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1252450 Not necessarily, but I would suggest watching the first two so you understand what's going on. Then you can watch the last two (at least I think it's two).

1249571 Aight, tell me one thing, can i go and watch the final episode without watching the previous ones, or do I need the buildup?

1249133 I "drop" it because Twilight never found her "key" until the last two episodes. And the problems? They were reserved exclusively for each individual character and could not be solved by magic.

And breezies? Iz best episode. BREEZIES!:pinkiecrazy: They're in me profile pic!

1242269 And still I notice that the only one of the mane six who's name gets dropped it Twilight. The other five are just lumped together. And I notice from your description that the writers need to go and actively find ways to make Twilight not solve all problems within two minutes using magic.

And what are breezies, and why do you yell it?

1242213 The first and second episodes show that some sort of bizarre growth has overtaken the "tree of harmony" from which the elements came from. This is causing a disbalance in magic, and has the sun and moon in the sky at the same time, for example. Discord is asked for help, but he just goes about trolling like usual and doesn't help much. Because of Zecora and a brew she made, Twilight got to see the pasat, from the fight with Discord to Luna turning into Nightmare Moon and being banished. Twilight discoveres the location of the tree and goes there with her friends. I might need to mention that Equestria is being overtaken by growths of evil thorns. Eventually, the group decide to relinquish their elements to return the tree to its full energy.

When it does, the thorns recede and Discord moans in disappointment (because no more chaos). Do note that Celestia and Luna tried to stop the incident this time, but were eaten by the thorns. The reason is, Discord had planted those seeds a long time ago to trap the two alicorns and destroy the tree. The worst part is he told no one. The tree then grows a flower through the ground, which opens up to show a silver box with six locks, and the season is based on that. Also, no magic could open it, so Twilight was useless in this regard.

Throughout the show, some episodes show each member of the five doing things that related to their element (shown by a RAINBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW shine over an object) that embellishes one object, from a coin to a rubber chicken. The rubber chicken came from an episode with a cameo from Weird Al Yankovic. Yes. He was on the show, too.

There was even an episode starring Discord, Cadance, and Twilight (mainly).

My favorite was with the BREEZIES!:flutterrage:

The group also often goes to the old castle in the forest to fumble through the knowledge there. The first time they went there, they were scared and went through some...stupid but somewhat funny things, like traps 'n suc. Spike even discoveres an evil book hidden in there later in the series where he obliviously goes into the dangerous chamber whilst disregard ownlowiscious' protests. He grabs it then nonchalantly walks along the crumbling path (still oblivious) while the owl panics. He then gives that book to Rarity, which allows her to bend reality to her every desire, such as giving Rainbow Dash a make-over and a dress while she is flying or turning the streets into pure gold that blinds everyone because they're so shiny.

The last episodes showed a character from the first generation: Tirek. A centaur. Let's say that...compared to Nightmare Moon, Chrysalis, and King Sombra, he was the only one to have actually practically destroyed all of Equestria. There was even some sort of DBZ-esque fight between him and Twilight because the three alicorns poured their magic into her. I won't tell you why. And no. It's not because of her being a "chosen one" or something like that.

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