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I'm a Portuguese author who wants to share his stories.


This story is a sequel to Adventures in the Bermikun Triangle

The adventures in the Bermikun Triangle got behind Star and Dusk’s backs weeks ago, but it would appear they and their family won’t be able to get some peace as the Lord of Chaos prepares himself to execute his latest plan to take over the Pony Reality, a plan that includes the use of a not so newly known dark magic and an ancient enemy. With Twilight and her friends out of commission, it will be up to Star to deal with this emergency by going on a quest to find the only thing that can save the world: the Elements of Virtue. With them spread across the Pony World and possibly even beyond, Star will have to count with the help from his friends in order to fight this new threat before times runs out.

Note: the main focus of this story is based on Season 7’s series finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic titled “Shadow Play”. However, it also contains elements of Season 6’s finale “To Where and Back Again”, as well as elements from other series like Elena of Avalor and Tangled

First story: The Life of a Young Colt
Second story: Twilight and Blue Sword
Third story: The Light Kingdom
Fourth story: The Taking of Tartarus
Fifth story: Star Knight and the Nine-Tailed Fox
Sixth story: The Island of Tambelon
Seventh story: Light and Darkness - The Shadow of Midnight
Eighth story: The Hidden Prince
Nineth story: Adventures in the Bermikun Triangle

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