of Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash standing up on stage, each holding a microphone and staring down at the Pie sisters.

Rarity smirked at Pinkie. "I must say, that was quite the show you two put on there, but, unfortunately, we simply can't just let you have all the fun," Applejack and Rainbow nodded.

Pinkie was completely surprised. Nobody had ever dared challenge her ability to party before, but here stood her friends ready to try to take the title from her. Pinkie found this entire situation to be completely bizarre, but, being completely honest with herself, she also found it quite intriguing. These were her friends, after all. If anybody knew just how well Pinkie could party, it was them, and if they were brave enough to dare challenge her, then they must have had something special up their sleeves.

Crossing her arms, Pinkie looked up and gave Rarity her own smirk. "Bring it."

At a table not too far from the dance floor, Principal Celestia eagerly shook her sister's shoulder. "Ooooh, this is getting exciting!"

"Indeed!" Vice Principal Luna nodded.

"Very well," Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow climbed off the stage and walked to the middle of the crowd. "But first, I have question I'd like to ask everyone," Rarity stood at the center with Applejack at her right and Rainbow her left. Rarity briefly looked around at the prom's attendants and chaperones and then raised her hand toward the ceiling. "Are there any other single ladies present here, tonight?"

A decent number of hands went up from the question, including those of Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Principal Celestia, Vice Principal Luna, and others.

"Well," Started a satisfied looking Rarity. "This one is for all of you," Rarity gave Vinyl a wink.

Seeing her signal, Vinyl started the next track, and, almost immediately after the song started, Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash began to shake their hips.

They're dancing this up until 1:00

If Pinkie and Maud were warming up the crowd, then these three girls were setting it on fire; the entire gym erupted in applause. Nearly every other boy there asked for one of the girls for a dance, but the girls did not give any of them a second glance and just continued their performance. As they danced along, Rarity waved for any and all single girls to come dance alongside them, eventually getting Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna to dance.

Seeing her friends' performance and the crowd in an absolute frenzy, Pinkie slowly nodded her head. "Touché," She respectively conceded.

However, just as the party was really starting to take off, the music was abruptly cut yet again. When the students turned to see who was up to it this time, they saw Canterlot High's resident showman, Pluto Bars, standing on stage with his posse, ready to have their turn in the spotlight.

"Fellas!" Pluto and his boys jumped off stage and into the crowd. "D-J!"

Vinyl heard her call and answered it by hitting the track and scratching some records.

Up to 1:33


Now, these fellas had some moves. The previous show would have been a tough act for anyone to follow, but Pluto and his gang were surely living up to it, and the crowd was eating it up.

When Pluto and his boys took their moment to gloat, they walked up to Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, expressing their content in thinking they out did the girls. The girls, however, did not agree in the slightest; they raised their arms in the air, asking the crowd if they think the girls won, and it sounded like a lot of them thought they did.

After hearing the reception for their rivals, Pluto and the fellas raised up their arms as well, and it looked like a good amount thought they had won.

"The girls clearly won, Luna," Principal Celestia said.

"It was close, sister, but the boys definitely should be declared the victors of this face-off."

"No Luna, the girls."

"The boys, Celestia."

Nearly the entire gym was split into two; one half thinking Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash had won, and the other half thinking Pluto and his posse won. Things were getting slightly heated very quickly. Friends, dates, faculty, everyone was debating. Something had to be done to stop this mess, but just what could possibly make these students calm down?

Suddenly, the gymnasium's lights went out. Darkness filled the entire room. The crowd that had been so loud had become silent, scared and confused as to what was going on. Before the students could figure out what was happening, a spotlight suddenly illuminated from the stage. When the students turned to see who under the spotlight, they saw a small, purple and green puppy wearing a black fedora on his head and a white, sequined glove on his right right forepaw.

"Vinyl," The pup suddenly placed his right forepaw on his fedora and his left on his lower belly. "Hit it."

From 1:36 up to...You know what? Watch as much as you like. This guy was the best.

That was it. The debates were over. The winner was clear as day. Once he finished his performance, Spike took a bow and received a standing ovation from the entire gym. Not only that, but Rarity and Pluto even climbed up on stage to congratulate the little pup. They raised Spike in the air and rallied the crowd to cheer on. While in the air, Spike spotted Miss Twilight cheering and gave her a little wink.

Miss Twilight giggled. "He sure has gained confidence, hasn't he?"

"Oh, certainly," Fluttershy agreed.

"Like, I really digged his dance moves. So full of passion."

"Uh-huh," Fluttershy nodded. "I liked Rarity's, too. And Applejack's, and Rainbow Dash's, and Pinkie Pie's, and probably everyone's."

"Yeah, they were all pretty great," Sunset agreed.

