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This story is a sequel to A little loopy.

Once upon a time, there was a filly who got stuck in a time loop.
This is not that story.
This is the story of what would happen if the loops did not truly loop.
Recommended you read A Little Loopy first.

Chapters (20)
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B-b-b-but the timer still has about an hour left!

7332861 It said it'd take 10 minutes to an hour to be published.

7332874 Also, there are going to be a LOT of dead people ponies.

I'm a little rusty, what loop does this correspond with?

7333137 Loop 3 After

This is gonna be very interesting with some of the later loops specially the one with the prank or the giant chicken these are going to be very very interesting. I'm curious on what your going to do for the ones she just dies in?

So this is a thing. I approve.

I'm remember there was another story (which was a spin off/sequel that got cancelled) created by another author on this same premise of alternate time lines/loops after the fact.:rainbowhuh:

7333351 Just because it's been done before, doesn't mean I can't put my own spin on it. :rainbowwild:

Oh. Oh no. :applecry:

Well... things are going to get messy. At least we'll have Brushie Brushie day. And maybe the eternal night coming around too.

7333469 Yep, you're gonna need a very good SANS of humor to get through certain things I have planned.

7333474 Let's just hope that the humour isn't too... bone dry then.

7333482 It may be a little...brittle.

7333483 Let's hope none of them take the... marrow path.

7333486 That would be a...comic ending.

7333488 At least we know it's going to be a... series adventure at points.

7333501 XP I'm running out of anything punny to say.

7333531 Tickle your funny bone for some more.

It begins...


This sequel is definitely going to my faves. Write on, ww! :heart:

7333531 Is this a direct sequel or is it an alternative universe?

Ooh, some of these are going to end really badly. Like the one where she was an adult and she got raped or seduced or something? I don't quite remember, I need to reread.

7334745 Spoilers. Please use the tag

I feel like you missed an opportunity to call this story 'Loopily Ever After'.
Gonna finish the first story, then come back to this~


You seem disappointed? If its about the title, why not change it? This story is still in its early chapters after all.

It just now hit me how much more messed these chapters are going to get. This is gonna be fun to watch.:pinkiecrazy:

7336353 Still debating it.

Oh no. I know where this is going to lead. This is a good amount of not good that is really good while being slightly not good but better than bad.

I wonder what will happen to the ones from later loops.
And here's just an idea, but what if some versions of her met the other versions of her? Like one from the 90's that knows what's going on goes into one of the earlier loop aftermaths. I don't know. (Non, cannon side story?)

EDIT: Even better idea, post loops sweetie goes on an adventure exploring all the other parallel branches that were created to see how they turned out? She does have a lot of powerful abilities at her disposal now.

oh this is going to get seriously bad in some of the later chapters. Although personally I can't wait to see what happens with the zombie apocalypse loop, and the sweetie finally snaps loop. Those could end up being vary interesting.

7338807 Spoilers. Please use tags.

7338137 You're welcome to make your own fanfic of the Loopyverse.

7338899 Oops Sorry. I wrote that while i was tired and didn't think of that.


This concept is evil, you're evil, congratulations.

Oh, YES.
I remember seeing a spinoff that did the same thing, but it got cancelled.

Wait, why did she have no memory of Sunday? What happened?

lol @ everyone waiting for those loops like:



7344737 It's coming. I'm halfway through writing it.

Could you please, for reader convenience, put a link to the loop the chapter follows in an author's note at the top of each chapter? Where in the original story you have multiple chapters for one loop, only a link to the first one would be necessary.

Oh! This is fun!hard trying to figure out what's going on without going back A Little Loopy!

So is that very last bit on Saturday Evening/Sunday Morning?

One Problem:

Sweetie smiled joyfully

7345014 Oh, is that what's going on. I couldn't make heads or tails of this story, because the chapters don't seem connected to each other. :fluttershyouch:

7344737 Wait, what do you mean by those loops?

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