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A still developing story writer getting back on their hooves after old account hack & purge. RAINBOW DASH IS BEST PONY, FIGHT ME! (Originally Timeman202)


After Spyro had defeated Malefor, the world was still being torn asunder. But in the last moments, a bright flash happened, and now he and Cynder are still alive.

That all happened several years ago.

In an effort to try and find Spike's birth parents, Twilight stumbles upon a hidden society of creatures who have been friendly towards ponies for years. Their leaders? Spike's biological parents and two very familiar ones at that.

A story somewhat inspired by Spike's Two Mommies - Fimfiction but with barrowed elements from Ponyville goes to the...dragons?? - Fimfiction such as Ember from the Spyro the Dragon franchise falling in love with Spike but with my own spin of the purple dragon also being sought after by a suddenly jealous Rarity and Garble's own sister Smolder. Yet the main ship will be Spike and StD Ember even if I am coming around to Spike & Smolder as a romantic pairing. This is more so for the purposes of this fanfic's plot more then anything.

Spike's not the only one that's going to be caught in the middle of a love triangle though. I have a couple of tricks of my own up my sleeve. Of course, anyone caught saying my other surprises before I reveal them in the comments will see their comments auto-deleted on the spot so...don't.

Main ship: Spike x Spyro!Ember

Other included ships:
Twilight Shipping - FlashLight (Twilight x Flash Sentry), MoonLight (Twilight x Moondancer), and TwiDash (Twilight x Rainbow Dash)

Spike being Spyro's son.
Jealous Rarity (Majorly so)
Normal Smolder
Completely Unnecessary Twilight Love Triangle (I mean, you all should know me at this point)


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A story partially inspired by one of my fics eh? I'll follow this for now and see where this goes.

An interesting tale for my fave purple dragon, looking forward to more! :moustache:

Interesting, so I guess this takes place after the events of Dragon Quest? Now I wonder how the meeting between Spike & Smolder gonna be since she belongs to the dragon clan opposed to Spyro, that's quite the hurdle to go over when the time comes!:twilightoops:

And all 3 females are in town, let the fun begin! :moustache::heart:

Yes I know the answer's in the long description, but I'll probably never get to say that ever again.

Oohhhh quite the shutdown Spike just gave Rarity there!:twilightoops:

Also dragon hybrid, interesting!:rainbowhuh:

Whirlwind is mostly going to be one of the side characters for this story.

Perhaps the trial could open the eyes of the other dragons of Malefor's manipulation of her ever since she was a hatchling.

Admittedly, I had initially thought the Pheonix Dragon hybrid from the skylander's universe was also named Sunburst but I looked it up. Hence the recent changes from calling him "Sunburst" to the proper name of "Sunburn".

Edit: Looks like I missed ONE instance though.

Sweet move by Smolder there getting Blackout for a lawyer, nice!:moustache:

Kinda missed some *HOLD IT!* & *TAKE THAT!* moments here but otherwise good! :raritywink::rainbowwild:

Crap Ember no, just NO!!!:twilightangry2:

Hope Smolder comes up with something!:moustache:

Society Ember: Huh? I'm not doing anything? I'm just reading with Spike.

Me: Yeah...you forget there are two dragons named "Ember" in this universe.

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