"I'll say..." Twilight seemed a little more impressed than the others. "There are dance ponies in Equestria, but I've never seen anypony dance like any of them."

"I hear ya," Sunset replied. "Yeah, dancing can be a lot more intricate here than in Equestria. If you really want to see how far it can go, you should watch some of the celebrity programs they have around here. But hey," Sunset gave her a date a small elbow. "I'm sure you could pull off those moves, no problem."

Twilight chuckled. "Yeah, right. I wish I could dance like the people in this world."

"Oh, come on, I'm sure-" Dance like the people in this world. An idea popped in Sunset's head. "Wait," Sunset began to grin. "I know a dance you could actually do."

"Heh. I'm sure you do," Twilight shrugged it off. "...Really?"

"Totally," Sunset got a little excited. "It's a really popular party dance that's been around for years. It's a lot of fun, and anyone can do it," Sunset tried to hold back her snickers. "Think you're up for it?"

"Um...Sure!" Twilight grew a little eager. "How do I do it? What's the dance?"

"Oh, you'll see," Sunset began to walk away. "But first I gotta get Vinyl to play it. Just wait here for a bit. I'll be right back."

"Okay!" Twilight watched as Sunset walked away towards the DJ booth. While Sunset was gone, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie, Maud, and Spike all came to back to rejoin the rest of their friends.

"Hello, everyone," Rarity greeted while wiping some sweat off her forehead.

"Hey," Twilight waved. "Are you feeling okay?"

"Oh, I am just fine. Thank you, darling. I'm just feeling a little fatigued from our performance is all," Rarity took a sip of some punch she brought. "I'll feel better in a moment."

After Rarity assured her well-being, Spike hopped out of Rainbow's arms and scampered up to Miss Twilight. "What did ya think?! What did ya think?! Did I do good?!" He wagged his tail.

Miss Twilight picked up her little pup. "You did fantastic," They gave each other a little snuggle. "I've been wondering why you were playing all those Microphone Jackson songs lately."

"Hehe. Sorry about that."

"It's fine," Miss Twilight petted his head. "I love Filly Jean."

"I really liked your performance," Fluttershy walked up to the trio of ladies.

"Why, thank you, darling."

"Thank ya, kindly."


"You're very welcome," Fluttershy grew a little giddy. "It was incredible! I had no idea it was coming! I'm sure you all must have worked really hard on it."

"Tsh. Ooooooh yeah. You don't know the half of it," Rainbow rubbed her head. "You wouldn't believe how hard it was learning that thing, let alone performing it," Rainbow looked toward Applejack and gave her a little shoulder bump. "Am I right?"

"Haha. Eeyup. Yeesh," Applejack rubbed her upper leg. "Ah gotta say Rarity, Ah've been doin' a lot of hard work on the farm for nearly all my life, but Ah don't think anythin' has ever worn me out more than that dance of yours."

"Oh, surely you jest."

"We're not kidding, Rarity," Rainbow chuckled. "I really thought I was gonna break my hip out there."

"Come now. You two are blowing out of proportion. Our routine was nothing more than a few, simple choreographed-" Rarity suddenly felt a pinch in her hip. "Oh my...Well okay, perhaps it was a bit aching," Rarity embarrassingly rubbed her hip. "But you can't deny how much fun we had with it."

Rainbow and Applejack looked at each other and thought for a moment. They remembered practicing the dance all week, how enjoyable it was finally getting all the moves right, and the how crowd cheered them on when they finally performed it. With a nod, they looked back at Rarity and simultaneously answered "Yeah."

"Yeah!" Pinkie Pie hopped in. "You guys were amazing! You three were all boom, bang, bam! Maud and I are really gonna have to step our game next time!"

"Indeed," Maud nodded. "We'll get you next time."

The girls chatted on for a while, complimenting everyone's dancing and talking about how well their senior prom has started. It has been pretty fun and eventful so far. They wondered what would happen next.

As she was taking a sip of her fruit punch, Rarity took notice that one of her friends has been missing.

"Um, excuse me, Twilight."

"Yes?" Both Twilights answered.

"Oh. Um, sorry. Princess Twilight," Miss Twilight respectfully pulled back. "Where is Sunset Shimmer? I thought she was with you."

Everyone else took notice that Sunset was not among them and turned to Twilight wondering why.

"She's just requesting a song for us to dance to. She should be back soon," Twilight looked toward the DJ booth. "Look, here she comes now."

They all turned around to Sunset walking back towards them.

"Hey, guys," Sunset greeted. "Sorry I took so long. There was a bit of a line, and the guy in front me was really taking his sweet time," Sunset then walked up to Twilight. "It might be a while, but Vinyl said she'll play the song later. I just know you're going to love it," She looked at the rest of her friends and began to snicker. "I just know you're all going to love it."

