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Just as it says, it's basically another SpikeBelle group.

This is mainly for those that like the pairing, but you can join anyway.

However, I will go ahead and mention some rules, and these must be followed, or I will ban you from the group.
1. Absolutely no bashing any other persons ships. That means, no being rude about any pairing that you don't like that others like. Which means, if you do not like SpikeBelle or as an example, Flashlight, you do not bother others about it.
2. The forum will be monitored, and I will make sure these forum rules are followed
2a. No attacking anyone in the forum
2b. Be polite and don't go around saying that a certain ship is better than another (unless you're talking about ships like the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman, then you're ok)
3. Respect others at all times.

Seems simple, and like I said, I'll be watching the Forum at all times, so if there is any problems, PM me about it.

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Awesome, another group for one of my fave ships! :heart:

370098 It was for a story I did. Besides, if I want to have him as a Pony, at least make him a cool one. And, I didn't want to look forever on a background.

Why is Spike an alicorn? :unsuresweetie:

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