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Hi, I love to write fanfiction and read fanfiction. My Avatar is a pony that I adopted from 💫 Abyss 💫 on Amino.


This is my first published story on fimfiction. Like the description says, three humans are transported from our universe and sent to Equestria. Those three humans are me,Jet_Black1980,and the mod of Monster Steven on Tumblr. The three of us were sent to Equestria in the form of our MLP OCs, and now we must live out our lives while stuck there. Some events that have happened on the show may or may not happen in the story.

There's friendship and other stuff in it too. More genres will be added soon. Rated T for cursing.

Jetblack1980 and @beingmonsterau gave me permission to use their likeness in my story. Jetblack1980 also gave me permission to use Heartbreak for his current form. Also, this story is not connected to the Heartbreak series.

The cover art is an image of Foodie Love drawn by doodlemark.

My Proofreader is The Psychopath, while Jet_Black1980 proofreads Heartbreak's lines to make sure there ae no mistakes.

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hum, the writing starts to improve toward the last few chapters, and there is a plot actually really developing now. Not big at the idea of using other people's OC even with their owners permission, at least using them so prominently from the start, it feels like you are trying it makes it feel like you are trying to piggy back on their successes. I to like the Patchwork character.

6/10 above average story. The second half of Patchwork's chapter was pointless because you randomly swapped the pov with no warning leaving it a repeat of the encounter. Interesting idea but the execution is badly flawed.

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