Rarity raised her eyebrow. "Okay, what's the song? Spill it."

"Not saying. You'll just have to wait and see," Sunset grinned, somewhat mischievously.

Rainbow squinted her eyes. "You're up to something. Tell me."

"Sorry, Rainbow Dash," Sunset crossed her arms. "No spoilers."

The music began to turn up again, this time sounding much more upbeat than earlier.

Again, you don't really have to listen to this. Just context.

"Oh, I love this song!" Pinkie Pie grabbed her sister's wrist. "Come on Maud, let's boogie!"

"Okay," Maud replied.

As she was leading Maud to the dance floor, Pinkie looked back at her friends. "You guys coming?"

"Nah," Rainbow answered. "I'm gonna hit the food table. I'll catch up with you later."

"Like, I'll totally go. I'm really digging the music," Tree Hugger followed Pinkie. "You going, Fluttershy?"

"No, thank you. I think I'll go find a place to sit down for a while. Maybe I'll go later."

"Oh, let me help you find a table, Fluttershy," Rarity rubbed her hip again. "I could use some rest as well."

"Same here," Applejack hollered.

Spike looked up at Miss Twilight. "I'd like to go dance some more. You?"

"Sure," Miss Twilight happily began to carry Spike to the dance floor. "Sunset? Princess Twilight?"

Twilight looked at Sunset. Sunset thought for a moment and then lightly shook her head. Twilight nodded and looked back to her double.

"I guess not, Miss Twilight."

"Okay," Miss Twilight nodded and began to carry Spike away. "See you later."

"Bye," After watching Miss Twilight leave, Twilight looked over to Sunset again. "Don't feel like dancing?"

Sunset shook her head. "Not yet. I want us to save our dance energy for later. Besides," Sunset played with her hair a little bit. "There's something else I want to do right now, if that's okay."

"Sure. What is it?"

"Um...That," Sunset smiled and pointed her hand to a photo booth standing on the other side of the gym. "I know we've gotten our picture taken a lot when we were at the lake, and it's totally fine if you think you've had enough, buuuut," Sunset played with her hair a little more. "I would really like to have our official prom picture taken."

"Our official picture?" Twilight gave her date an amused look. "I think I'd like that."

"Great!" Sunset grabbed Twilight's hand and practically dragged her towards the photo booth. "Let's get in line before it gets any longer."

"Gah! All right!" Twilight tried her best to keep up.

Twilight and Sunset shuffled their way through the crowded gym and quickly stepped in line. It was not exactly a short line; there were plenty of people ahead of them, but at the rate Photo Finish was taking the pictures, Twilight and Sunset were sure they would get their turn in good time.

"Yes! Yes! Show Photo Finish something special! Show me the magics!" Photo Finish encouraged some students as she took many pictures, moving an excessively unnecessary amount while doing so. "You are an athlete! You are her star! And you! You are his cheerleader! You are his inspiration! Yes! Enough!" Photo Finish snapped her fingers. "You go! Next!" The next couple in line stepped up. "Yes! Yes! You are a strong farmhand! Your actions speak louder than words! You interest her with your gentle strength! And you! You are his wonderful educator! You encourage him and everyone to pursue excellence! You are inspiration to him and everyone you know!"

Friend after friend, couple after couple, picture after picture, Twilight and Sunset steadily eased their way up the line.

"Yes!" Photo Finish snapped her fingers. "Enough! You go! Next!"

Photo Finish was going through the students more quickly than Twilight and Sunset had originally thought. None of the sessions have to have lasted more than a minute. The line kept moving and before long, there was only one couple ahead of Twilight and Sunset.

"Yes! You are her lyre! Your existence plays a beautiful song to her soul! And you! You are her delicious treat! You fill her heart with such a sweet joy! Yes!" Photo Finished snapped a few more pictures. "Enough! You go! Next!"

Lyra and Bon Bon cheerfully walked away, happy to have gotten their prom picture together. Now that that happy couple was gone, it was time for another to finally take their turn.

Twilight and Sunset walked to center of the photo booth and stood at the directed location. Once under the spotlight, they placed one arm on their hip, wrapped their arms around each other's sides, looked at the camera, and smiled.

"Yes! Show Photo Finish something special!" Photo Finish looked at Sunset as she began to take some pictures. "You are her intellectual companion! You relate to her like no other does! You make her feel a warm spark inside!" Photo Finish shifted her attention to Twilight. "And you! You are her light! You guide her through the darkness! You make her strive to move forward! You make her life much more bright!" Photo's words made both Twilight and Sunset smile just a little more. "Enough! You go!" Photo Finish snapped her fingers and shooed the couple off.

