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It's Hamtaro Time! One day, the Ham-Ham gang suddenly stubbled upon a strange portal, and now are stuck with no way back home. They have arrived in the town of Ponyville, shortly after the events of the MLP:FiM season premier. What changes will these hamsters cause? And how crazy can these hamsters get, when EVERY PONY can understand the ham-ham gang? Only one thing is for certain: When trouble comes a knocking, there's only one hamster that can lead the charge; and his name is Hamtaro!

I checked. This is officially Fimfiction's FIRST actual Hamtaro and MLP crossover fanfic. Fun fact. The Hamtaro Anime was my childhood. Seriously, this show practically inspired me to create the lore around my OC self and everything my philosophy stands for was molded BY Hamtaro. If it hadn't been for that show, I probably wouldn't even be the person I am today. I latched onto "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" so quickly because the first season alone reminded me WAY too much of Hamtaro and that connection only grew from there. As such, "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" really made me jump into fanfic writing, so I have that show to thank for inspiring me to finally jump into the grand world of fanfic. Now it's time to bring smiles to a new generation. And there's only one hamster for the job; and his name is Hamtaro!

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Surprisingly, I've never ever heard of this show.

Tell me if this sounds familiar: Hamtaro starts off as a lone hamster with no friends who quickly meets and befriends a bunch of other hamsters with varying degrees of personality, who team up and go on random and whaky adventures.

Wait really? I could have sworn there would have been something! This site has been up too long for there not to be a fic on EVERYTHING :rainbowlaugh:

Nope. I legit checked. There has only been fics based on things Hamtaro, but no full on Hamtaro crossover. And now, I'm changing that.

Congradulations. I mean you’re the first writer to make a Hamtaro Crossover in FIMfiction

It's not exactly a novel concept to be fair. So it's no surprise multiple things have used that as a launching point.

Yeah. But this similarity between both Hamtaro and Twilight Sparkle is what sold me within the first season of Friendship is Magic to begin with.

It helps that Hamtaro is a huge part of my childhood, and has probably the cutest cast you could find. Plus, I think the way I'm going about including the Ham-Hams into the world of MLP:FiM is only going to lead to even more wacky adventures and much more hilarious hijinks.

Trust me, I am going to have all sorts of fun with this.

i remember getting the hamtaro dvd at the public library when I was in 4th grade

Get ready for childhood nostalgia with this story then.

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Hey, got a question. Did you delete my comment?

"Oh, Pinkie Pie said she sensed a doozy in regards to Applejack's mother." Twilight said. "She was shaking a lot the other day."

Huh, not the doozy I was expecting, but based on the location they disappeared in, I still have a feeling my theory may be correct.

Yes. If only because it was asking for a specific hamster to be included. I will add hamsters I deem necessary for the overall narrative as I deem fit. No sooner.

I think it would be funny seeing the Ham-Hams panicking over the Parasprites.

Is Hamster Party a song, or creepy thing?

I had to google, so no points, but was confused. Thanks

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