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Hi, I love to write fanfiction and read fanfiction. My Avatar is a pony that I adopted from 💫 Abyss 💫 on Amino.


One day, while Danny was in his parents' lab, a freak accident occurs with the Fenton Portal that ends up sending him to Equestria. Not only that, but he's a pony too. Now, he must find a way home while helping Twilight and her friends out, battle ghosts, and keep ponies from finding out about his superhero identity at the same time.

I made this story for artistmans. The cover art was made by them.

Thanks for the feature, even if it was temporary! :pinkiehappy: :heart:

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before or after his scream ability and ice powers?

Glad I found this seems like a good fic

could be an interesting story, would love to see a good Danny Phantom crossover, but my issue with the writing is that it doesn't really explain who Danny is what he is without any context on his back story like that he is from a family of ghost catchers who are scene as nuts by the rest of town or who are his friends. I could also add that it would help to hear the narrator explain some of his inner most thoughts on what he is thinking like who are those ponies how he go there or what he thinks of the manes six etc. I find that the good HiE stories are those who don't take for granted that the readers know who are the characters an explain in details about their back story, the reader gets a better sense of what's happening and get better immersed. what is strange is that I thought your previous stories your writing was actually a better then this, are you a bit out of practice maybe?

Some point after his scream ability, but before he got his ice powers.

The reason I didn't explain was that I know that a lot of people have watched the show back then and knows about Danny's family, while some who don't know will just look the show up.

Yes people know 'who' they are, but they don't know how 'you' want to portray them, there are many way to can want to present them as in the story, and your readers might have a totally different one in mind and that can make for clashing views, which can cause friction in the reading. I also find that the best fanfics are those who take the trouble of describing the characters personalities which makes the story flow much better as helps to give the writer have a more clear imagery of them(as well as the tone) by typing it themselves more then just a vague idea in their heads which they think the readers share the exact same ideas.

If you want to see it for your self I would suggest that you listen to audio books on Youtube, listen casually how they words and present the tone structure of the writing, you'll notice things that you wouldn't with just reading it in your head. Also I would suggest that you try using a text to Speech program, like Balabolka (yes it's totally free) it will really show you what your writing sounds like to a reader yourself and it should allow you to better intuitively 'guess' over time what sound 'good' or not in your writing.

I hope you can appreciate this and not take this as a negative comment, I do wish you the best for you and your writing.

This is so cool and is this after his family knows who he really is or is this when he doesn't have all his powers? or does he have a different power set?

This is back then before he obtained all of his powers. Like before he obtained his ice powers.

Wait a minute....
Is this before or after the the arrival of Twilight in Ponyville?

Does the royal sister might think having a brother or being in love with him?

When is the the next chapter coming i would like to see more

In a few days. Been busy with typing up chapters for my other story.

so he has shown up then caused a panic so far. Well at least he now knows he needs to get used to his new ways of using his powers after this issue

After. Haven't decided yet.

On equestrian
What part of the season is this story?

Getting into danny phantom again, ^^ Hope see update soon.

^^ About to update it now.

His horn started emitting an ectoplasmic green-color aura, which then spread across his entire body. Once it completely covered Danny’s body, his body then turned intangible.

If he was intangible, he would've fallen through the roof and scared the piss out of the house's inhabitants, on account of him still being visible. Just letting you know.

Oops. Got it all mixed up. Thanks for letting me know. ^^

I swear I'm not here just meme, I'll actually read this later:twilightsheepish:

I made this story for artistmans. The cover art was made by them.

Why did they give normal pony Danny all of those small spots? Are they suppose to be acne or something?

I find it hilarious that the ponies are afraid of the weakness ghost in all the ghost zones but the fight might be harder for Danny because he's not used to with his pony body

I think they're either supposed to be freckles or spots as part of the design. I'll ask them later.

yes, I can't wait to see Danny fighting to keep his banter ponified.

I think twilight needs some enchantments for fighting ghost

spots like that are actually a perfectly normal variation of Equine coloration, including in MLP.
though, admittedly, that only tends to be the case for background ponies, or one-shot ponies.

Where's the Fenton Thermos when you need it?

Awesome writing, it's a good balance between the two series.

Okay so we know back in chapter 1 when the portal was sucking everything up the Fenton ghost hunting equipment was taking as well so there's somewhere out there in Equestria and he needs to find a fast before the stronger ghost start showing up

Never seen Danny phantom before, since I didn’t have cable, but the fic was good, I like it!

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