Writer's Block.

by xXCondemnedSoulXx

Dawn of a New World.

John sat in front of his laptop writing his newest chapter to his story 'It's always worth the price.' The constant tapping on the keys, the music blasting in his ears, the coffee sitting next to him slowly growing colder by the minute. All these factors being necessary to the process of conjuring up his complicated and perplexing story. He stood at seven hundred and eighty nine words so far, three or four hundred more words to go. At this point in his story, the chapter spoke about Chrysalis and the guardian, Darkmoon. They were staring at the beautiful night sky laying on the warm grass. The light reflecting off the moon danced across the changling queen's silky mane, at this Dark's heart began to race. Warm smiles covered both of their faces, the mighty guardian began to pull Chrysalis in for a kiss then suddenly...

"Ok, I'll take a break for a moment." John pulled himself away from the screen and rubbed both of his hands across his face, dragging the palms of his hands down. He reached over to his nightstand and grabbed his coffee mug and downed the rest of his now cold and bitter beverage. Once he set the empty mug down, he turned his attention his alarm clock. It read,'7:20 pm' exactly. John thought to himself,'Well I thought it was later than that... ok, well I guess I can continue for now.'

As the story came into motion, Chrysalis' soft lips set upon Dark's. While they made out with much passion, a shadowy figure watched them from afar. John switched the point of view over to the mystery figure,"Dark, you think you and your family are safe. You’re supposed to be my family, you were meant to be mine! I'd kill myself for you.... I'd kill you for myself!" the figure faded back into the darkness of the forest.

"I love you Chrysalis, I hope you know that." the hooded guardian told the ebony queen.

She smiled and nodded,"I know love, you've told me that twelve times tonight alone."

Dark grinned and pulled the changling queen closer,"I know, I just can't believe that someone as amazing as yourself is mine."

"Ah! Come on brain! We can do this!" John became frustrated with this sense of where the story wouldn't spell itself out, now it was just stopping in its tracks. "Come on!" the native pulled himself away from the keyboard and put his hands against his face in frustration. The sensation of hunger filled his thoughts and motives,"Ok, maybe if I eat something.. that should get me back into the mood." John set his laptop onto the nightstand and got off the bed.

He made his way over to the kitchen area of his small apartment, he cracked open the fridge and scanned the small enclosed area for anything tasty. Sadly for him, he lost his taste buds seven years ago. Only things extremely spicy or bitter could penetrate his dull tastes. "And of course.... I'm hungry for everything that isn't available to me at home." he took a sigh in disappointment and continued to make his usual snack, two slices of bread, a slice of mozzarella cheese, some lunch meat and mustard. As he assembled his snack, his brain began to talk to him like usual.

"I got an Idea! We could..."

"No, We already tried that."

"Well then, how about..."

"Again... try again."

"Well, I didn't want to pull out the big guns but...."

"Sorry, but please try again." He sighed, him and his mind couldn't think of anything. The story was good, but inspiration seemed to be dying from a sever case of boredom. The story became more so work than anything else. It started fun but like all of the other things John did for fun became tiresome. 'Variety, it's the spice of life, but it's also a routine. Constant change is the only continuous loop in this strange world we live in.' John thought to himself.

As John munched on his sandwich, he gazed upon the clock for the last time that night. "9:13 pm... well, time just flew." He finished off his sandwich and made his way over to his front door. He twisted the lock into the Locked position and gave a quick stretch,"Maybe, i'll finish it off tomorrow." a large yawn overtook his mouth as he stretched. He turned his attention to his welcoming bed and strode his way over to it. As he pulled the covers over himself, a shock of inspiration struck him like a flash of lightning. He tossed the covers off and reached for his laptop on the nightstand. Once the page of fimfiction was on, he set his attention to continuing the next chapter.

"Dark, maybe we should... go to the royal quarters." the changling queen said in a flirtatious tone. Dark continued to hold her in his grasp as a spell conjured in his right hand. Once the spell was charged, he cast it and the two lovers were teleported to the royal chambers. He pulled her into a long and passionate kiss and began caressing her sides. She began to let out small moans of pleasure.

"Maybe I shouldn't... I don't know what the hell I'm doing. I'll just leave the clop scenes up to the betters. yeah." John said to himself. He saved his progress so far and switched over to see the word count so far on the chapter,"One thousand, three hundred and sixty seven words. That should be enough for a good chapter I guess, I'll just give it a quick read over before I publish it." True to his word, he gave the thrown together makeshift chapter a read over and only found a couple of spelling errors and two repeated words. "Not bad, at least I'm getting better at this writing thing."

He slide his finger over the mouse pad and the cursor was just over the publish button,"You were good kid, very good. But as long as I'm around, you'll always be second best, see?" John smirked at his lame Jim Carrey impression. His finger pressed down onto the mouse pad but the story wouldn't submit. 'What the...' John thought to himself.

Again and again, over and over, he continued to push on the mouse pad. Clicking the publish button, but nothing seemed to happen. "Well, great... Fuck." the male native leaned against his hands in frustration. He closed his eyes and took a few calming breaths. His eyes quickly opened and he squinted his eyes,"I am going to submit you. Tonight, tomorrow, or the next.. I am going to submit you. Save us both some time and just surrender." He lifted his index finger in a righteous fashion and spoke in a deep tone,"By the power of Celestia, you...shall...SUBMIT!" he threw his finger quickly towards the left click button but slowed down just before he slammed his hand into the keyboard, lightly clicking the publish button.

'Published.' John saw this word and leaned back against the backboard of his bed and sighed in relief. Out of nowhere, a strange feeling covered his right arm. It felt numb and tingly, soon the sudden sensation proceeded up his arm. "Umm... maybe I should go see the doctor... yeah." He stood to his feet and tried to move to the door, but the feeling of numbness quickly spread further through his body. His heart began to race from this feeling,'I can't move!' he thought to himself because his lips couldn't find the strength to move. Soon his body was but a lifeless and motionless husk, all John could do was think,'Am...am I... dying?'

He laid on the floor resting against the edge of his bed, powerless and helpless. The only part of his body with the ambition to move was his eyes, but he only wished it followed the same fate like the rest of his body. The reason behind this was the sight of his feet slowly fading away, leaving into oblivion, never to return. 'I'm sorry, all the people I've wronged. I'm so sorry.' he thought as a tear slid down his face. Soon the lower half of his body followed his absent feet, and shortly joined with his arms. Nothing left in this world but his torso and head. John closed his eyes and waited for the end, thinking his goodbyes to this lonely world. Hoping that his pleas of forgiveness were heard.

The numbness slowly began to fade away and john refused to open his eyes. The thought of only being a head or a set of eyes was frightening, but after a couple of moments of fear, he slowly opened his left eye.

He looked upon his body, everything was there to his relief. He took a deep inhale and gave a long exhale. He looked around to find his room was nowhere in sight. "You... have got to be..." He saw that he was now in Equestria, the world he thought and made stories within. "Fucking kidding me."