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I'm hated now · 1:57am Jan 8th, 2016

Apparently, people hate my story. I'm sorry for writing it, I just thought it was funny in my head. I didn't know it was going to be a shitstorm of hate. I just thought I had a talent for writing because I remember in 8th grade, my language arts teacher and social studies teacher told me I'm a great writer. Well, I guess I'm not because I'm now hated on. Again, for people reading the story I wrote, I'm sorry. I will never write something like that again or maybe I won't write again.

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Apologies for the wait · 4:05am March 27th

i know the last chapter of Loves Lost Decade is taking a while, but I had to take a little break since my father recently passed away last month. the chapter is still continuing, but I only hope everyone will be a little patient as I finish it. it was always going to be a long one, but with getting his estate in order and a little time for grieving it's just taking longer than hoped. Thanks, and don't worry it's still be on the way and it will be a good end to the series.

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I have done a very bad thing, and I apologize. · 1:24pm Apr 16th, 2016

On the thread Um... also posting here that I made a group. of the group New Groups, another user (Dancewithknives) said "Good riddance" to Flutterpony for

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I've Never Wanted to do This · 5:01pm Dec 22nd, 2018

This was an idea that I had while trying, and failing, to finish the most recent Finale chapters of This Changeling Life.

The story is okay, I feel like I wrote the characters well enough for a read, but that finale is kicking me in the teeth. And I’ve already identified the reason.

I wrote in way too many freaking characters for a story of its size. Honestly.

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An Apology · 7:25pm Oct 12th, 2016

Hello, everyone. I'm here to tell you how sorry I am for the person I used to be. I was whiny, self pitying, arrogant, self entitled, and most of all bitter.
There is no excuse for my past actions. I wanted to make good stories, but I shouldn't have to sacrifice being a better person; I shouldn't have to resort becoming a desperate attention seeking hack! But I did. And I'm ashamed for it.

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I'm sorry... but I'll try my best. · 7:59am Oct 24th, 2018

I think I got a bit doozy a few days ago, and make a promise I can't keep.

I'm sorry, but don't worry, everything should come out smoothly by the end of the week.

I promise.
I'm serious this time.

Cross my heart,
And hope to fly,
Stick a cupcake,
In my eyes!

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Reconciling with Goebeltron · 2:16am Nov 22nd, 2021

Dear, Goebeltron. This is my first blog on If you're reading this then I just want to say one thing to you...

I'm sorry.

You were right all along. I guess I was being a tad harsh and maybe wasn't being a good friend to you either. I guess what I'm trying to say is well...

Can you at least give me a second chance?

To tell you the truth, I actually miss helping you and all and most of all...

I miss my best friend. :pinkiesad2::fluttercry::fluttershbad::applecry:

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So here's what's been happening. · 5:03pm Jun 4th, 2018

I got burnt out on My Little Pony.

I still love the series, and have no plans to abandon my works on this site. The fact of the matter is I was getting bored with what I was writing, which is unfair to you the viewers. So I distanced myself from what I had written, trying to give myself a bit of a 'rest' period.

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I'm loosing my integrity · 5:29pm Dec 5th, 2015

I shouldn't worry about this.
Just keep making chapters and fanfiction and everything will be alright, right?
So, forget the last post. Actually, I'm DELETING it.

If you don't know what I said, here you go:

I know now that nobody cares about my fanfiction anymore.
I waited too long, and everyone has moved on.
Unless people start showing this fanfic to their friends (which I know nobody would ever do), this fanfic will just be dust in the wind.

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Sorry Everypony · 3:07pm Apr 28th, 2018

But, it looks like I’ll have to put my Equestrian Dragon fanfic into cancellation. The reason, is that I’ll be animating it in a new and better format than how the writing form came to be, with more dialogue and character development than the actual story itself.

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To DivineRoyalty - An Apology. · 9:19am Sep 2nd, 2020


I'm sorry. I take back the last message I sent to you. I was shocked and scared at the truth I was being shown and acted in anger. That was wrong of me and I am sorry.

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Sorry about offensive fic · 4:49am Jan 7th, 2023

Welp, people (Honestly, understandably) did not like my fic about Celestia and Robin Williams

It was meant to be a dumb parody, that looking back on, was a bit disrespectful.

Sorry, I'm in a friend group who also jokes about nazis and Aryanne and terrorists and all that stuff, so our humor might be darker than 95% of the rest of the fandom.

Sorry that this fic offended y'all, I probably should've kept it an inside joke.

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Something Missing. · 10:28pm Mar 8th, 2016

Hey all,

I wanted to tell all of you that I retracted this chapter from my story: Interlude: Princess Celestia

While writing the latest chapter, I was rereading it and realized that it did not serve it's intended purpose (or rather it served it poorly).

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Apologies. · 12:20am Aug 9th, 2016

For those of you who saw that review post that was only up for a little bit...I apologize for posting it. It was rude, disrespectful, and just plain not right to post. I sounded like a jerk. I have taken it down, and greatly apologize. I hope you all forgive me.


Apology · 3:54am Jan 6th, 2020

To all my Followers, I feel as though I owe you an apology. I tend to be a bit of a pest. It's not my fault, I'm ADHD. I'd understand if any of you wish me to be quiet, but please tell me before any feelings are hurt. Let me know in comment section of this blog post your thoughts, I just don't want to lose any friends.

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Explaining why the sudden stop · 11:35pm Oct 1st, 2020

Hello to all my readers, my friends who followed me on this tour on the site and who follow my stories.

I recently had a break in all my stories, no posts and no explanation, and the love that many of you give my stories.

And I appreciate that, don't worry, I don't plan to stop anytime soon, on the contrary, I will contribute much more.

But I spent a lot of time and stress trying to make the most of it here, writing and researching lore to create an interesting story.

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Wanna Be Friends Again? · 12:59pm Nov 22nd, 2021

Hey, Alpha Wolf4500, Long Time No See...

Listen, I just wanna apologize for being weird a few days ago, I guess I was just so caught up being lonely and depressed and all, I guess what I'm trying to say is...

Can you give me another chance?

Can we be friends again?

And you know the way you give me advice is very wise.

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I'm liar · 3:13pm Oct 30th, 2018

I just broke the pinkie promise...

I shouldn't have put the bar so high.

Well, I understand if you want to leave.

I'm sorry for making empty promise.

But I'll try my best!

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Going on hiatus-apologies · 10:25pm Feb 11th, 2016

The title says it all, really. Sorry guys. I've got some really pressing issues to do with my education, and with exams in just a few months, I don't have a lot of time to write at the moment. I'm not sure how long this will last exactly, my schedule's a bit iffy, but I can safely say I'm probably not going to be posting anything for at least a month.

Sorry again,


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I'm Sorry + My New Favorite Pony! · 3:32pm Nov 23rd, 2015

I'm really sorry about that blog I posted yesterday. I had gotten off for a few minutes, then I got back on and got a feed full of unhappy, depressing, suicidal blogs. Then I just snapped, and made that blog.

Lethally Insane, I'm sorry for misunderstanding you.

Everyone else (especially people such as Rosegamer and Kabuto901), I'm sorry for being harsh.

I hope you all forgive me for my stupid behavior.

On a happier note, I have a new favorite pony!

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