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Suggestion Box: Kilala(Clop)verse · 9:38pm Dec 23rd, 2014

Okay, because I've seen - and knew - that y'all would be asking Blck-Dynomite about if you could make suggestions as to the next chapters, here's what Blck-Dynomite's going to do.

You can leave a suggestion in this blog post, and if I like it and/or Blck-Dynomite thinks he can write, then he will. FYI, you will be credited for the suggestion in the chapter. Just as a heads up, here are list of things that Blck-Dynomite won't touch with a 39 1/2 ft. pole.


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What happens when ya interrupt Blck-Dynomite's work...

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Well good sir; even glancing at your stories I can tell that I shall indeed be capable of digging it. :heart:
Good show old boy, so sorry that you haven't been able to join us for a while, but am glad that we could see a decent body of work before real life got to you.
Good day. :raritystarry:

...So uh, when's Season 2 of "Blck-Dynomite Hits FiMFiction?"

I can dig it deeeeeeeeeeeep.

1738420 Blck-Dynomite can always dig it.

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