• Published 27th Mar 2014
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Demon Clothes - Ssendam the Masked

In an anthro Equestria, a man is transformed into Senketsu and spawns many Kamui.

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The awesome fight scene

Author's Note:

Another chapter, this one with gratuitous action and violence and bondage and all that good stuff.

I grinned as I felt my children. Sol, Nyx, even Junketsu were nearby. Hell, even Shackle, and he was only Three-Star level! Time to get this started. I wasn't too angry with this alicorn, but for Celestia and Luna... well, I was pretty angry. But first, I had to meet and greet my children.
"Ms Cadence, I'm sorry, but I'll take it from here. ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL!"

I experimentally exerted my control over my Life Fibers, attaching them to the nerve centres of her brain, but leaving her conscious.
"I'm truly sorry that it had to come to this, but I've got to go and see how my children are doing. I'll return control to you after a few moments."

"What are you doing?! Why can't I move on my own?" She looked scared, confused, and betrayed. I felt that I owed her an explanation.
"My Life Fibres are capable of melding with your nerves, allowing me to directly control your actions. Since you're being a wet blanket, and I want to meet my children..."

I balled her fists, and jumped. My skirt converted itself into a high-power rocket, shooting us upwards. I grinned, even as she wailed and tried to regain control. My dye boiled as I shouted an attack I'd missed for so long:

My right fist was thrown back, then the power was released, boring an immense crater in the roof.
"That's incredible!" I grinned. Yes, we were incredible.
That wasn't the end though. Now, I spun her body with her wings, spinning faster and faster until she vomited a thin stream of clear water. We then shot through the roof, my glove reconfiguring into a drill-bit.
"Please stop! You're going to bring this whole place down on top of us!"

"Impossible! We're going too fast for that! The premise is simple: we're going too fast to be crushed by any rubble!"
"How does that make any sense?"
"What I'm harnessing is the concept of evolution and drilling itself! We turn onwards and onwards! We're not the same people we were a moment ago! That's how a drill works!"


Chrysalis smirked as she saw What's-her-face smiling dully as she and her friends cheered them on. With this marriage, she'd have the perfect opportunity to infiltrate Equestria! Suddenly, the ground faintly shook. She stared downwards in puzzlement, before jumping back as a pink, red and black projectile tore through solid stone like it was balsa wood.

The spinning object slowed to a halt, revealing...
No. This was impossible!
The real Princess Cadence, wearing a red and black dress. Suddenly, the princess sagged in midair, only being kept aloft by the glowing energy being emitted by the long robe.
"As I promised, I have relinquished control. How do you feel?" Cadence glared down at her midriff.
"That's a horrible thing to say!"

Celestia glared up at the familiar being. "SENKETSU!"
"The one and only. How have you been these past one thousand five hundred years?"
Celestia frowned. "Easy for you to say that; my sister gave in to the influence of your Kamui!"
"Nyx? She was such a sweet piece of cloth when I was imprisoned. What happened, did Luna stain her or something?"
"No. It was her own feelings of resentment and control. I... I couldn't help her."
"It's good that we can admit mistakes. Nevertheless, as Nyx's progenitor, I will beat some discipline into her!"

"Oh, how amusing." The Cadence on the ground tapped her hoof. "But we do have a wedding to finish here, do we not?"

Meanwhile, Celestia had put two and two together. "A Changeling!"
Cadence nodded. "Indeed; I was replaced about a week ago."
Chrysalis saw no need for continued deception. "Well, how clever of you," she spat, allowing her disguise to melt off, revealing...

She was wearing a white shirt and dress, with a blue tie and golden epaulettes. With a smirk, Chrysalis flicked the armband on her left shoulder. Chrysalis was then surrounded with smoke, and when it cleared, she stood there, thigh-high boots and an opening for her black, chitinous breasts, Junketsu's eyes plain to see on her shoulders.
"That's right! With the power of the legendary Kamui Junketsu, plus the love that I've absorbed from Shining Armour and Twilight Sparkle, I've more than enough power to defeat Celestia!"

Celestia looked on, expressionless. Finally, she sighed. "We won't fight here. How about someplace else, Chrysalis?"
Chrysalis leered at her. "Oh? It appears as if this weakling thinks that she has auth-"
She was interrupted by Celestia gripping her face, then throwing her out of the window. With a beat of mighty white wings that sent ponies flying and shattering the remaining windows, Celestia took off after the deceptive changeling.