Photo Finish's word echoed through their minds as they walked away from the photo booth, heading in no particular direction.

"Well, that was interesting," Twilight chuckled.

"Ha. No kidding," Sunset rubbed her head. "Funny stuff there, right?"

"Definitely," Very funny. "So, uh...what do you want to do, now?"

"I don't know. You?" Sunset began to casually look around the gym.

"Hmm," Twilight thought. "Well, we've done a lot since we got here. Actually, we've been doing a lot all day. I guess, right now, I'd just like to sit down and rest for a whi-"

"We're dancing," Sunset interrupted.


Sunset turned to face Twilight, looking quite giddy. "I was looking up at the DJ booth, and Vinyl gave me a thumbs up. Do you know what that means?"

"Um...Not really," Twilight looked at her fingers. "I had no idea there was a language revolved around these things."

"What? No, Twilight-"

"Although," Twilight tapped her chin. "I probably should've guessed that since the inhabitants of this world do it so often. Actually, now that I think about, I've seen them speak it nearly everywhere I've been around here. The long, middle one seems to be very popular. What does that one mean?"

"Err, uh..." Wow... "D-Don't do that one. Look, I'll explain everything about our hands later, but can we get back on topic, please?"

"Oh!" Twilight quickly placed her hand behind her back. "Sorry. Please, continue."

Thank goodness. "Thank you. Look, Vinyl giving me a thumbs up means she going to play the song I requested next!"

Twilight gasped. "Really?!"

"Yeah! She'll play it right after this song ends, " Sunset lightly nudged Twilight toward the dance floor. "Now, you go tell Pinkie and anyone else who's still out there what's going on, and wait for me. I'm gonna go find the rest of our friends."

"Okay!" Twilight nodded and quickly walked away toward the center of the dance floor.

Once Twilight was gone, Sunset began to search for her other friends around the while trying her absolute best to hold back her giggles.

Twilight maneuvered her way around the dance floor, looking for her friends. Thankfully, the search did not take very long; even in the dark environment of a very crowded gym full of party goers, Pinkie Pie's hair was still too easy to spot.

"Oh yeah! Go Maud! You got it! Uh-huh!"

"Hey, Pinkie Pie," Twilight called out.

Pinkie stopped grooving with her sister. "Hey, Twilight! Ya here to get down?"

"Ha. I guess so. Sunset said the song she requested is coming up next, so we're getting everyone ready to dance."

"Ooooh! Really?! That sounds like fun!" Pinkie turned her head around. "Did you all get that?" Maud, Tree Hugger, Spike, and Miss Twilight all nodded. "Awesome!"

"Hey, look," Miss Twilight pointed past the crowd. "Here come the others now."

Indeed, Sunset and the rest of their friends were crossing the gym towards them.

"Hey," Sunset greeted. "Everyone ready?"

"Yeah, about that..." Rainbow slid next Sunset, looking a little suspicious. "You never did tell us what song you requested."

"And it's gonna stay that away until it starts, Rainbow."

"Hmm," Rarity squinted her eyes at Sunset. "I must agree with Rainbow Dash, darling. You seem quite keen to have us all dance to this song of yours, yet you refuse to tell us one thing about it. Just what is it, Sunset?"

Sunset giggled. "You're going to find out soon enough. It's gonna be fun. I promise. Just trust me, okay?"

Rarity looked at Sunset for a moment. "All right, darling," Rarity nodded.

"Thanks," Sunset then walked up to her girlfriend. "You ready?"

"Eeyup!" Twilight beamed. "I can't wait."

"Perfect," Sunset directed her attention to the DJ booth, waiting for Vinyl to play the next song. Very soon, Vinyl began to move a few things on her system, look up at Sunset, and gave her a thumbs up. Sunset smirked. Here we go.

The song began to play.

Miss Twilight and Spike perked up. "The Macarena!"

"Yay," Maud cheered.

Rainbow Dash jumped back the nanosecond the song started playing. "Nope! Nope! Nope! Nope, nope, nope!" She began to storm away but was pulled back by Pinkie.

"Hoooold on there, Dashie," Pinkie grabbed Rainbow and placed her back beside her again. "The song's not finished, yet."

"It is for me," Rainbow tried to leave again but was immediately pulled back in line.

"Come oooon," Pinkie started dancing. "It's fun!"

"No way, Pinkie. Forget it. It's lame."

"Oh, it's not so bad, Rainbow," Fluttershy began to dance alongside Pinkie. "See?"

"Fluttershy..." Rainbow shook her head. "You look-"

"Like, don't be a bummer, Rainbow Dash," Tree Hugger stepped in line with her friends. "Give it a try. It's, like, fun."

