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Hi, I love to write fanfiction and read fanfiction. My Avatar is a pony that I adopted from 💫 Abyss 💫 on Amino.


Stories · 4:27am Aug 19th, 2022

Just letting you all know that after I'm done uploading the next few chapters of Zombie Pony, I'll then be focusing on working on the next 2-3 chapters of Phantom Pony. After that, it's my ask blog and "Universal Mishap of the Magical Kind".

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Ask Blog · 5:18am Jun 1st, 2021

There's an ask blog that is connected to this story. Send asks for me and Heartbreak, and sometimes other characters, to answer. The asks will be happening in between chapters. Meaning, the ask posts will be happening in between the chapters.

The Troublesome Duo

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New Chapter · 8:34pm May 25th, 2021

Chapter 11 is out, everyone! 😅 Again, sorry for the long wait. I'm doing more stories now and they're all taking up my time, but I had been making time working on this chapter.

As for Chapter 12, with what I'm planning for it, it might take weeks for me to finish it.

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Apologies · 4:59pm Dec 16th, 2020

I'm sorry, everyone. The reason I haven't updated the story in months was that I've been waiting for the drawings for Chapter 6, "The Grand Galloping Gala Part 1-Dressing Up" to be finished. Two of them were done, but the third one took months to be finished until two days ago.
I'll be continuing the story.

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Universal Mishap of the Magical Kind Info · 8:08pm Aug 11th, 2020

The MLP universe that the three of us were sent to is an exact replica of the Prime Universe from the show, but with a few differences:

  • Some episodes' events from the show may or may not happen. Even if they do happen, some of the events will happen differently. Meaning, there would be a few changes to what happens before, during, and/or after the events. Even the end results might be different too.
  • There will even be events that were thought up with some help.

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Universe Mishap of the Magical Kind Is Out Now · 6:28pm Jun 16th, 2020

Chapters 1 and 2 of "Universe Mishap of the Magical Kind" is out now. Check it out. The main characters of the story are me,Jet_Black1980,and the mod of Monster Steven. The three of us are sent to Equestria in the form of our MLP OCs. Now we must find a way back home with the help of the Mane 6.

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Universe Mishap of the Magical Kind-Coming Soon · 11:19pm Jun 14th, 2020

Almost time for my newest story, "Universe Mishap of the Magical Kind", to be released. I just need to get Chapter 2 proofread and then I'll release both Chapters 1 and 2.

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