Chrysalis finally regained her bearings, just in time to see Celestia's fist impacting with her face at what seemed to be a hundred miles an hour. She flew backwards, until her back impacted with the barrier. Celestia flew after her, intent on finishing the job. Chrysalis dodged narrowly, and with a flash of green fire, she pulled her weapon towards her from its location in her quarters- a huge, black metal kris, distorted edges gleaming wickedly. Now confident, she flew at Celestia. "Such foolish resolve, Celestia! I'm fighting for my people to have a better future!"

Celestia flicked her arm, and a thorny whip sprang out of her shirt sleeve. Whip and kris clashed, the shockwave of air displaced shattering nearby windows. "What do you fight for?!"
"I fight to protect Equestria from deceptive monsters like you." Celestia shot back, flicking the whip and sending Chrysalis to the ground. Once down, she careened towards her, fist outstretched.

Chrysalis saw the punch coming, and blocked it with a forearm. The ground beneath the two fighters bent and buckled, but Chrysalis didn't even feel that punch. She quickly gripped the forearm of Celestia, and with a mighty throw sent her flying into the other wall of Canterlot Palace. "Amazing... so this is the power of the Kamui then!" She laughed.

Celestia looked at her opponent grimly. "I'm impressed that you wear the Kamui Junketsu so well. It seems as if you have complete mastery over him." Chrysalis nodded. "Indeed! There is no deed that I won't do for my people. If it means being naked, then I'll do it. If the only way to save my people is to sell my body on the street, then so be it!" She laughed, sword raised in right hand.
"My dedication to my people has made me stronger than you could ever imagine, Celestia!"

The alicorn didn't answer immediately. Then:
"Three-Star Uniform activate!"
Gleaming white light surrounded the Princess, efectively blinding her opponent. When the light cleared, it was to reveal Celestia, covered in bandages. A ball-gag was inserted in her mouth, yet she still yelled clearly:
"Shackle Regalia!" Chrysalis sneered.

"So, you've prepared yourself for your eventual fate: to be imprisoned and all your love siphoned off to feed the newborn changelings! Very well! Since you can't move, I might as well finish you off right here!" She accelerated towards Celestia, cutting at the thick cloth. To her surprise, it didn't give out.
"Yes..." It was barely a whisper, but Chrysalis heard it. "What the?" She attacked again.
"Keep it up..."
Now Chrysalis was seriously freaking out. "What is the matter with this armour?" Flaring the crooked horn on her head, she fired her most powerful thaum lance at Celestia. It didn't even seem to do anything except make her scream.

Chrysalis' ears drooped, then she got a wicked grin. It seemed as if she could have some fun with the solar mare. "Oh? So you have a dirty..." She stabbed the mare in the breasts, eliciting a moan.
"Little..." Another stab, another groan.
"Secret? You're into me beating the shit out of you? You want me to dominate you?"
"I've almost hit my climax..."
Chrysalis just spat. "Fine then. DIE!" She swung her kris at Celestia's head. Again, the blade clanged off with no effect.

Celestia's armoured form began to bulge and bubble. Chrysalis backed up, keeping on the defensive from any magical trick that Celestia might pull.
"I've always defended my little ponies... and it's been a while since anybody's punished me... made me admit my mistakes... and when I've been punished enough... I EXPLODE!"

With that, a veritable horde of thorny vines sprang from Celestia's form, striking everything in the area, but focusing their fire on Chrysalis. She was battered black and blue by every single vine that made its way towards her.

When it was over, she sagged, pushing herself up on her blade. Celestia dispelled the Three-star uniform.
"Unfortunately for you, Queen Chrysalis, I cannot be defeated by just anybody. Junketsu may be the most powerful Kamui besides Senketsu himself, and you might have a lot of power, but you simply don't have the skill to use those advantages effectively. That said... I am willing to extend some mercy for you. Your resolve is impressive."

Chrysalis grinned. "Don't... COUNT ON IT!" She flew forwards, kris upheld. Celestia dodged, wrapping her whip around Chrysalis. Then, she grinned.

The resulting whip swings sent Chrysalis smashing into the barrier surrounding Canterlot. For maybe five minutes, Chrysalis was slammed and ground into the magical barrier. She was then jerked back, to the hooves of Celestia. "Are you still in need of discipline? Or can I count on a peace treaty?"

Chrysalis propped herself up. "...fine. I surrender." Surrender was the best course of action. Celestia smiled benevolently.
"That's good to hear. Now, if you'll excuse me I have a wedding to attend to." With a flash of yellow magic, she teleported back to the castle.