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Hi, I love to write fanfiction and read fanfiction. My Avatar is a pony that I adopted from 💫 Abyss 💫 on Amino.

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A person is sent into an Equestrian universe as a human named 'Baked Apple', but this new world is not like Equestria or EqG. It's inhabited by human versions of the ponies in a world not too dissimilar from the visitor's own.

The drawing of Baked Apple was made by lumiere-angel-90.

It's a crossover because the human counterparts of characters from other MLP universes live in this story's universe.

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Like the description said, "a universe where the Elements of Harmony never existed if the tree didn't exist either" is where a former human ended up in. Not only that, but they were turned into their sheep OC, Jasper. There, he makes friends with lots of ponies while also having to deal with events that have or haven't happened in the show.

Some of the OCs in my story belongs to those who have their own MLP AU ask blogs on Tumblr. After all, they're the counterparts of those people's OCs.

The "Crossover" tag is there because this story is technically a crossover between multiple MLP AUs since it has counterparts of the characters from those AUs in the story.

The cover title art was drawn on Toyhouse by InvaderAlien.

The Psychopath proofreads this story.

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One day, while Danny was in his parents' lab, a freak accident occurs with the Fenton Portal that ends up sending him to Equestria. Not only that, but he's a pony too. Now, he must find a way home while helping Twilight and her friends out, battle ghosts, and keep ponies from finding out about his superhero identity at the same time.

I made this story for artistmans. The cover art was made by them.

Thanks for the feature, even if it was temporary! :pinkiehappy: :heart:

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Each chapter is about the life of each of my counterparts who were sent to an alternate Equestrian universe in the form of an OC I created. Their lives are different from mine in "Universe Mishap of the Magical Kind", while some are almost the same. Also, some of their personalities and abilities will differ from mine.

Some of these OCs were for stories that I thought up of but never created.

In the beginning it'll be rated for Everyone, but it'll eventually be rated for Teen. As for the title, it's temporary until I either think up a new one or if I'll keep it the way it is.

My Proofreader is The Psychopath.

Edit: I'm the one who made the cover art. Also, story is finally updated after more than 2 years. ^^;

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This is my first published story on fimfiction. Like the description says, three humans are transported from our universe and sent to Equestria. Those three humans are me, Jet_Black1980, and the mod of Monster Steven on Tumblr. The three of us were sent to Equestria in the form of our MLP OCs, and now we must live out our lives while stuck there. Some events that have happened on the show may or may not happen in the story.

There's friendship and other stuff in it too. More genres will be added soon. Rated T for cursing.

Jetblack1980 and @beingmonsterau gave me permission to use their likeness in my story. Jetblack1980 also gave me permission to use Heartbreak for his current form. Also, this story is not connected to the Heartbreak series.

The cover art is an image of Foodie Love drawn by doodlemark.

My Proofreader is The Psychopath, while Jet_Black1980 proofreads Heartbreak's lines to make sure there are no mistakes.

Edit: Added the Suicide tag because of Chapter 12.

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