"Ugh," Rainbow groaned. "Rarity, could you please back me up here?"

"I'm afraid I can't do that, darling," Rainbow turned to see Rarity happily shaking her hips to the song. "I've loved this dance ever since I was a little girl, and I'm not about to turn my back on it now."

"What?!" Rainbow couldn't believe it. Desperate, she turned to her last hope. "Applejack?" Unfortunately for Rainbow Dash, she found the farm girl dancing to the Macarena as well.

"Sorry, Rainbow," Applejack chuckled. "It might be silly, but that's kinda what makes it fun. Come on," Applejack gestured. "Join us."

Rainbow Dash looked at all her friends, smiling, laughing, dancing to this shame of a nineties song. I'm surrounded. Rainbow took a deep breath, let it out, and glared at her friends. "No one better record this," She pouted her way into line and started to dance alongside her friends.

"Yaaaay!" Everyone playfully cheered.

"What-ever," Rainbow Dash shook her hips.

With Rainbow finally joining in, nearly the entire group of friends was now dancing the Macarena. Nearly. There was still one member who was having just a little trouble getting the choreography right.

"Okay, is it extend arms, place hands on hips, shake, and then turn?" Twilight asked.

"Almost. It's extend arms, flip arms, place hands on hips, shake, and then turn," Sunset answered as she danced.

"Gotcha," Twilight nodded. "Extend arms, flip arms, place hands on hips, and then turn."

"You forgot the shake," Sunset pointed out.

"Ugh!" Twilight facepalmed herself.

Sunset giggled. "Relax. Come on, let's try it, again."

Twilight sighed. "All right."

Sunset had been to enough parties to know exactly how this routine went. She raised one arm up in the air, then the other, and followed up by flipping over one arm at time. Sunset had no problems doing this dance.

Twilight followed Sunset's lead and started out well; she raised one arm up at a time and flipped them perfectly to the rhythm of the beat.

"See? You're getting it!" Sunset encouraged. "Keep it up!"

Twilight continued dancing by placing one hand on her hip at a time and was about to turn until-

"Don't forget the shake," Sunset smiled as she shook her hips.

"Oh, right!" Twilight quickly shook her hips and then turned.

"You did it!"

"Whoo! Go, Twilight!" Pinkie cheered.

"I did?" Raise, flip, hip, shake, turn... "I did!"

Applejack whistled. "Would you look at that? You did it, again!"

"Huh?" Twilight looked down and saw hips shaking again. "Wait, I'm still going?"

"Eeyup," Applejack tipped her hat. "Looks like ya'll got this little number down, Twi."

Sunset nodded. "Looks like it."

A big smile formed on Twilight's face. "I'm actually doing it!"

"Yeah, you are!" Sunset cheered. "How's it feel?"

"It feels...It feels..." Twilight began to blush. "It feels kind of silly, actually," She laughed. "But I like it. It's fun."

"Glad you think so, too," Sunset chuckled. "Think you can keep it up for the rest of the song?"

Twilight smirked. "Without a doubt."

"Good. Cause this song isn't over, yet. I asked Vinyl to keep this song going."

Rainbow Dash turned her head. "Really?!"


Time went on and, eventually, Vinyl stopped playing the Macarena. When Sunset said she asked Vinyl to play it for a long time, she meant it. By the time the song finally ended, some of the dancers were actually starting to sweat.

Finally, Vinyl decided to stop the Macarena loop and started playing some more casual, schmoozing music to let everyone rest for a while before turning things up again.

Rainbow Dash was the first to storm off the dance floor. She claimed that her hips were hurting from shaking them so much and was going to rest back at the table (In reality, Rainbow just wanted to get off the dance floor before someone could record her doing that silly dance, completely unaware that Pinkie had already uploaded a video on her profile). Regardless of reasoning, most of Rainbow's friends decided to follow her to the table\. With all the dancing they have been doing, most of them figured they could use some rest, as well.

Twilight, however, did not go with them. Dancing to that cheesy song for the past Celestia knows how long had actually left Twilight feeling pretty worn out and thirsty, so she decided she would go stop by the beverage table first and would meet up with her friends soon after. Twilight's friends understood and wished Twilight a brief farewell as she left to go get a drink.

Twilight walked across the gym toward the food tables. She arrived shortly and grabbed a cup of iced water near a decorative fountain. Here we go. She brought up the cup and took a sip. Mmm. I've needed this. Satisfied, Twilight began to turn around to leave but accidentally bumped into someone the second she started to walk away.

"Ooph!" Twilight felt her mask twist as she felt her feet begin to slip all over the floor. "Whoa!" Thankfully, a hand grabbed her wrist and stopped her from hitting the ground. "Whoa..." Twilight let out a breath as the stranger helped her get back up on her two feet. "Thank you," Twilight began to readjust her crooked mask.

