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So here's what's been happening. · 5:03pm Jun 4th, 2018

I got burnt out on My Little Pony.

I still love the series, and have no plans to abandon my works on this site. The fact of the matter is I was getting bored with what I was writing, which is unfair to you the viewers. So I distanced myself from what I had written, trying to give myself a bit of a 'rest' period.

For two years, apparently. I'm still on the fence as to whether that was more or less rude to all of you who were following the stories than letting them fall to continuing levels of lacking quality.

So you have my apologies all the same.

Relatively recently, I shook off my writing dust and started writing a new story... On another site.


None of the three stories I started writing there have all that much or anything at all to do with mlp, which made me hesitant to flaunt such a thing under your noses. If any of you like the book series Worm, then hey, there might have been a bright bit of news for you. As is, I realize it feels like I have abandoned my fics here on this site. I have been writing these fics on Spacebattles with the express intent to cleanse my palette and shake myself of any lingering traces of writers block.

Who knows how successful I've been on that second one.

I am currently working on the latest chapter of Displaced Equestrian, and hope to have something entertaining for you in the near future.

Thank you for your patience in me and my writers block.

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I'll take a look at the new story, but I am also glad to hear that you're working on an update for Displaced. There were a few comments I had on their decisions, but I like the story and am glad to see it continue.

I can understand being burnt out; I like Minecraft but haven't played it in a few years, so I know the feeling.

The interface on Spacebattles isn't as friendly as fimfic, given that it's mainly a forum site. It's still leagues above fanfic. That site is not not user friendly in the least.
Stories from users on SB are weird, you first have to go through to their page, then check their information, then check the threads they've made. You'd think they'd have an easier method to go about it, but oh well.

Ah yes, fandom burnout. A horrible side effect that must be learned the hard way to fully understand it. You had the right idea distancing yourself all this time rather than forcing yourself, you would just end up hating pony if you went with the latter.

It's always good to pad out your interests and rotate between them. Stargate, command & conquer, lord of the rings, kill la kill, star vs the forces of evil etc. are some of my other go to fandoms. (Though admittedly not as strong as pony).

Either way it is none the less great to hear from you again and I wish you well with Your stories, whatever fandom they may be.

Take your time.

On your SB page, under your profile's Information page, I'm only seeing the links to two stories.

That's the links I specifically wrote into the signature. SB has a weird thing where you have to check and see what threads that user has made to see what stories they've written. So basically from information, click on 'all threads by this user'.

Again, SB isn't the most user friendly but due to the fact that it is first and foremost a forum site I can forgive it. Better than fanfiction.net.

Hmm, site discussion. As someone who’s read from all three and even anarchiveofourown in the case of The Rise of Darth Vulcan(unknowledgeable displaced, guy wasn’t a fan and is honestly a bitchy, edgy brat but it’s funny), I find fimfic to be the easiest to navigate. There are at least 3 ways to search stories and then you have also-liked and similar tabs. I put space battles below fanfic though because I had trouble understanding how to search for anything on that site, while fan fiction at least sorts by genre and then actual franchise. My last search of spacebattles pulled up ALL recent updates. Luckily, that found the story A song of Ice and Fires I didn’t start. I’m probably missing something but that’s my experience.

Wait, Worm fanfiction? Oh, you have gotta see 'Warcrafter' by 'RHJunior' on 'Archive of Our Own'. It is EPIC! Trigger warning.:rainbowlaugh:

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