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I'm a Portuguese author who wants to share his stories.



This story is a sequel to The Taking of Tartarus

With the Lord of Chaos trying to get all the Tailed Beasts to bring an ancient force that almost destroyed the Enchanted Forest, the Lord of Order is forced to make a decision that will have consequences to Twilight and Blue Sword's son, Prince Star Knight. In order to protect the balance and the security of the Pony Reality, he orders that Kitsune, one of the Tailed Beast, is sealed inside of the young prince. With a great power inside of him, Star will have to master it unless he wants that power destroys everything he loves. While he does that, Star will also try to connect with Kitsune while he tries to deal with the troubles that having a monster inside brings.

Note: This story is based on the series Naruto, having terminology that belongs to that series, like "Tailed Beasts" and "Jinchuriki".

First story: The Life of a Young Colt
Second story: Twilight and Blue Sword
Third story: The Light Kingdom
Fourth story: The Taking of Tartarus
Sixth story: The Island of Tambelon

Chapters (120)
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Sorry, I forgot to put Star Knight's little sisters' names.:derpytongue2:

Don't know why but I feel like I've been dead for a long time. Anyway, just wanted to say that your writing is getting better (a few mistakes here and there) but over all an ok story.

Also, I keep getting Bambi flashbacks of his mother getting killed after reading about the deer. I know I'm weird:pinkiecrazy:

Why doesn't this story have a crossover tag?

Because a cross-over is a meeting between diferent series, but the Tailed Beasts in this story are based on the same ones from Naruto. Technically, this is not a cross-over.

20 dislikes but you have 300k words written down, bravo.

Have you ever considered making a Tv Tropes page for this series? I haven't actually read it yet but it sounds like it should have one!

Why does this story have so many dislikes? I mean, it can't be that bad, right? ...Right?

I already told for people to tell me what they don't like, but I still didn't get any response.

Why is this so disliked?

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