"No problem. We've got to stop bumping into each other like this."

Twilight's nerves suddenly sprang. That voice! Is that-?! Twilight quickly adjusted her mask to see exactly who was it she just bumped into. "Flash!"

"Yup," Flash Sentry smiled and gave her a little wave. "Hey, Twilight."

"Uh...Hey! Flash!" Twilight pretended to sweep some dust off her dress. "...How are you?"

"I'm good," He shrugged his shoulders. "You?"

"Um, I'm...good. Thank you," Twilight twirled a finger in her hair. "It's, uh, good to see you again, Flash."

"You, too. It's been a while."

"I know. Sorry about that. I've just been...you know, busy."

"I figured," Flash nodded. "You look nice. I like your dress."

"Thank you. Rarity made it for me," Twilight admired Flash's black tuxedo. "You look good, too."

"Thanks. It's new."

"That's...nice. It looks good on you," Twilight sheepishly smiled. You have to tell him now, Twilight. You can't just keep leading him on like this. Twilight took a deep breath, let it out, and look directly at Flash Sentry. "Flash," She calmly said. "There's something I need to tell you."

"Sure. What is it?"

"Look...Flash...I'm sorry. Really, I am. I'm really, really sorry. You're a real nice guy and all, but you and I...we can't be...things are different now."

Flash slowly nodded. "You mean you and Sunset?"

"You see, Flash, I've recently become romantically involved with some-What?!"

"I know, Twilight. I know you and Sunset have been a...thing for a while, now."

Twilight brought hand up to her mouth. "...You do? But...But how?"

Flash playfully shrugged. "Sunset told me a while back."

"Oh...That...makes sense," Why doesn't she tell me these things? "Well...it's true. Flash, I am so sor-"

"Don't be," Flash interrupted. "It's cool. I'm not mad."

Twilight's eyes widened. "You're...not?"

"I'm not," Flash shook his head. "I get it. You and Sunset really...connect. You two always have. I've noticed. It only makes sense you two would've wound up together," Flash placed a hand on Twilight's shoulder and smiled. "You have nothing to apologize for, Twilight. You decide who you want to be with. Sunset's a great girl. If she makes you happy, then I'm happy. I have absolutely no problems with you being with her."

"...Really?" Twilight placed her hand on top of Flash's. "Flash...Thank you."

"You're welcome," Flash took back his hand. "Just thought I'd let you know."

Twilight nodded. "Thank you, Flash," She warmly smiled. "I really needed to hear that."

Twilight's smile began to make Flash blush. "Uh, we-we've been here for a while. Don't you think Sunset might be wondering where you are?"

"Oh!" Twilight covered her mouth. "You're right."

"Yup and you don't want to worry her, right?" Flash lightly pushed Twilight away from him. "Better go find her. You shouldn't keep a lady like her waiting."

"But, my water-" Flash quickly grabbed another cup near the fountain and handed it to Twilight in a nanosecond. "Oh. Uh, thank you."

"You're welcome," Flash gave Twilight one final, little push. "Bye!"

"Bye, Flash," Twilight happily waved goodbye as she disappeared into the dance floor.

Flash waved until he could no longer see Twilight. "Yikes," He wiped some sweat off his forehead. "That was close," Flash stood around for awhile, reflecting on everything that just happened. It was the right thing to do, Flash. It was the right thing to do. As he was getting lost in his thoughts, he felt a soft hand touch his shoulder. He opened his eyes and saw the familiar cross-eyed girl patting him. "Yeah, yeah. I did it," The girl smiled and offered her hand. "Sure," Flash's mood brightened up. "Let's dance."

Twilight found her friends sitting at a table on the other side of the gym. She approached them, waved hello, and took a seat next to Sunset.

"You were gone for quite a bit," Sunset smirked. "Just how thirsty were you?"

"Oh," Twilight teasingly shook her head. "It wasn't my thirst that kept me away, Sunset" Twilight took a sip of her water. "I was talking to someone."

"Ah, really?" Sunset shrugged off. "Who was it?"

Twilight raised her eyebrow. "It was Flash Sentry."

Sunset's smirk disappeared. Oh. Oh, this won't end well.

"And good news, Sunset," Now Twilight was grinning. "Flash has given us his blessing to date each other. Funny thing, though; I actually didn't tell him we were together; he already knew. Turns out, someone else told him quite some time ago. Weird, right?" Twilight leaned in. "Care to explain, Sunset?"

"Ummmm. Well, you seeeee" Sunset nervously backed up. "After we all got back from Camp Everfree, he kind of started liking me again, and he asked me if I'd like to start dating again, but I didn't want to just say 'no' and completely break his heart, so I kinda explained to him that we're together and...yeah," Sunset tapped her fingers together. "You, uh...understand, right?"

