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Ebony Stallion

Hello, my name is Ebony Stallion. I am new to this site. I am not what you call a brony per se...but I am greatly interested in the MLP stories nowadays. I hope to make a mark here.


King Sombra was dead. The Crystal Empire was saved. All was well in Equestria. The perfect end to a perfect story...right?

Far from it. When the evil king finds himself revived, he is called upon by a group known as 'Wendigo May Cry', an organization banded together to fight an ancient war of good and evil against a demon whose darkness, far greater than Nightmare Moon and his put together, threatens to consume Equestria.

Together with a cast of enigmatic and unlikely heroes, the once king of the Crystal Empire must take part in a battle to save a world that loathes him, and face not only the demons that stands in his way...but his own, lurking deep in his mind.

Inspired by DmC: Devil May Cry (but in no circumstances is DmC)

Enjoy...now available on Fanfiction under my Fanfiction alter ego, Shen's General

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Sombra is just awesome anyway you go about it. All Hail King Sombra! Keep up the great work.

Ganon and WIley......Dead villains resurrected, eh? And working to fight greater evils, eh? I like it. Can you try for Horus Lupercal?

3341560 The villains did inspire their names, but that is just it. They are not an evil lord trying to rule Hyrule and a crazy scientist trying to take over the world in pony form. And I don't know about Horus Lupercal (I never played Warhammer).

3341849 Nonetheless, I hope you continue to enjoy the story.

All I need now is to see Sombra pull off a SSS combo. Otherwise, great work!

3483739 Well, I didn't want the fight to drag on too long. But I am glad that you are knowledgeable in the Devil May Cry field.

3486916 Yeah, this was a good first fight. Not too long, plenty of action. Good stuff!

So awesome! :rainbowkiss:

Will Sombra be receiving other weapons besides the sword? Also, I wonder what Sombra's devil trigger will look like?

3520374 I don't know. Possibly. And you might be quite surprised with the MLP's variation of the Devil's Trigger.

I. Love. This! Write the next chapter soon! :pinkiehappy:

Also, anyone notice that as each chapter was released, the more words there were? :rainbowhuh:

This is going really well. Are you giving up on this? :fluttershysad:

4161197 I don't know. I'm just busy at the time.

4286302 ...I don't really know. I found it through Google Images, and made my own adjustments to it. I will take it down if I did something wrong.

Just coming in to check in on ya and stuff. Doing all right?

6064860 Fine. I don't really know what I will do about this story. A part of me wants to continue it, but I don't have the energy anymore.

6064890 Its fine for a break (even a two year break), and if you feel like you just can't continue this, don't feel ashamed of clicking the hiatus button. Not sure if you did already, this new site format has me a bit confused. I think maybe you should try just writing a paragraph or sentence or something about the story and see what you think should go from there. It not the best advice I can give for now but, hey, what can ya do? I'm not Fausticorn.

6064890 you always could let somebody else adopt it and let them continue it


Just didn't feel the drive to continue it anymore.

pass the torch my friend. find someone you trust and have them continue

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