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"Truly the greatest short story of our time." -H.P. Lovecraft's ghost's third cousin four times removed's neighbor

Need more Granny Smith.

Needs less Granny Smith.

This is some good stuff


Needs exactly as much Granny Smith as it has.


Needs a moderate amount of Granny Smith.

2 spoopy 4 me

I still don't get it. TGM too deep, pls nerf.


...so distant-future post-apocalypse Twilight is reliving her happy past through a simulation of her former self - which sometimes gets a bit glitchy?

(My best guess, anyway)

(Not that my interpretations are trustworthy. My immediate thought on seeing the story description, picture and title was 'so Rainbow Dash is a Lovecraftian horror?' :pinkiecrazy: )



Pffft, doubt it.

needs as much Granny Smith as is necessary

Not even that spoopy

Make up your own interpretation!

If that's what you want to believe happened, sure. It's left open to interpretation.

I have no idea what happened.
Still enjoyed reading it.

As soon as she thought of spike, she whirled around to face where he’d been.

Forgot to capitalise Spike.



but now you know.

and knowing is half the battle.

Thank you!


Knowing is half the battle.

The other half is murder.

Wow. That was...creepy. I'm not entirely sure what seems to be going on-perhaps there are two realities existing simultaneously in the same plane, maybe Twilight looked into a different possibility and just by realizing it was pulled into it, or perhaps icy world is the real one while the living, warm world is a powerful illusion cast by Twilight herself so that she can have some measure of happiness.

Regardless, it was unsettling. And I loved it.




Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

That's an unusually dark Garfield comic, then again I don't exactly follow Garfield, so maybe stuff like that is common.

7429348 That's actually notorious for having been a one-off in tone in the comics that was never repeated. Just thought it worth posting here since I thought of it when reading this

Not as good as I expected, but lmao, still enuf to warrant a fave.

I really don't understand what happen. Is she a ghost. Is she from the future where the entire world is destroyed and her Future self is the only one left alive so she lives through old memories? I mean i don't know if im just oblivious or what. But besides the fact i don't understand whats happening. From what little i did i enjoyed it



sorry it wasn't as enjoyable as you wanted it to be, but I appreciate the fave nonetheless.


well, that's up for you to figure out. I dropped a few hints as to what may have been happening, but I never really explained it. I like leaving my stories open ended and open to interpretation. it's a habit, and not always a good one. ._.

I think the most important lines are here:

“Hi, girls! Sorry I’m late, but the path felt a little longer than usual today.” She glanced back. The beginning of the trail was still within sight, only about half a mile behind her. “Wh-what?” Twilight looked back to her friends. “B-but I thought—”

and here:

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap at you. Still getting used to the whole ‘princess’ thing.”

“Princess thing?” Rainbow Dash lifted her sunglasses off of her eyes and scrunched her muzzle. “What are you talking about?”

Twilight turned to face her, head tilted to the side. “What am I talking about? Rainbow, you’re joking right? You don’t remember the spell?” After another confused look, Twilight slapped her hoof to her face and sighed. “Okay, it was right after—” Twilight stopped, then closed her mouth. She opened it again as if to speak, then scrunched her muzzle up as her eyebrows furrowed. “It was...when…” She held a hoof to her chin. After a moment, she cast a glance to her bare side.

details in 'Equestria' and details about 'Twilight Sparkle' are fuzzy and inconsistent, not unlike a memory that's forgotten things over the years.

Eh, I'll just call it a dream sequence, in which she's still asleep at the end. Twilight needs to stop reading Spike's comics before bed.

That was confusing, but it was the good sort of confusing—the kind that gets one thinking. My slightly sleep-deprived theory on this is below.

The world of Equestria has fallen to a world apocalypse due to Twilight’s alicornation, and that alicorn!Twilight is sustaining Equestria (including all its inhabitants) as it was before the event. Alicorn!Twilight's magic gets messed up and eventually falters, unicorn!Twilight’s memories gets muddled with that of alicorn!Twilight. Through the faltering of her reality, unicorn!Twilight discovers what state Equestria truly is in—completely destroyed.

Nonetheless, alicorn!Twilight tries (and succeeds) to get unicorn!Twilight to return to the illusion of Equestria, and Equestria as unicorn!Twilight knows it continues as usual. Alicorn!Twilight continues to struggle, pouring all her magic to keep the entirety of Equestria running from the background. That’s one of the reasons it’s tagged Dark. Apart from the obvious reasons, e.g. windigo(e)s, her post-apocalyptic world, of course. I’m tired.

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