"Oh, Sunset," Twilight took another sip. "I completely understand why you told him," Sunset breathed out in relief. "Now, why you didn't tell me you told him..."

Horse apples. "Well, I-I thought about it, but then I figured you might've wanted to tell him yourself whenever you two met up again, and I shouldn't rob you of that, and..." Twilight kept staring. I wonder if I can outrun her to Pinkie's car right now.


After that talk with Flash, Twilight and her friends continued with their prom. They spent most of their time talking to each other, taking some more prom pictures, visiting the food tables, occasionally explaining to some confused students why there were two Twilights in the building, and going dancing every now and then. Later in the night, Spike and Miss Twilight were crowned the prom king and queen of Canterlot High (there was some confusion as to exactly which Twilight actually won, but seeing as how Spike was declared the king, Twilight allowed her counterpart to take the crown). All in all, it had been a fun, memorable experience. In fact, it had been so much fun that no one noticed how late it was.

Time had flown faster than anyone had realized. The gym was still mostly packed, but anyone could see that a good number of the prom goers had already left. Still, the gym had prom goers, and the ones remaining were making the most of it.

Twilight was having a conversation with one of the Canterlot High's students. "-And that's why there's two of us here, tonight," She finished explaining. "Do you understand, now?"

"Uh," Bulk Biceps rubbed his head. "Not really, but you're puppy sure can dance! Congrats on you two winning the crowns! Just so you know, I voted for both of you!" He began to walk away. "Later!"

"No, Bulk, that Spike isn't my puppy, and I didn't win the crown; it was the other-" He was gone. "Ugh," She slapped her forehead.

"So," Sunset walked up, taking a sip of her drink. "How did this one go?"

"About as well the others," Twilight shook her head. "Is it really that complicated to understand?"

"Eh," Sunset shrugged. "I'm pretty sure I wouldn't understand either if I didn't know full story," She took another sip.

"Hmm. Maybe you're right," Twilight stretched out her arms and let out a big yawn.

"You okay? You sound a little tired."

"I'm fine. I'm not-" Twilight yawned again. "That tired. Huh. What time is it, anyway?"

Sunset looked up at one of the gym's clocks. "It's a little after eleven. What time did you say you have to go back to Equestria?"

"I'm not a filly, Sunset. I don't have a curfew," Twilight joked. "I just need to be back before daylight is out. What time does the prom end, again?"

"Midnight," Sunset smiled. "But if you really are tired, Twilight, I can take you back now."

"I'm fine, Sunset. Really."

"Twilight, it's okay if you need to go back now. Tonight has already been perfect. You don't need to-"

"I don't want to go," Twilight wrapped an arm around Sunset's and stopped her from peeping another word. "We only have about an hour left together. Please, don't make me leave now."

Sunset stood momentarily frozen. This girl... Sunset slowly shook her head. "All right, all right. You can stay," She petted Twilight's head. "You really don't want to leave my side, do you?"

"Eenope," Twilight snuggled.

Sunset looked down at the girl nuzzling her arm. She looked so warm and hopeful.

You always do this me, Twilight. Sunset warmly smiled. "Hey, Twilight?"

"Hmm?" Twilight lifted her head.

"You want to dance?"

Twilight happily nodded. "I'd love to."

"Great. I know the perfect song," Sunset began to pull herself free. "Wait here. I'll be right back."

Twilight watched as Sunset departed from their table and headed off toward the DJ booth, again. There was no line leading up to Vinyl this time, so Sunset was able to make her request the moment she got there. Twilight watched them talk for about a minute until Vinyl gave Sunset a thumbs up and saw Sunset began making her way back to her.

"How'd it go?" Twilight asked.

"Perfect. She's gonna play it next," Sunset grabbed Twilight's hand and began to lead her to the dance floor. "Come on."

"All right. Wait, what about our friends?"

"Uhh..." Sunset blushed. "This one is just for us."

"Oh," Twilight's face lit up. "Okay," She smiled.

Twilight and Sunset made their way through the dance floor once again. There were still plenty of attendees mingling around, but dance floor was less crowded than it was earlier. Twilight and Sunset found an empty spot near the center of the room and waited.

"It should be coming on real soon," Just as Sunset had said that, the upbeat music began to fade. "Huh. Speak of Tartarus."

The many colorful lights that had been filling the gym suddenly stopped spinning. "All right, all you beautiful people," A voice from the speakers spoke. "This next one is for couples, only," The lights dimmed down, and the track began to play.

As much as you want.

