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From raising the bright moon to lighting the glittering stars, to guiding the majestic comets that streak across the skies on the darkest of nights, Princess Luna has done it all. Where other ponies see a dark, empty sky, Princess Luna sees a canvas. A canvas waiting to be filled with the beauty that is the night sky.

Editing help provided by joeSFX and CluelessFilly.

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'Twas a nice little read.



Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! c:

Nice to read a short little fanfic about Luna decorating the stars and entertaining the night folks with her magic. :scootangel:

Now that was just beautiful.

This story displayed imagery of the beautiful night sky, and showed Luna's creative side. An excellent masterpiece.

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.



I don't know if I'd really consider this 'EqD material', it was just a passing idea I had.

Ah, this is one beautiful, peaceful piece of writing that needs more adoration than what it is now recieving!



Thank you for saying so, and I don't mind if it doesn't receive a lot of notice. Even if only one or two people are able to enjoy it, I'm happy.

I was redirected here by reading another fanfic, and am ever so glad I decided to read your story. It made me relax as I read and imagined Luna's feelings as you described them, and I really enjoyed that. Thank you :twilightsmile: :heart:



Not a problem, thank you for taking the time to read it!

It's a nice little story and I enjoyed Luna's portrayal. The night sky is a beautiful thing. (Luna based emote required)

Very, very well done! :pinkiesmile: Keep up the good work! Please?

D'awww, so beatiful:raritystarry:

Beautiful? Yes, most certainly. Yet also terrifying. While Celestia may control Equis' sun she is not the more powerful of the two sisters, not in this story at least. Luna may not create new stars or planets but she can reorganize the entire night sky and all the planets and stars on a whim! The sheer scale of power it would take to do that... /shiver Still one of best ponies though. :twilightsmile:

You brought the side of Luna I love out.... Perfect.....more than perfect.

Will be passing this story along to friends.

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