Twilight wrapped her arms around Sunset's neck as Sunset wrapped hers around Twilight's waist and slowly led. Neither of them said anything as they looked into each other's eyes and gently rocked side to side to the melody of the song. Back and forth, step by step, they stayed in perfect harmony together.

"I like the song," Twilight softly said.


"Yeah," Twilight closed her eyes and rested her head on Sunset's chest. "It's nice."

Sunset leaned over Twilight a bit. "Glad you think so, too," She held Twilight a little tighter, and they continued their dance, slowly, gently rocking each other to the music in their warm embrace.

As they were getting lost in the moment, Twilight and Sunset felt something bright hit their eyes. Letting go of each other by only the smallest of margins, they both looked up and saw something very peculiar; the gym lights had suddenly been covered with what appeared to be diamond chandeliers, and they were causing the dance floor to shine a bit brighter.

Twilight stared up at the ceiling. "Where did those-?" Before Twilight could even finish asking, another strange phenomenon happened; drops of pink light the size of marbles were slowly floating all around her and Sunset. "What the...?" Twilight looked around and saw all the lights that were surrounding her. "Wow," They were so pretty. Feeling her curiosity building up, Twilight reached out and grabbed a few of the falling lights. They felt warm and virtually weightless in her hand. She brought them closer to her face, opened her hand, and saw that the pink lights appeared come in a few different shapes; sphere, star, and diamond shapes were lying across her palm. "Wow," Twilight smiled at the little lights before looking up at Sunset with a bit of a smirk. "Did you plan this?"

"Ha. Wish I did but no. I actually had no idea this was gonna happen, buuuut," Sunset held out her closed hand in front of Twilight. "I'm willing to play along," Sunset opened her hand and revealed a small, heart-shaped pink light resting in her palm. She gently blew it to Twilight with a kiss and pulled her back into her arms.

Meanwhile, on the other side of gym, Rarity and Pinkie Pie had just finished tucking away their pendants and gave each other a fist bump.

"Best pair of party planners, five-ever."

Back at the dance floor, Twilight and Sunset were beginning to dance, again. As before, Twilight laid her head gently on top of Sunset's chest and allowed herself to be steadily rocked back and forth to the music in Sunset's arms all while the blue chandeliers and the pink lights shined all around them. It felt like a dream.

Feeling her date nestling on her chest, Sunset looked down and saw just how peaceful Twilight looked. She's so adorable. Sunset placed one of her hands on top of Twilight's head and gently began to pet her. Twilight responded by snuggling her head.

Sunset leaned her head in just above Twilight's ear. "I'm really glad you came, Twilight," She whispered. "It's been...amazing. Thank you," Sunset planted a soft, little kiss on top of Twilight's head.

Twilight took her head off of Sunset's chest and looked back at her. "I'm really glad I came, too," Twilight softly spoke. "I've had a real good time. Thank you for inviting me."

Sunset and Twilight gazed into each other's eyes as they continued to dance. Even with all the bright, new lights surrounding, nothing seemed to sparkle brighter to them than the shimmering eyes they saw.

Without warning, Sunset slowly began to lean in closer to Twilight's face. Twilight saw this and began to lean in closer as well. Inch by inch, they gradually grew closer to each other until their lips were only but an inch apart. They closed their eyes, puckered their lips, and then...

The song ended.

Twilight and Sunset stopped just short of a centimeter when bright rainbow lights and some heavy bass began to fill the room.

"All right everybody, let's switch gears. It's time to rock your body! Let's turn it up!"

Twilight and Sunset shared a laugh as they pulled back and let go of each other.

"Well," Twilight took a step back. "That was something."

"Yeah," Sunset nodded. "It almost was."

"I know. Too bad."

They shared another laugh as the dance floor began to fill up again. Sunset could feel herself being surround by all the other party goers, but she did not pay them any attention; all she could focus on was the adorable purple girl laughing in front of her. Sunset stared at her for a moment, thinking of what to do next. It didn't take long to decide; Sunset knew what she felt. It was only a matter of saying it.

"Hey, Twilight," Sunset finally spoke.

"Hmm?" Twilight stopped laughing and looked back at Sunset.

Sunset took a deep breath. "You...You want to go somewhere, else? Just you and me?"

Twilight smiled. "Yes," She nodded. "I think I'd like that."

~End Chapter~

Author's Note:

This was probably my favorite chapter to type. I had a lot of fun with it, especially with the dances and music (Sorry but Spike had to get my vote. Michael Jackson was the best).

I got the name Pluto Bars primarily by looking up words that rhymed with Bruno and from remembering a character in Maniac Magee named Mars Bar. I just thought for a bit and eventually came up with the perfect name for my Bruno Mars character. Honestly, I went with it because it makes me laugh.

Anyway, on to the final chapter.